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[Paul Lismore] The facts that people tend to forget too readily over the massacre of BAI..

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 12 Avril 2022

People tend to leave out some names who played a very important role in the destruction of BAI. 

a/ Who was the first politician Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo phoned to inform him of the " Je l'ai eu" news re Dawood Rawat? Answer: Paul Berenger, who then expressed his gratitude that he was one of the first to receive news of this momentous event in the hours of the night when only vampires roam around...

b/ Why hasn't Xavier Duval, who was DPM at the time of the massacre, ever said anything about it?

c/ Ditto for Nando Bodha....But at least he can claim that the huge amounts of Brylcreem on his hair could have triggered some sort of amnesia...He has so far told us nothing about the Sun Trust that was his home for around 30 years, or about the MSM, which makes people wonder: What exactly is he doing on the opposition benches?

d/ Why hasn't Roshi Bhadain revealed the exact truth about what went on in April 2015, in the dark of the night, when he was one of the major players orchestrating the destruction of BAI/Bramer?

Remember the 'cloud' he mentioned when he resigned, which apparently contained all the dirty secrets of the government? We have yet to see even a drop of piss from his cloud so far...

Mardi 12 Avril 2022

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