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[Paul Lismore] The man with la main prop hoping to enter the house of sin again...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 27 Octobre 2019

Berenger has had it quite easy, compared to the other party leaders. Despite a political career that has spanned over 50 years, all of them as de facto leader of the MMM despite some 'paravents' in respect of his obsession with his 'communalisme scientifique' failed doctrine, his career as a politician has been one marked with failures where it matters the most for politicians: the general elections.

Most of these failures have their origins on the horrendous tactical decisions he took when victory was within grasp, or after he had won.

It all started in the early seventies when he gradually but successfully engineered the eviction/resignation of those who were in the vanguard of the MMM:

the Jeerooburkhan brothers and others who gave up, when the cult of the personality which the MMM fought hard to destroy overwhelmed the MMM and installed Berenger as leader by popular acclaim...and by the force of his personality, helped to a large measure by adoring journalists and a press that has maintained an undiluted level of affection for him, despite the many fracas he is directly responsible for.

Editorials by people like Raj Meetarbhan, Josie Lebrasse, and others often elicited the distinct suspicion that they had been dictated by moustass himself. That adulation continues to this day, and it is only on rare occasions that one journalist would highlight the inconsistencies in his current approach towards the most corrupt government in our history, and that towards the PTr, and Navin Ramgoolam in particular.

It is really annoying and quite disgusting for Berenger to make an amalgam between the coffre fort of Ramgoolam and the dalliances in his private life, with the theft of billions of our rupees, and corruption on a scale never seen before of the MSM/ML government. Is he trying to tell us that it is only in 2019 that he has heard of Ramgoolam's coffre fort, or the rather school boyish way he conducted his private/sex life?

For those who do not know, let me remind them that Ramgoolam and Berenger are next door neighbours and I am sure their neighbourly conversations over the last 2 decades have stretched much further than " Can I borrow a cup of sugar (without Lanate, preferably...) please?".

It was Berenger who persuaded Ramgoolam to return to Mauritius and to take the helm of a PTr in the doldrums in the late eighties. It was Berenger who went into alliance with Ramgoolam in 1995; it was Berenger who, in one of the greatest acts of betrayal ever, shoved a lump of birthday cake in SAJ's mouth and then immediately went to meet with Ramgoolam and concoct a toxic alliance in 2014.....when the cards clearly pointed to an overwhelming MMM/MSM victory at those elections. If Berenger had not betrayed the MSM, his own party, and the people, as most of us were indeed fed up with Ramgoolam and his brand of idiots, he would now have been our Prime Minister since 2017, instead of the ti cretin who has been imposed on us....and it would be Berenger who would be calling the date for the elections, and I dare say, would at least have been able to control the incredible amount of thieving from la cuisine. And zourlanus still appreciate his skills as a political tactician? Eoula!

Now, to the 'la main prop' business, a tale spun out of kalamindas and which disintegrates when the warm hand of truth touches it. Here are some pertinent points, which cannot possibly cover all the instances where the hand was less than clean:

1/ In 2000-2005, Berenger was minister of finance for 3 years and Prime Minister for the remaining two. After 5 years as minister of finance and Prime Minister, his legacy was described by himself as "we are in a state of urgence economique'"...not exactly a recommendation of outstanding stewardship, is it?

2/ I have asked this question on numerous occasions, and so far no one has been able to answer it, including his zombies:


Despite the long passage of time since I first asked that question, I can still only come up with one answer: the meeting of corrupt bastards known as SIDS, which swallowed hundreds of millions of our rupees for the benefit of some political pygmies with gargantuan appetites, and the purchase of huge number of limousines by the taxpayer, only to be sold at bargain basement prices to the 'revolutionary' friends of the MMM/MSM government...or to be left to rust in Casernes.

3/ Berenger and his MMM/MSM government were responsible for unceremoniously smashing ECO (Economic Crime Office) at the precise moment when another "revolutionary", Jayen Cuttaree, was going to be arrested. The die was cast when ECO was replaced by a paillasson body, led by a pro MSM...Now known as ICAC, based on the most inept, hole laden act of legislation ever devised by zavokas, called the Prevention of Corruption Act.

Guess who Berenger appointed as the first boss of ICAC?

The same chouttar ka mou who is back as boss of ICAC and who spends his miserable life etidier dossiers and doing fuck all else, especially if the dossiers refer to cases of corruption of another 'revolutionary', preferably from the MSM.

ICAC has had the dossiers of Sampot and Choomka since boys who did not have pubes have now become men...And, as if by magic, their cases will be referred to the DPP, but only after the 7th November...Ever heard Berenger asking questions about this?

4/ But then Berenger has been in a permanent sulk since 2017 when he lost his Leader of the opposition post and was replaced by another idiot, Zaza. Berenger has not asked even one question since then. His weeks can be summarised thus: On Tuesdays, go to the National Assembly, read the newspapers and anything else at hand, now and again shout 'batiaras!', ask no questions, take his share of the Rs 400,000 worth of food and wine etc that we pay for every time the serviteurs du pays go to their place of 'work'.....and on Saturdays (sometimes Fridays, just to give us that extra titillation that comes with surprises, I suppose..) read out a long monologue of just under one hour in a nice hotel conference room, with obedient zourlanus scribbling away and committing to history the great words of the wise man...

