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[Paul Lismore] The elections are coming! Why? The bastards are playing their dirty games already

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 16 Mars 2023

[Paul Lismore] The elections are coming! Why? The bastards are playing their dirty games already
If you live in Mauritius, you won't be able to access any articles on Zinfos Moris today. The site works perfectly well if you are abroad, or if you have installed a VPN on your computer. Otherwise, you will get what we have been getting from this crazy bunch of lunatics in the government since 2014: fuck all!

Et sa ti ggt la kontinier koz " mafia"? Kan li meme chef pli gran mafia dan pays? This censorship is entirely in line with the MSM philosophy, from its desire to kill off newspapers in the 1980s to the repetitive, lying mantra of the ti cretin that our press is made up of "anti patriotes". There can be no anti patriote so disgusting than he and his band of thieves who have stolen billions of our rupees; than the spoilt brat who has taken all our institutions hostage and nominated brain dead arseholes and zombies to run them according to the wishes of the vile woman running la kwizinne. No anti patriote could be more loathsome and evil than the bastards who willingly accept all undemocratic orders from she who must be obeyed.

I am sorry, but once again I fear that India is behind this latest blatant act of censorship. We first had the "sniffing" scandal and since then, more Indians have been employed by MT and no doubt barking orders at the numpties in ICTA. The Indian government is probably upset about the articles on their High Commissioner who has behaved more like an active supporter of the thugs in power than as a representative of a foreign government. Instead of doing what any decent government would do, i.e remind her exactly of what a High Commissioner ought to be doing, same as the High Commissioners of all other countries do routinely, the Indian authorities have decided instead to shoot the messenger. 

Watch out now for many other nasty things happening in what was once our democracy, our etat de droit: Watch out for gablous planteurs to now plant drugs on many opponents of the government; watch out for our lazy police force to become incredibly active when arresting numerous opponents under ICTA; watch out for a massive surge of Bangla Deshis to the electoral commission in order to get themselves registered to vote en masse at the next elections. If you think your relatives are dead, get the shock of your lives when you see people pretending to be them voting...And watch out for all sorts of electoral bribes on the "Mo pou donne" principle in a country that is up to its neck in debts, and simply cannot afford any more freebies.

So, if you find my Facebook page disappearing yet again for a multitude of farcical reasons, you will know why. The bastards are preparing themselves to steal the next elections, helped by selfish idiots from the PTr and the MMM who are so upset and moaning like little bitches because they won't get a ticket..and helped by a multitude of hopeless little parties with no chance to even save their deposits but who will do the ti cretin a great service by splitting the votes for the opposition. 

You have been warned! The dirty bastards will play even dirtier this time! Li Ki Shim's dirty money, all the commissions totalling billions of rupees they have stolen from corrupt contracts, etc the Rs 700 millions the Bank of Mauritius "lent" to Maradiva will all ensure that lepep kouyon will this time get caviar and champagne instead of Kentucky and Goodwill...and many in lepep kouyon will no doubt vote for the thieves again.

Remember, if Mauritians who live in Mauritius and can therefore vote are not allowed to read any newspaper but Mauritians living abroad but who can't vote can read the paper, what does that tell you? They want to feed Mauritian electors only with the shit that the MBC already feeds you every day.
And if they win again, you can all kiss your arses good bye! Chatwas will be ok as they are used to kissing the arses of the bastards all day long....

Jeudi 16 Mars 2023

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