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[Paul Lismore] The desperate search by some for the elusive "like"

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 25 Mai 2023

[Paul Lismore] The desperate search by some for the elusive "like"
This post is a piss take on posts that often do the rounds, with people urging you to copy/paste some ultra emotional nonsense, and write "Done" in the comments. Sa meme ki pou gueri tou maladi....  

So, after completion of the CT scan, we were immediately told to meet the Dr. at her office. That’s when we received the diagnosis. The Dr. already scheduled a visit to the Oncologist and the Oncologist had already scheduled an appointment for the biopsy. The doctor looked at the CT scan again and said: "Eoula! Pa vine perdi mo letan! Ou ena gaz, alor al dan ene coin et largue ene gro pete, et ou pou korek. Prochain foi, sey arete manz sa kantite gro poi la, ok?"

I decided to post this message in support of a very special person to me who fought firmly and with good energy. Taught me to live every day as the best day! Now I'm looking to those who will have time to read this post until the end. This is a small test, just to see who reads and who shares without reading! If you read everything, select "like" so I can put a thank you on your profile.

Gas is very invasive and destructive to our body. It can be a very long process, and some people can largue ene pete ki aller pou plis ki ene minute! Please, in honour of someone who suffers from terrible gas, copy and paste. Show that you care by sharing and posting.

Parski kan share et post ban zafer emotionel, maladi la pou gueri! Rapel bien! Ena dimoune souffer sitan depi gaz ki kan zot largue ene long pete, souvan lot zafer la oussi desann! Akoz sa ki ou truv boukou dimoune p marse karte....

So please, in order to save the environment and stop all this gas pollution, copy/paste and share. Don't forget to write "Done" in the comment, parski sa "Done" la ki pou bousse so trou kanaka, ok? 

Show that you care, malgre ki kan ou dan ene lift, et ene macro in largue ene zafer silencier, li guet ou kouma dire ou ki in largue sa! Malelve la! Sel facon pou aret sa et gueri pov diab la so gaz, copy/paste et ekrir "Done" dan comments, ok?

Jeudi 25 Mai 2023

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