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[Paul Lismore] The intolerance, hatred, and inhumanity of some towards someone who is very ill...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 6 Septembre 2021

Facebook is a wonderful thing but by God, it has also opened the gates to an army of absolute idiots, shysters, and arseholes who actually believe they are the real gogotologues and sousoutologues of our political and social world, and has allowed them to vent their nonsense, their fanaticism, their misanthropy even on topics where perhaps a bit of compassion might not have gone amiss.

I am absolutely stunned with the insane comments written by quite a few, perhaps in their desperate desire to get a 'like' by any means possible, on Navin Ramgoolam's medical condition.

The same thing happened when Sir Aneerood Jugnauth was taking his last breath, and it was simply beyond many of us how in that moment of despair for his family, many idiots could not stop themselves from making public their sadistic impulses. What is wrong with you people? Do you find it difficult to understand simple words like "decorum", "empathy", and "restraint from silly insults and causing needless hurt to the family "?

It is not as if Ramgoolam's family is asking you to love them, or to vote for the PTr, to give him money for his treatment, or because he has said something awful. No, you are being cruel and nasty simply because you are quite stupid and imbued with the sense of self importance that makes idiots feel that the world is dying to hear your opinion, however stupid, ill educated, and moronic it might make you sound to everyone with an ounce of grey matter between their ears.

I remember with some comfort and reassurance the great words of compassion that accompanied Paul Berenger on his journey to France for medical treatment. (Thank God it was not India, sinon Facebook ti pou mari so fe ar comments negatif...). I  remember also that Prime Minister Ramgoolam offered Berenger, who was then leader of the opposition, all the help that the government could provide him during his treatment.

That is how decent people behave, with compassion and empathy when someone is suffering. Yes, we all have our political likes and dislikes, but when someone is ill, then the decent ones will lay their weapons down and, if they can't provide any words of comfort, then they would simply shut up as a humane gesture. 

What have we had to endure instead over the last 2 days? Here is a small list of the nonsense being peddled by nincompoops on Facebook:

1/ "Kifer pa traite li kouma dimoune mizer et avoy li ENT? Si li mort, Bigara so place!" and many other similar bits of puerile, vindictive, nasty nonsense. The same idiots will never want to themselves do what they are saying Ramgoolam should do, i.e swap places with someone poor. Can you see any of them leaving the comfort of their homes and moving into a squat? Hypocrites!

2/ "Li p al dan avion prive? Larzan koffor!", followed by the inescapable Haha to show what a comedian the arsehole thinks he is. These are people who simply do not have a clue about Ramgoolam's background, how very rich his mother was, etc.

"Li p al dan avion prive?" I bet you that question would never have been asked of someone from the Grand Blanc community, or a Sattar " Hajee", or a Currimjee, or a Gujadhur. But as Ramgoolam is a politician, therefore he is fair game for idiots to parade their stupidity and fanaticism in public.

3/ This one really takes the biscuit, believe me. Do these people actually read what they have written before posting their nonsense?

" Li p al zoine Modi pou fer lalliance PTr/MSM! Covid, c ene zes sa! Li p al zoine Modi!" So there you have it folks, the world of diplomacy functioning on the precondition that you should be afflicted by Covid first, which as you know, is the ideal situation for Modi (or Maudit, as the clowns like to write...) to meet with a Mauritian political leader! Dire moi, sa kalite idiotie la, vender dan bazar sa, oussa gagne gratis avek sak doz sintetik?

Here is the very unlikely scenario:

Modi: Eh Navin, mo bien bizin zoine toi. To kapav gagne Covid, attache toi avek ene tank oxygen, pran avion, vine gran lopital dan L'Inde, et mo pou degiz moi kom ene dokter et nou kapav koz kozer trankil? Ki to dire? Li bon li pa bon?
Navin: Oui, gran frere. En place mo al dibout dan ENT la, laisse ban la respire fort lor moi, et kouma mo gagne Covid, en place mo fone ou! Lerla nou zoine. Mo pou amene ene bon Chivas Regal, et personne pa pou truv nou tap sa! Bizin fer atansion alime mo cigar selma, tansion tank oxygene eklate!

Oh you super intelligent people who believe such a nonsensical scenario, tell me this: Have you heard of the phone? of WhatsApp? of Signal? of the internet? of the High Commission, embassies, etc? If yes, why do you think the Covid scenario is much easier and simpler than a simple phone call on a secure line between Riverwalk and the PM's office in India?

I have made no secret of my loathing for the Jugs and everything they stand for. It therefore pains and also comforts me to use Pravind Jugnauth as the symbol of how decent people should behave when someone is fighting an infection that has already killed millions around the world. "  «J’exprime toute ma solidarité envers Navin Ramgoolam et lui souhaite un prompt rétablissement », a déclaré le chef du gouvernement."

Learn from it, you Facebook idiots! Not everything has to be about how many 'like' you can get for making intemperate, ill considered, quite stupid comments that really should shame you, if only you knew what shame is....

Lundi 6 Septembre 2021

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