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[Paul Lismore] The electoral tactics that the Opposition parties need to adopt as of now

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 20 Mai 2022

We often hear so many people saying, "nou bizin fer sa!, " linzistis nou pa le!", "Bizin sanz system!", etc, and we are still waiting to hear from them exactly how they intend to achieve those noble aims. Apart from making extremely boring videos which last an eternity and which I am sure not even the person's cat watches from beginning to end...,or making videos which must be watched by people high on alcohol/drugs and who need a good laugh before falling asleep...

So, let us get back to the land of the living where our history and political culture tell us that the only alternative to this evil government is the PTr. The people who would scoff at that statement and who usually write one line of badly spelt drivel on Facebook of course do not know that even in the dark days when the PTr was in the electoral doldrums, it always had a minimum of around 30% of the electoral votes. When one looks at the results of the last general elections, one has to ask the obvious question:

What was the point of the MMM and Reform putting up candidates in the so called fortresses of the MSM, Constituencies 5-13? All that happened was several of the MMM candidates and ALL of the Reform Party candidates actually losing their deposits! That in itself was bad, but worse, their votes allowed the MSM to win, often by small margins in 5-13.

If the MMM/Reform votes, which were anti MSM votes, would have gone to the main party of the opposition (the PTr) in the rural constituencies (except for constituency 7, where the opposition lost badly...) then we would not be having a MSM government now....despite all the electoral frauds and cheating. If you look at the results in constituency 14, won by Ganoo, Mayotte and someone called Ramchurrun, you can see an even bigger tragedy: the combined votes of the PTR/PMSD and the MMM was around the 60% mark of that electorate, and yet the opposition parties all lost!

How do they ensure that this never repeats itself? I have yet to come across a better or more original idea than the one mentioned by Dev Hurnam: That an arrangement ought to be made between all the parties in the opposition which would allow the PTr a clear run in constituencies 4-14, as it is the only party with any realistic chance of winning those constituencies, beating the MSM, and preventing that evil mob and its sinister La Kwizinn from ruining our lives for a further 5 years. 

All good deals must have a quid pro quo, so in return, the MMM ought to have a more generous share of the tickets for many of the urban constituencies. In particular, the MMM should obtain all 6 tickets for the opposition for constituencies 19 and 20, where it reigns supreme. The other constituencies can be shared on a 2:1 basis, guided by the results of the respective parties in 2019.

But to repeat the futile exercise of 2019 where the MMM took votes that should have gone to the PTr and vice versa would be akin to treating facts and historical truths with disdain and stupidity.

Never mind all these sterile talks about "alliance", sipaki. The only thing that should concentrate the minds of the opposition parties is this: Do we do everything to prevent that gang of thieves and bandits from gaining power again? Or do we once more cut each other's throats, put up candidates in constituencies where we have no chance of winning, divide the opposition votes, and let the MSM through to victory again?

That is what they should be discussing and agreeing now. Because if all the opposition parties put candidates in all 20 constituencies as they did in 2019, the only person who will enjoy a massive hard on until election day will be Pravind Chouchou Jugnauth... Lerla, li pou dessire tou nou sousou apre elections!

Vendredi 20 Mai 2022

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