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[Paul Lismore] The incredible naivety and stupidity of Ptr in picking a future leader that no one has ever heard of...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 18 Mai 2022

[Paul Lismore] The incredible naivety and stupidity of Ptr in picking a future leader that no one has ever heard of...
Thank you, PTr. You have reignited my faith that when I say, Vreman ena bez dan sa ggt pays la, I am referring to all our political parties, and to the institutions whose nominees should all be made to compulsorily live in that wonderful institution known as Brown Sequard Psychiatric Hospital.

Ask yourselves this question: Kifer ene parti politik ki ena lespoir form prochain gouvernman p kass omelette pou fer dizef pli pire ki Bobok Hureeram? Pou ki rezon, out of nowhere, not even out of Planet Uranus or anyone's anus, ene sel kou ena p promote ene boug ki personne zamai in tande kom le future leader du PTr? Let me take you out of your misery and confirm that I am indeed talking about Daneshwar Damry, a very rich man who has married into money, and who apparently now believes that his dosh puts him in prime position to be the next leader of the PTr, after Navin Ramgoolam.

Oh yes! I forgot to mention that those geniuses at the PTr have invented something called GenExt, and I defy anyone to ask 100 people at random, "What the fuck is GenExt?" and I bet you that you will be lucky to find anyone who will say: "GenExt? C sa ban ggt ki p rode akapar PTr, non?" That answer would unfortunately be the correct one, because all sorts of arrivistes and opportunists with perhaps 5 brain cells amongst them want to take over the PTr and install Damry as heir apparent to Navin Ramgoolam.

Why Damry as next leader? Well, he is very rich, and all sorts of arseholes, esp those calling themselves "socialists" and /or " patriotes" or "revolutionaires" (haha!) tend to gravitate towards the magnet known as "paissa". History has shown us how the socialist revolutionnaires of the MMM in the late sixties and early seventies rapidly embraced capitalism and all became very rich as a result of votes by Lepep for them...the group that left to form the MSM, "Socialiste(!) became immensely rich because like true capitalists, they realised that stealing billions of rupees from Lepep is a piece of cake when you have the police, the judges, ICAC, all the institutions etc on your side.

But I digress, so let me get back to the little that I know of Damry. Apparently, his father in law knows Narendra Modi, PM of India, and that has led to feverish rumours that India is engineering a PTr/MSM coalition for the next elections, with Damry and the High Commissioner of India, Nandini Singla, acting as the maternity nurses with forceps at the ready in order to deliver the monster known as a PTr/MSM bastard child of Modi. I find that to be incredibly far-fetched because I simply cannot see the hard core of the PTr accepting any deal that would have Pravind Jugnauth amongst them. " Once bitten, twice shy" as they say, and the MSM has caused intolerable harm to the PTr since 2014 including putting Ramgoolam behind bars and tormenting and frustrating the careers of many PTr members. So, falle ou ene manzer kk pou re al ar sa group bandits la...

As for Nandinee Singla, much as I love seeing her wrapped elegantly in a saree, she ought to restrict her activities to representing India only, instead of meddling into Mauritian affairs and acting as an unofficial cheerleader for the Jugs...

The simplistic and quite stupid reasoning behind the PTr/MSM alliance of Modi's dreams is the "unification" of a hopelessly divided Hindu community where Tamils and the other minority groups no longer consider themselves as Hindus despite following a religion called "Hinduism"....The PTr has always been a national party and its force derives from the inclusion of ALL the communities that form the island of Mauritius under its umbrella. To go for only the Hindu votes is political stupidity at its worst as Hindus no longer form the majority community in the island and therefore that lunatic plan is doomed to electoral failure....esp as the hard core PTr vote will find it impossible to swallow the bitter pill known as the MSM, and may vote for other opposition parties.

So, why all the attention being given to Damry by a small minority of arse lickers who find the smell of money quite irresistible? I do not recall, and I would challenge anyone to remind me, of a single occasion where Damry has been at the forefront of many of the battles against our civil liberties being under attack.

Where is he when the IBA colludes on a daily basis with the chatwas in the MBC, Wazaa, etc providing a horrendously partial and biased view of our politics? Where was he when Dick Fu Manchu of ICTA, the chatwa of all chatwas, was trying to implement laws to make him the official number 1 Bhai looke of Mauritius? Does GenExt sipaki have an opinion on the rising prices of goods at all? Or does it think that putting Damry in front of a camera is their only weapon, and where his terribly wooden performance makes people feel pity for him? GenExt? or FerZes?

Apparently, Damry is now called Chaiwala. You know why? Because he invites people in the PTr who criticise him to come and have a cup of tea with him...Of course, Daneshwar Damry, or DD to his intimates,  must know that there is a DD tea...

I fear for the direction the PTr is taking. People seem not to learn from experience. We saw the terrible damage that Nandinee Soornack caused to the PTr's electoral chances in both 2014 and 2019. After a long period of a very comforting and welcome silence, she has now seen the delights of Facebook and loves to put herself forward...Hasn't Ramgoolam learnt a simple thing, that there is no one more liked and admired in the PTr than his wife, Veena Ramgoolam? Veena stays in the background and a completely discredited Nandinee pushes herself to the front? Eoula! 14 in vine 28?

I am told that Damry has let it be known that he will have a say in the names of candidates to be chosen for the next elections. He has already alienated many of the older, well respected members, and seeing him trying to grab the ascendancy in Constituency number 8 from a hard working Suren Dayal is indicative of recklessness and of a quite stupid ambition. I hear the names of some "candidates" being bandied about, and that has shaken my delusion that only the MSM can pick the most stupid individuals imaginable as candidates...The PTr is fast catching up, and with Damry there, it will be bourbak, bourbak, bourbak all the way for the PTr's list of candidates...

It would now seem that you need to be a friend of Sunil Gohin, owner of Wazaa, in order to get your name on DD's list of candidates of the PTr...or be a political prostitute who has sampled the dubious delights of all parties, including the margoz amer of the MSM in order to be noticed by Damry's goons...
What the fuck is happening to the PTr? In my next article, I will write about the chances of the PTR winning the next elections, but only if Navin Ramgoolam gets a real grip of the situation and leads his party to represent every community in the island.

At the moment, he is letting others dictate what is good for the party that he leads, instead of him leading from the front...Perhaps he needs to remind himself of how he last won against the MSM in 2005, and the tactics he deployed so successfully during that campaign. 

The way things are now, with Damry creating an unnecessary and quite destructive diversion, the only winner is Pravind Jugnauth despite his incredible incompetence. And no one will ever forgive the PTr and Navin Ramgoolam if that horrible scenario becomes reality in 2024. The Chaiwala and the brand of tea that coincidentally bears his initials..

Mercredi 18 Mai 2022

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