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[Paul Lismore] The hypocrites bellowing for a "Freedom of Information Act"...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 18 Mai 2021

" Candor and accountability in a democracy is very important. Hypocrisy has no place."----Alan Dershowitz.

How often do we see our "free and independent press" rightly demanding a Freedom of Information Act as the prerequisite for any democracy that wishes to be transparent? And how often do we see the same press deliberately hiding the identity of some gro graines, whilst happily splashing the names of anyone who does not have any 'backing'?

On 16th May, Top fm reported that " La Mercedes que conduisait l’époux d’une magistrate a terminé sa course contre un pylône électrique. À l’arrivée des policiers sur place, l’homme de 47 ans a refusé de se soumettre à un alcootest. Celui-ci a été finalement effectué et s’est révélé positif."

Other newspapers also reported the incident but they all refused to give the name of the piss artist driving the Mercedes, or the name of the magistrate married to the one who presumably likes to tell people, " To koner moi kisan la?"

Well, his name is Rajkumarsing, believed to be an accountant, and he is married to  Mrs. Ranjeeta Ramlugan Rajkumarsingh, Senior District Magistrate, who has been acting as Magistrate at the Intermediate Court in the Judiciary, with effect from 14 September 2020. As he is a Freemason (his lodge brethren have disclosed this info..), he probably likes to bare his left tit at lodge meetings....and that he is close to the lakwizinn where only thieves, idiots, and arse lickers prosper....

He also happens to be a very close relative of the taxiwallah, Rajkumarsingh, catapulted to take charge of our IBA and who, so far, has been the perfect slave of la cuisine with some quite incredibly biased decisions against Top fm in particular. This is the same IBA that also has as members Dick the Prick, the idiot who wants to perfect his role as our national bhai lookhe with his Nazi like desire to control our lives online....and that idiot, Sachin Jootun, who still has not mastered the rather simple task of putting your glasses in front of your eyes and not on top of your fucking head!

When both idiots were at the Mauritius Film Development Corporation (MFDC), the taxpayer had to fork out nearly Rs 4 millions for 17 missions in 2 1/2 years that were so important that they brought absolutely fuck all to this country....  

So, our "free and independent press" believes that we should not know about an accountant driving whilst drunk, and whose wife is a Senior Magistrate and whose brother is the peasant leading our Independent Broadcasting Authority?

One wonders what the zourlanus will do with a Freedom of Information Act when they already do fuck all with the information that they already have....

Mardi 18 Mai 2021

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