5/ Not many people know that we are a nuclear superpower...Really, we are. Otherwise, why would SAJ appoint Berenger as " Nuclear disarmament" consultant with duty free limousine, per diem, etc, as a precursor to the MMM/MSM alliance of 1991? Mauritius on the world stage, cajoling the USA, Russia, China etc to become nice, peace loving people... Perhaps it was that appointment that has saved the world from another Hiroshima...Who knows?

6/ Berenger must surely know about the magic of Mauritian politics: How poor revolutionaries, who used to cadge cigarettes and lifts from friends, became overnight multimillionaires and moved from tenancy of modest homes to ownership of mansions...

A few examples: Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo (until 2014, a MMM stalwart...), going to work in Port Louis via express bus from the Discovery bus stop in Quatre Bornes to mansion owner in Beau Bassin after a few months as minister of finance, and soon afterwards as ''l'homme le plus riche de 'l'ocean indien", as per Berenger's own description. He, of course, left the MSM to rejoin the MMM and was part of the "Economic Think Tank" that prepared the stupid PNQ of Berenger on BAI (where they confused BAI Bahamas with the Mauritian BAI....), and who kept Berenger informed at all times about each step of the destruction of BAI...I wonder if this aspect will be explored in the Commission d'enquete on BAI that Berenger has promised us...

Jean Claude de L'estrac, whose landlord sued him for non payment of rent, but who somehow bought a mansion in Beau Bassin soon afterwards. The revolutionaries of the Seventies who exhorted us to boycott Apartheid South Africa and to buy local fruits instead of Outspan oranges came to power in 1982....and immediately sold Touessrok and La Pirogue to South Africans!! I am sure the name Sol Kerzner rings a bell to many.

In 1982/1983, when the MMM was breaking up, Alan Ganoo was rumoured to be going to the MSM. He magically stayed, but somehow managed to soon afterwards buy the club house of Rogers in Rose Hill. Did Berenger help with this, together with Christian Couacaud, head of Rogers?

Jayen Cuttaree got an apartment in 'Sunset Boulevard', following the 'donation' of State lands to a promoter...

Rajesh Bhagwan, meter reader at CEB, now the owner of several properties...

Heard of Bout du Monde, where Sherry Darling is building a mansion from all that BT copper and bhai looke cameras? Your next Speaker if the MMM is in government, Arianne Marie Navarre, whose husband Yvon is a motor mechanic, lives in a gated community there...

The one thing that I will never forgive Berenger concerns the Illovo deal, which in essence was a good deal, but which deprived the nation of many billions of rupees, which instead went to the landowners and the politicians concocting that deal.

The ex special adviser to Berenger, Jean-Mee Desveaux, deserves great credit for telling us how a deal designed to give 2/3 to the nation was magically transformed over one week end into a 1/3 for the nation and 2/3 for the Super Rich and their political puppets, when SAJ took over the negotiations and did not allow Desveaux to participate.

Remember, the government went ahead with that deal despite the clear and unambiguous opposition of the State Law Office! Now, why hasn't Berenger ever, even once, disputed Desveaux' version or bothered to tell us the truth about this? If so la main prop, why maintain this criminal silence? Why do some idiots still talk about the Rs 57 millions given by Berenger to the Super Rich when everyone ignores the billions of rupees that did not come to us in the Illovo deal?

I won't bother with the fact that Berenger helped a suspect in a serious crime to evade justice and gave him lots of money to scarper. And many other things where the la main prop and the mouth do not act in unison.

But this nonsense of " nou pena cash mais nou ena nou sincérité" re the current electoral campaign? Eoula! When we all know how much a political campaign costs in Mauritius, are we going to seriously believe that the traditional 'donations' from the super rich to the MMM no longer find their way to Riverwalk?

Are we going to believe that Berenger has only recently found out about the coffre fort of Navin Ramgoolam or about his liaison with Nandinee? Why are these issues even part of an electoral campaign when billions of our rupees have been stolen by the MSM?

I commended Berenger for sticking to his principles for once and for going it alone, unlike Ramgoolam, the Jugs and other parties. But for him to start talking about being King instead of Kingmaker, or "mo pa dire 60-0" is venturing into La la land, I am afraid. A case of saying " nou pa fer fezer" but actually doing exactly that...

I believe the MMM will be lucky to get 10 seats, certainly not more than 15, but this is what bothers me. What Berenger says these days amount very much to koutchou koutchou en ba la tab with the most corrupt, thieving government in our history: MSM. Is this what Militants of the MMM really want?

Otherwise, nothing can possibly explain Berenger's descent into pre puberty and finding manufactured videos on the private life of his neighbour to be that funny. Especially not someone who himself has always had an eye for the ladies...I am afraid it is all part of the drag draguer between the MMM and the MSM for an alliance after the 8th November. This will kill off the MMM, but Berenger probably does not care too much about this.

It is his last stab at power, and what Berenger wants, Berenger always makes sure he gets, irrespective of the damage to his party.

History has shown that often enough. The selective historian knows this, but unfortunately he never learns from his own history.

Dimanche 27 Octobre 2019

1.Posté par Moustass le 05/11/2019 12:45
Bravo. Il me semble qu'il y a encore a dire dessus .

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