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[Paul Lismore] The game of Monopoly in Mauritius, where you can "rake" your way to unimaginable wealth...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 8 Septembre 2020

By plundering our banks and by buying the favours of politicians from all parties....just like a prostitute keeps the names of regular clients in his/her little book. 

Life must be really wonderful for people in positions of authority in Mauritius; they can do what they want knowing full well that they can desecrate the sacred concept of the Rule of Law at will and with apparent impunity. It is like our local version of the game of 'Monopoly' where you get a bonus for being sycophantic and a 'go to jail' card for daring to criticize. 

The Monopoly game attracts winners and losers at all levels of our society. We have so called doctors who substitute the Hippocratic Oath with slavish obedience to Mammon the day after graduation.

A substantial number of individuals call themselves doctors after following 'medical' courses in universities that are not recognised anywhere else; they gained admission on the strength of mediocre School Certificate results, and often without any tuition in the science subjects that are considered a minimum requirement by decent medical colleges.

We have lawyers who look radiantly professional when they take the Oath to practise, but who see nothing but the filthy lucre as the best way of 'serving' their clients; we have engineers who have nice sounding degrees next to their names, but who still do not know the difference between glue and cement when it comes to building our roads; we have accountants who believe that fiddling the figures and giving a totally distorted version of the real state of companies is a sign of great professionalism and intelligence; we have zourlanus who believe that reporting without any analysis whatsoever is what real journalism stands for; and we have politicians who believe that repeating 'Mo envi servi mo pays' is enough of a con job for lepep admirab not to understand that what they really mean is  "Mo envi pran mo chance pou kokin maximum possib".

Of all the players raking in as much money as they can and with seemingly total impunity, the champion has to be Rakesh Gooljaury.

Yes, after we have all had a good laugh at the sobriquet 'marsan mervey' attached to him, remember one thing: Rakesh Gooljaury has shown himself to be by far the most cunning of the lot, endowed with a real understanding of the true limits of man's greed, especially when it comes to our politicians. I can think of no other individual who has managed to continually hoodwink politicians of all parties for decades now.... apart from Bissoon Mungroo perhaps, but the man who has never served even one day's imprisonment despite the nine months' sentence of imprisonment being confirmed by the Privy council simply does not have the elegance or the rakish style of Gooljaury....

The MSM was in power 2000-2005 and guess who was the party's best friend and facilitator for all sorts of mostly unsecured loans from the bank that likes to say yes to corrupt cunts, the MPCB?

The Rake! In 2005, Navin Ramgoolam promised to 'nettoyer' and to sort out all those who have benefited from the reckless generosity of the banks, especially Rakesh Gooljaury. Guess what happened? The Rake becomes Ramgoolam's new best friend, such a good friend that he helped Ramgoolam's mistress, Nandinee Soornack to take her first steps in business and swiftly moving from marsan cotomili to multi millionaire status....

Gooljaury showed amazing ability and dexterity to dip into the safe of MPCB especially, with as much regularity and ease as he fiddles with his own trouser pockets: between 2007-2011, Gooljaury received nearly Rs 250 millions in loans, often using the same small pieces of land as collateral. According to one newspaper based in London, Mauritius Weekly, Gooljaury had raked in, together with his brother Prameshwar, Rs 839 millions whilst providing only Rs 97 millions as collateral.    

During the electoral campaign of December 2014, what did L'Alliance Lepep promise? NETTOYAZ!

A campaign that was largely based on delightful anecdotes about Soornack and the Rake, and of the man with the suitcase in the Swiss Alps. We know Nandinee is in Italy, getting fatter on pasta, and we have heard nothing about the man with the suitcase despite all those promises.

What about the Rake? Haha! I told you that he is by far the best Monopoly player around!

Remember all the noise about the SICOM building sold on VEFA (Vente en etat futur d'achevement), about how our SICOM, led by Obeedoobeedoo's missus, bought a half completed building for Rs 591 million rupees?

Well, Roshi Badhain became well ensconced in the plush offices there as minister, and he was also Gooljaury's new best friend...Remember how Pravin Jugnauth told us at a public meeting that it was Alan Ganoo who started the L'Alliance de la Honte ball rolling when he met the Rake at the latter's office in Sodnac?

Well, barely 3 months after the elections, it was the Rake who arranged the meeting at Yerrigadoo's plush apartment for Badhain, PJ, and the Attorney General to grill the Dufry chaps! And the Rake has been the best friend of not only the MSM since. Apparently, Zaza likes him a lot too and Shakeel Mohamed is not that distant from him either....

Politicians from different parties now have far more in common with each other than they have with the rest of the population; they will invariably set out to protect each other, and only a fool will accept as genuine or real the angry mood that they sometimes display towards each other in public. The true division that is now emerging in our society is between a narrow, self serving, corrupt political class and the mass of ordinary voters; we now have a political class that has become a separate, privileged elite, and therefore too isolated from our citizens in order to understand their aspirations and daily problems.  

The end result of all this? No one knows exactly how much money Rakesh Gooljaury owes to the banks which are supposedly owned by us, the taxpayers.

The wankers, sorry bankers, won't tell us because of that very convenient thing called 'confidentiality', which basically means they can hide their shit whenever they want to. The Chief Shit Spreader, the Bank of Mauritius Governor, is especially fond of quoting 'bank confidentiality' every time he wants to hide the sordid truth from us.  

In the world of fake promises by politicians, of fake labels sold by budding entrepreneurs, and of fake promises by cheating husbands selling fake designer goods whilst falling for the charm of a Jezebel selling fake designer spectacles, Rakesh Gooljaury has proven beyond all doubt that he is the ace Monopoly player, Mauritian version.

The man is so good that he got Mr Transparency Mauritius himself, Jacques de Navacelle, as his 'consultant', who then loyally proclaimed that " C’est normal que la réussite de M. Gooljaury attire l’attention ou crée des jalousies!" Next time you see the favourable but oh so fake ranking of Mauritius in the Transparency International Index for corruption, you might begin to understand why...  

Mauritius is truly a Wonderland...a land of merveilles. Where an erstwhile marsan merveilles can run rings around our politicians simply by flashing the money that they themselves have helped him to take from us. The Americans have a word for the extreme self confidence, audacity, and cunning that the Rake has been displaying for the last 2 decades: Chutzpah. Like him or loathe him, you have to admit that he has loads of it. And now, he is in the process of buying the loyalties of fake revolutionaries and turning them into secret agents for the Sun Trust.

Either that, or our politicians continue to show us that when it comes to filling their own pockets and looking after their own interests, they are in a class of their own. They will make a pact with the Devil if it meant them getting a few cents...Some would say that many of them have already signed the dotted lines underneath Satan's signature, but I am far too nice to say anything as crude as that...

Mardi 8 Septembre 2020

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