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[Paul Lismore] The lies our government tells us...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 8 Avril 2019

Remember how at the Domah Commission on the botched sale of Britam, the argument used by the thieves for justifying the sale of Britam at a ridiculously low price to some unsavoury characters in Kenya was this : " Pa ti kapav van avek lezot pays parski Kenya so la loi dire ki zis Kenyans ki kapav asseter!"?

Well, that was a blatant lie, as I am quite fed up of telling you, that the whole BAI/Bramer theft was done on the basis of massive lies sold to a Lepep Kouyon only too willing to listen to and to believe the thieves.

There was no such law in Kenya! In November 2014, when no one had detected any 'ponzi' in BAI/Bramer, Kenya and Tanzania had already been " working on a master plan that will give foreign investors more stake in their respective securities markets.....Kenya last week said that it was planning to allow foreign investors to increase their stake in local firms in order to raise the billions of shillings required to jump-start massive infrastructure development. Kenya’s Capital Markets Authority said that a new master plan is being developed to allow foreign investors to increase their shareholding up to 100 per cent in certain local companies, up from 75 per cent."

In August 2015, when some thieving bastards had already destroyed BAI/Bramer on the farcical premise that it was a 'ponzi' and were trying to sell Britam, " Kenya has moved to abolish restrictions on foreign shareholding in listed companies as competition for capital inflows heats up among Africa’s top capital markets. With this move, Kenya joins several African countries where foreign investors are allowed 100 per cent ownership of a listed firm."

So, there was never any restriction on the sale of Britam to non Kenyans, a sale which would have netted billions more rupees than the puny amount that came to us. Remember, Dawood Rawat was already negotiating before April 2015 with big international companies for the sale of BAI/Bramer and related entities at a much, much higher price than those buffoons got.

Now, do you think Judge Domah will take the above into consideration? Yes, but only if pigs start flying outside your windows....

Perhaps now you might understand why neither he nor the two bozos on his Commission bidon want Dawood Rawat to give evidence, and have churned out several pathetic, ridiculous, and nonsensical excuses to stop the only man who knows the truth to give evidence.

Etat de droit? Bousse le tonkin do!

Lundi 8 Avril 2019

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