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[Paul Lismore] The inconvenient truth behind the appointment of D. Beesoondoyal as head ot the FFI

Rédigé par E. Moris le Lundi 26 Avril 2021

These are the facts that arse licking zourlanus will choose to either gloss over or simply ignore when they write about the fact finding inquiry into the deaths of the dialysis patients following their contamination with Covid 19. Our wonderful press has always had this tradition of doffing its cap and showing sycophantic and misplaced loyalty to lawyers and judges who more often than not dispense justice in a manner that most decent people find unpalatable.

So, before you all have a collective orgasm over the fact that a judge will once again lead another inquiry, remember these facts:

1/  Mrs Deviyanee Beesoondoyal is a retired judge, so one can safely assume that her salary as IPCC chairman and retired judge should bring her around Rs 400,000 every month. Remember, judges continue to draw their full pay as pension, irrespective of how well or how badly they carry out their judicial functions....It is hard to imagine her risking her monthly Rs 400,000 plus perks and privileges by going against the people who nominated her, non? 

2/ You can only judge a person by the results she brings in....As IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) chairman, can anyone tell me of any case that she has successfully investigated and which has led to court proceedings? No? Not even one? 

The last figures that are available to us show that " De juillet 2018 au 30 avril 2019, l’Independent Police Complaints Commission avait reçu 468 plaintes formulées contre des policiers. 119 cas ont été classés après des enquêtes, ce qui fait que 349 cas sont toujours en cours." In our creole language, " 349 cas sont toujours en cours" means that fuck all will be done about those cases and that they too will be "classés après des enquêtes"....

3/ For those who don't know, the IPCC became operational as of 9th April 2018, with the specific mandate to " ensure that fundamental human rights of citizens are respected." I will be very grateful, indeed orgasmically delighted if anyone, including any chatwa, could give me any examples of actual cases where the IPCC has fulfilled that primary objective. How many investigations have they carried out which have led to successful prosecution of any psychopathic gablou?

Come on! They have been in post for the last 3 years, and not even one case so far? That level of failure would suggest that a career in batt kk pou fer mastik would have been more productive for the 3 geniuses running the IPCC...."

4/ Deviyanee Beesoondoyal is not the only judge nominated as Chairman to a lovely sounding organisation when she retired.

Dheerujlall Seetulsingh is another very lucky individual who has so far shown zero results since nomination as Chairman of Commission Nationale des Droits de l’Homme. Not bad for someone who, on top of his FULL pension as a judge, receives another Rs 263,116 per month, including something called a "Special Judicial Allowance" of Rs 52,800 every month...And please don't forget the 2 or 3 months allowances at the end of every year, irrespective of how well or how badly they have well as their apparently God given right to have a chauffeur driven limousine at our expense, travelling allowance of over Rs 22,000 every month, and many other juicy freebies...

5/ Please spare a thought for the other judges who have been chairing Commissions of Inquiry that never end...Start with our own Chief Judge and his Commission of Inquiry into our ex President, Amina Gurib-Fakim; Move on to Judge Domah and his never ending inquiry into the Theft of the century, also known as the Sale of Bramer Bank for peanuts to the thieves in government. If you see a pattern that tells you that these inquiries will reflect badly on the government and that is why they have never been completed, who could blame you?

So, if you think this "Fact Finding" Inquiry will get anywhere near the truth, think again. Because in our etat de droit, some people really believe in the maxim, "Never bite the hand that feeds you"...In other words, some people like to feed and feed themselves way too much for them to be bothered by little things like ethics or integrity or independence...

I can think of another 4 letter word beginning with "F" to describe this "Fact Finding" Inquiry. Can you?

Lundi 26 Avril 2021

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