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[Paul Lismore] The insufferably bad individuals destroying what is left of our democracy

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 6 Avril 2023

[Paul Lismore] The insufferably bad individuals destroying what is left of our democracy
This is what happens when you elect a majority in our National Assembly and the leader of that Assembly becomes an all powerful Prime Minister who makes all the important appointments in the country, and appoints only "his" people, especially the most stupid ones.

He already has a group of zombies and arse lickers behind him who will never find the dignity to oppose anything that is patently wrong and even illegal. They are there simply to tap la tab, like gate crashers at a gamat after a long bout of imbibing ti lanbic, as if the potion was going out of fashion.

They act, behave, and talk like absolute zombies, like pathetic specimens whose little brains have been surgically replaced by a big, steaming pile of shit. I mean, just look at them! They are so stupid that they really believe the population looks up to them and finds them to be intellectual giants with an appreciable sense of humour. In reality, they are the most boring, stupid, selfish, greedy individuals on earth, and I suppose God is generous and charitable enough to ensure that they are never aware of that sad, cold reality...

The Prime Minister not only appoints the most vile idiots to posts that they are singularly ill qualified to perform, but pays them outlandishly huge sums of taxpayers' money for fucking up all our institutions.

Look at the Governor of the Bank of Mauritius, for example. On second thoughts, don't look, as he is abnormally ugly with a face that not even a mother could like. That idiot, also known as Padaleksi's zombie, is on at least one million rupees a month plus all sorts of immorally luxurious benefits. Same for his 2 Deputy Governors, one with the face of a lizard, and the other one that I defy anyone to remember her name. And yet, those 2 bozos are on at least Rs 7 millions a year plus all sorts of benefits. Every three months, they attend the Monetary Policy meeting during WORKING HOURS, and walk away with a few hundred thousands of rupees for a few hours sitting on their arses and trying hard to look clever but failing abysmally to do so.

It is that same immoral, corrupt situation in all our institutions where the Prime Minister appoints his servants on extravagantly high salaries and expenses, and who end up fucking those institutions up completely. It starts at the top with the pathetic individual I nicknamed President Baigan due to his uncanny similarity with a gato brinzel.

Have you ever found a more incompetent, useless individual who simply does not understand the constitutional responsibilities of his position? He is nothing but a glorified, uncultured peasant from the Sun Trust who has been appointed to give the semblance of "constitutionality" to clearly unconstitutional moves of his Lord and master, the Prime Minister. 

It is the same everywhere. The Electoral Supervisory Commission is stuffed full of zombies from la kwizinne, and even the Electoral Commissioner who used to enjoy an enviably good reputation is now seen as a kitchen porter for Lady Macbeth's la kwizinne. The Mauritius Standards Bureau which used to have some standards now has none at all since the appointment of that odious woman as its leader.

But by far, the worst, most lethal assassination of our democracy was committed when the current Speaker's name was put forward by the PM and of course ratified by the zombie President. Ask anyone from any walk of life who is not within earshot of the Bhai Lookhes of the jasoos and the macros, and he/she will tell you that we have never had a Speaker so revoltingly incompetent, biased, and useless as the current one. Ask any one, a judge, a top civil servant, any ex Speaker,or the man on the street, and the answer will be the same: Vreman ene demon sa ggt la!

He has the social skills that a skunk or a ferret would laugh at. He has no manners whatsoever, and rudeness and shouting at the top of his horrible voice seem to him to be the basic requirements of his job, a job that demands a civilised, educated man or woman of culture to perform. Instead, what have we got? A buffoon who cannot speak English properly, who thinks that repeatedly screeching "Huh, Huh Huh" is a sign of top attitude reinforced by the gamat folks on the backbenches still high from their ti lanbic, who found it ever so hilarious...A sure sign of arselicking at its worst and the reaction of zombies programmed to only please the master...

But worst was to follow, when the newly manufactured zombie, Steve Obeedoobeedoo, showed how far his tongue is willing to penetrate ti cretin's arsehole in order to keep his lousy job. I have watched the recording a few times and this is what happened:

Speaker (or the buffoon pretending to be a Speaker): " Onorable members, I av to announce. On his way out from the tiambers, Onorable Bhagwan uttered offensive words to my address. I am therefore naming Onorable Bhagwan". Watch the tape recording and see how he looks at Obeedoobeedoo as if to say, Aller fer seki to bizin fer, LKTM!"

And the zombie obliged.....Remember, neither the zombie nor anyone else had heard what the offensive words were! But the zombie now has an erection and he has to punish, otherwise he will come all over the place...

So, even though he does not know which offensive words were apparently used, the Zombie decided, in all the wisdom that only thinks he has, that suspension for the next 5 sittings of that awful Assembly is warranted! And all the zombies went " Aye" , as if someone had shoved a pointy thing up their backsides.
That is our democracy, folks! Vote for a party of thieves and all the idiots that the PM nominates will fuck up our country, safe in the knowledge that the zombies in the National Assembly will support him, even if he tells them to eat his shit...which they apparently like doing.
Watch the video recording in the 1st comment and decide for yourselves..

Jeudi 6 Avril 2023

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