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[Paul Lismore] The incredible incompetence and spite of the Attorney General over the children's act

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 17 Décembre 2021

Mo ti pou ekrir lor nou la police bien fesse ki nek obeir tou ggtri ki sorti depi la cuisine, mai tou dimoune p ekrir lor arrestation Roshi Bhadain zordi, akoz en 2011, li ti terne et pa ti souy so nene avek so mouchoir...

Nou nepli ena crime serier dan Moriste aster, parski ban zokrisses en sarz la police prefer rode li pou poule dan fesse kok....Entretan, savatte Dodo in renplace Viagra kom meksine pli serier pou fer zafer la diboute...

We celebrated Children's Day recently, which is just another excuse for ministers to show how caring, sharing they are on that particular day, whilst probably thinking about the next contract to add to the massive fortunes they have already amassed. Remember the Children's Act, rightly heralded with great fanfare as one of the few progressive pieces of legislation during the mandate of this otherwise quite useless government?

Noticed how our zourlanus have been waxing lyrical over the Children's Act and interviewing over the last 10 days every idiot under the sun craving for some attention? Do you wonder why no one, not one zourlanus asked the creator of the Children's Act, Kalpana Koonjoo-Shah, her version of this momentous event in the lives of our children?

Now, we are all aware how monosyllabic idiots love to insult our Minister for Gender Equality and Children's Rights, and how people compete with each other to be the first to write "la baleine", although fuck knows the relevance of that insult to her...Anyway, the fact is that there is no Children's Act, no promulgation of the Act, all because of the incredible arrogance and a level of incompetence that would shame anyone, apart from the one I call " la guele vier sousoute". In my humble opinion, that is an accurate description of the idiot claiming to be our Attorney General.

Let me recap, and the info comes from Lekip Larak which surrounds la guele vier sousoute...

1/ On 3rd December, le conseil des ministres announced that the Children's Act, the Child Sex Offender's Register Act, and the Children's Court Act will be promulgated on 14th December 2021.

2/ Everyone is happy, and this is the cue for the usual suspects to try to get the attention and publicity that desperately inadequate individuals crave for. Pride of place goes of course to the one who calls herself the "Ombudsperson for Children", whose performance so far indicates an individual with a personality which loves baring her huge teeth as soon as she sniffs a zourlanus' camera round the corner. Yes, what a wonderful piece of legislation, this will provide more protection and rights for our children, bla bla bla. Not one word on the person responsible for modernising a decrepit law, and having the courage to stop children from being married off before the age of 18, etc etc: the minister responsible for the new Children's Act, Kalpana Koonjoo-Shah. 

3/ The Children's Act is welcomed by everyone, including the opposition. 26 years since the last inadequate Children's Act is a long time to wait to give children the protection they deserve, don't you think?

4/ Come the 14th December, and the Children's Act was not promulgated, as everyone expected. Guess why?

5/ Enter la guele vier sousoute. At the cabinet meeting on 10th December 2021, without consulting anyone beforehand, including the minister for children, the Attorney General announced that the Children's Act could not be promulgated on 14th December, as everyone expected, because staff for the Children's Court had not been appointed, and the video conference equipment was still at procurement stage....When asked if the other 2 pieces of legislation can be promulgated, he said no, because the great lawyer that he thinks he is said that he would not advise that...What an ill mannered, arrogant, incompetent arsehole!

Whose responsibility was that? Yes, the AG himself. Remember, the Children's Act had been voted by the National assembly on 15th December 2020!! Li ena ene an pou fer sa, et li prefer zouer ar so zognons en place fer tou pou ki sa la loi la passer....

Ala ki kalite idiot nou ena kom Chief Legal Adviser to the government! Li prefer fer so la guele vier sousoute rabasse ban malpropte et boukou menti lor Cybercrime sipaki ggtri Act et IBA Amendment, kot ene sofer taxi ki pou decider ki radio kapav kontinier zouer...

Oken zourlanus, oken sa ban zoaves ki zourlanus ti interviewer et ti rode fer koir ki Children's Act, c zot ki responsab pou sa la loi la, pa p dire narien lor kifer nou pa enkor ena Children's Act, kouma zot ti p rabasser. Ombudsperson for children in ramasse so gro le dan et p kontinier tap so gro la paye et tou kalite expenses....

So, the next time the idiots want to have a go at Kalpana Koonjoo-Shah, at least have the decency to get your facts right. The Attorney General is the one responsible for the Children's Act enkor dan tiroir. No one else.

Vendredi 17 Décembre 2021

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