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[Paul Lismore] The dirty tricks departement of Suntrust and the fake news factory of la cuisine is working overtime...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 10 Mars 2022

Yes, the obsession and rather sick attention being given to the identity of Paul Lismore is in full swing again. A member of la cuisine has informed us that very soon, they will release information re the identity of Paul Lismore...but as usual, they will get it wrong, and they will name someone who has absolutely nothing to do with our little group!

For the purpose of this post, we will adopt the posture of the several individuals who combine their efforts to bring some clarity and truth to the garbage that passes for politics in Mauritius, and who have deliberately chosen a pseudonym (Paul Lismore) in order to put a brake on the dictatorial, savage impulses of our politicians and their little slaves in the press and in society in general to harass, persecute, and torment anyone who is seen as not 'nou bann'.

Let us explain: for several months now, we have been receiving reports from several of our spies in the National Security Services, in the press, from zavokas, from la cuisine, and from normal people too that our lovely, transparent and very democratic government was doing all it can in order to find the identity of the people behind "Paul Lismore".

Apparently, that became the top priority of those bozos, even though our economy is in the doldrums and we are up to our neck in debt, and the only growth industry has been in the sale of ribbons for our PM to cut and in the purchase of blankets/curtains for those vile "socio cultural leaders" to drape over his shoulders, with a sickly smile on their faces. We then saw Insane News getting one of their trolls to come up with two names, and the sounds of laughter can still be heard when people mention the identity of those two. 

We are now reliably informed that a lunatic, a real wannabe, someone who craves attention but never gets it, has sent some details to la cuisine and to some zourlanus about the "identity" of Paul Lismore. He has even mentioned the name and address of some poor pensioner who apparently, according to the idiot, holds the unique distinction of being able to write on a daily basis, and to visit Mauritius regularly, all whilst serving prison sentences in the UK! Pa zis vreman ena bez dan sa ggt pays la, mai vreman ena ban ggt fletri ki in ne dan sa ggt pays la! I can imagine the wretched man avidly reading Paul Lismore's posts every day and feeling intense jealousy that he could never write like this or even write in an English that people would understand...

Anyway, the lunatic has sent some details about an individual, and like so many other lunatics before him, claims that this is Paul Lismore! We are bemused that so far we have been identified as almost 100 different individuals, including rather insultingly those who believe that writing "lol" is a sign of great intelligence....

We all know that la cuisine is rather like a mental asylum, so it would not surprise us at all that they would swallow this nonsense, and try to gain some capital from it. Excellent! We welcome attention from all and everyone, and we hope that la cuisine will specify that a few of us have at least 7 inches to boast about...

It never seems to end, does it? This relentless search for the only thing that seems to bother them, WHO IS PAUL LISMORE? by the thieves, the corrupt, the lunatics, the rabid attention seekers, those who have been 'sanctified' by arse licking zourlanus, the vile individuals who give hypocrisy a bad name. It is a real tragedy that in a country beset over many decades by governments comprising of mostly dullards, turgid nonentities who magically become multimillionaires five years after being called " Honourable" (the misnomer of all, surely...) and thieves, we have a press that continually pours out piffling claptrap and sanctimonious and sensationalist nonsense. And we have idiots more concerned about the identity of Paul Lismore than about the terrible problems facing this island....

Do your worst, arseholes. Will that stop us from writing? Like hell! We will continue to pummel the thieves, the arselickers, the hypocrites, the corrupt, into the ground...As our politicians love to say, parole donnee parole sacree!

And we will always remain true to our word, to our parole, irrespective of any dirty tactics used by the thieves and their pathetic wannabes.

Jeudi 10 Mars 2022

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