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[Paul Lismore] The elephant in the room that no politician wants to even mention...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 9 Août 2022

No, I am not talking about the "Dinozor" that many people mention simply because that word represents the sum total of their understanding of Mauritian politics. It is always the same individuals who, whilst having their dinner, suddenly jump up and say to themselves: " Laisse mo al online et mo sire ki mo pou augment konesans lepep si mo re mentionne "Dinozor" pou cent foi sa semaine la..."

No, I am not talking about those vermins known as our socio kultchurel orgs. If you want the true definition of "parasite", all you have to do is look at the picture of any one of those bastards who claim to represent all our religions, and who have therefore appointed themselves as the intermediaries between God and ourselves. These individuals are the lowest of the low, and a future government has to legislate that a secular society will no longer tolerate absolute idiots using religion for nasty political purposes, and for fanning the flames of racism...and make it an imprisonable offence for any politician making any speeches at religious festivals.

No, I am not talking about the institutions that we have grown to disrespect with a passion due to their absolute incompetence and their leadership by zombies and arse lickers. Nevertheless, one must not ignore the ardent wish of so many of us that Navin Beekarry, so-called Head of ICAC, ought to be arrested and charged with a massive conspiracy to act and behave in a corrupt manner...There are loads of examples of his thoroughly shameful and partisan behaviour.

No, I am not even referring to the new millionaires created by Pravind Jugnauth and his gang of thieves when they saw Covid as an opportunity to make massive amounts of money out of national misery. The quincaillerie owners, jewellers, ti lotel owners, camion baydoom owners, etc who became pharmacological experts overnight, and who were allowed to import 3rd grade medicines etc at truly extortionate prices...I hope they all die a horrible death.

I am talking about the Unholy Trinity of Electoral Commissioner, Electoral Supervisory Commission, and their Godfather, our lovely ti cretin. Hardly anyone believes that the last elections were conducted fairly, impartially, and independently. Yes, there have been problems with elections in the past, but these were minor ones and concerned only a few constituencies. But never in our history have we come across corrupt electoral practices on such a national scale as in 2019. Everywhere, people complained that their names had magically vanished from the electoral rolls, that others had voted in their names, that dead people had got up and walked from the cemetery to the polling centres, voted, and went back to sleep...That the SMF lorries usually used for transporting ballot boxes had been replaced by lorries belonging to private contractors in some constituencies....that computers had sprung up in polling centres which the opposition parties knew nothing about....etc etc.

And what was the response of the zombies in the ESC? Complete silence, probably because their mouths were still full of paper notes from la kwizinne. The Electoral Commissioner, who up until 2019 had enjoyed an impeccable, unblemished reputation, gave unconvincing answers which helped to forge an image of him as not an independent Commissioner but as another tool of la kwizinne.

So, why is everyone maintaining this abominable silence over the individuals who once again will decide the outcome of the next elections? It is the typical Mauritian approach to any problem: " A nou kassiett en ba draps et problem la pou aller...".

It does not matter how many "manifestations" you does not matter how loud you shout " Bour li Deor!", because the answer from ti cretin will always be " Atane, mo pou bour zot!". He has this attitude simply because he knows that come polling day, everything would have been organised to make the 2024 elections even more corrupt than the 2019 ones. Dipshit will ensure that the gablous pa truv narien, names will have been removed or added by some ghosts in the Electoral Commission, More Bangla Deshis will be voting at polling stations than the large groups of them at seasides leering at women, much more money will be used as bribes for poor people in exchange for their votes than in 2019, the MSM coffers are so full with money they have stolen from us that a lot of it has been sent abroad, MT and MBC will again be used, together with Lee Ki Shim's rags, MorpIoN News/Wazaa/Insane News to throw pure poison at the opposition, esp at Ramgoolam through millions of text messages/ Deep Fake videos etc...

And what is the opposition doing about all of that? Sweet Fuck All! They like their stupid press conferences that act as a good substitute for Mogadon for many of us, some individuals do little videos to show how photogenic they are and nothing else....and they talk about fucking manifestations! And arranging meetings with each other that are often cancelled! 

Eoula! Koumans par edik lepep lor vreman kouma nou Electoral Commissioner et ESC ete! Bour sa 2 la o centre de tou zot revendikations pou ki zot vine zistifier zot role infecte! They have been let off far too easily. Fer Lepep koner kouma elections in trike et pou re trike si zot pa fer atansion! Train your fucking agents over what to look for as soon as polling starts and until the count is finished! Tell them that complaining amongst themselves like little bitches is simply not good enough! So, tell them to make official complaints and to keep a record of their complaints! You have seen how our Supreme Courts p kontinier tire lipou poule dan fesse kok depi petition electoral en 2019!

Si zot kontinier amerde fesse dimoune avek zot problem manifestation/no manifestation, et pa fer narien, zot pou tasser enkor. Ti Cretin pa in met so ban esclaves en sarz nou institutions pou narien!
So, go for the heart of the problem! Target the Electoral Commissioner and the so-called Electoral Services Commission. If those two behave like they did in 2019, blier victoire!
Lerla, en place Bour li Deor, Ti Cretin pou vreman bour zot...

Mardi 9 Août 2022

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