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[Paul Lismore] The long running saga of my exile from Facebook is now over

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 5 Octobre 2022

Facebook blocked me on 8th September, claiming that there had been many attempts by outsiders to log into this page. So, in order to "protect" me, they blocked me and said that for security reasons, they will block the page too to stop anyone from accessing it. 

What did they do instead? Everyone in the world, including their cats and dogs, could have access to my Facebook page, except for  me!!! Facebook even sent me notifications to tell me what my "friends" had posted, who had sent a "friend's request", and invited me to log in, And you guessed right, because every time I tried to log in, I got the same message about how they are protecting me by blocking me!

I spoke with various senior people in the management of Facebook for the Africa region, including Mauritius, and you will be surprised to know how the outside world is simply not aware of the culture of repression that exists in Mauritius today. 

One particular individual stands out for her enormous patience and sense of duty in trying to right such an obvious wrong. Her name is Mazuba Haanyama, Head of Human Rights and Public Policy for Africa, the Middle East and Turkey. It is entirely due to her sterling and professional efforts that I am now back on Facebook. Thanks Mazuba and to the Southern Africa Public Policy Team. I wish others were half as helpful as you were.

I am now back to try to make life as difficult as possible for the corrupt bastards on our island. Whether they are politicians of all parties, nominations of crazies by the most stupid Prime Minister in our history, corrupt zavokas/ziz/civil servants. I have a simple promise to make to all of you:

I will praise you to the high heavens if you do your job properly, efficiently, and in a professional manner. But I will continue to shit on the heads of the many corrupt bastards on this island who really believe that taxpayers' money belongs to them.

You have been warned! Normal service has now been resumed...p.s. My eternal thanks go to a wonderful lady who has kept this page going during my absence by copy/pasting my articles here. And to Zinfos Moris for continuing to publish my posts.

Mercredi 5 Octobre 2022

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