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[Paul Lismore] The greatest waste of taxpayers' money remains the institutions our corrupt politicians keep asking us to respect...

Rédigé par E. Moris le Mardi 22 Juin 2021

I really cannot be arsed any more to write about the clowns we keep voting into power. I have never known so many scandals hitting our already battered senses, and the frequency of these scandals now mean that it is simply impossible to dwell on one for more than a day before the next one hits us. 

We really could do with the services of a professional masochist who will list all the scandals that have been assaulting us since 10th December 2014 when we voted for vrai sanzman, only to find ourselves lumbered with the worst government in living memory, driven by an incompetence and arrogance which none of us thought was remotely possible in our island.

No sane person could possibly compile that list without ending up feeling suicidal or, worse, homicidal. The extent of the corruption, incompetence, and that terribly typical Mauritian illness of using arrogance as the fig leaf of choice to hide extreme stupidity, is now so wide ranging that it has become something that we are now inured to, and that we have passively accepted as something quite normal and to be expected with this government. 

And the worst, most glaring symbol of this incompetence and crazy determination to show that they just do not care about the feelings of most of us, and that they believe they are always right even when everything points towards them being so lamentably wrong? A Speaker who is as independent and fair minded as a religious extremist watching his knife sever the neck of someone who, in his eyes, has committed the apparently unpardonable sin of believing in and worshipping a God that is not the same as the one driving the fanatic's madness.

The Speaker is in a class of his own when it comes to bad manners, incomprehensible use of the English language, and a bias that apparently has a medical cause due to his left ear and left eye being in a permanent state of deep sleep...His Deputy is marginally better, even when one asks how can someone with such a mediocre command of the English language successfully complete his university exams in English...

These 2 remain the symbol of the putrescence, of the state of progessive putrefaction of all our institutions. We have now reached a stage where the obvious answer to the question, " What is the purpose of our institutions?" is " They exist simply to give incredibly well paid jobs to the idiots who love hanging on to the testicles of their political masters"...

Let me give you some institutions that were discussed in the Committee of Supply hearing yesterday in the National Assembly:

1/ National Human Rights Commission: Does anyone know what this commission does? Has anyone got any proof that it has actually done anything of any value since it came into existence?

Its President is ex Judge Dhiraj Seetulsing, and he earns Rs 176,000 every month plus stupendous benefits including chauffeur driven limousine, etc etc. On top of that, he gets a full pension as a judge which is the same as he would have earned if he was still a judge! Pays miracle, ein? So, he gets at least Rs 400,000 a month, for doing fuck all really....

In Mauritius, when you do fuck all, you also need a Vice President who will also do fuck all. So, step forward Marie Lourdes Lee Yin Lam Hung, who earns Rs 140,000 per month plus stupendous benefits for doing what Seetulsing does particularly well: fuck all.

In the world of doing fuck all in Mauritius, you also need underlings who are adept at doing fuck all: At the NHRC, we have Sam Lauthan, ex politician and Jonathan Ravat, peripatetic roder boutte, as ordinary members on Rs 74,350 a month...

2/ Has anyone ever heard of the National Preventive Mechanism Division? Well, it exists, although no one knows exactly what id does. Its Vice President is Mohamed Iqbal Toorabally who earns Rs140,000 every month + stupendous entitlements. The two members of this good for nothing "Division", Namrata Teeluckdharry and Michel Vieillesse, remain young on a monthly salary of Rs 110,000 plus juicy benefits.

I'll mention a third institution which definitely proves that many members of these institutions are so useless that they perhaps need to be locked up in an ...institution! The Independent Broadcasting Authority has a budget of Rs 3.5 millions which is spent almost exclusively on its Board members, as it never does any work of any value.

Its chairman is a taxi driver whose skill lies mainly in hanging on to the testicles of the politicians in power. Taxi Driver Bhooneswar Rajkumarsing gets Rs 68, 200 for finding that the MBC is the most independent, fair, and unbiased national TV centre in the world, ably supported by Dick the Prick of ICTA notoriety, and the man who has more institutional memberships than he has had hot dinners, Dhiren Dabee, our lovely Solicitor General, and another 6 members. All 8 members receive Rs 24,000 every month for fuck knows what.

When I see the huge amount of taxpayers' money wasted on these useless institutions, one thought comforts me: that the person who makes their tea will piss in the kettle before serving them, and that the pizzas that get delivered to them for their meetings each contain a nice portion of fresh, steaming shit lovingly mixed in with the cheese topping...That is the least that these parasites deserve....

Of course, they are so stupid and pretentious that they are likely to praise the quality of the cheese and show their knowledge of world affairs by saying that it must be Swiss Cheese...

On a serious note, the above few institutions are mere examples of how our money is being wasted. Billions of our rupees are being wasted on institutions that are useless, do nothing, and serve only one purpose: for ministers to reward the arseholes posing as their supporters.
That is our democracy....

Mardi 22 Juin 2021

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