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[Paul Lismore] The crazy world we live in..

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 8 Décembre 2021

There is a photo depicting Joanna Berenger and a child hugging a massive tree, with the caption " Sak pie ena ene zistoire pou rakonte", with the rider that people who "ekut bien" will be able to hear the story....

Yes folks, that is all that we need in our lives, and Planet Earth will be fine then. We should all give up work for the day and hug a tree, whether the tree likes it or not. Shall I tell her that she is 100% right, and that in fact I have thrown out all my radios/music tapes, because if I want to hear a lovely Mohamed Rafi song, all that I have to do is sit under mo pied leksi, and Rafi will sing to me all the beautiful songs in his repertoire... Hellooooo, is there a psychiatrist in the house, I ask myself....

Then we have the "Chatwa of the year contest" run by Starter Pack Moris, who has accurately defined a chatwa as " bann ki contan souss politicien pou gagne enn lavatanz", also known as "roder boutt, sousser mayo". We all know that Mauritius has many, many chatwas, unfortunately...

One of the many buffoons competing for that title is someone called Ally Royals. Pray tell me, who the fuck is "Ally Royals"? Is he one of these so-called "influencers" that most sane people have never heard of? Please do something nice for humanity, and get the sad people who are 'influenced' by idiots like him to seek urgent psychiatric treatment. Their cases are so urgent that even a fouka like Jagutpal might be able to help them.....

Then we have Pravind Jugnauth suddenly getting the urge to be like JR Ewing, and thinking of changing the name of Angus Road to Southfork Ranch, of TV programme "Dallas" fame...He wants to start selling contracts for mercenaries to dig into our pristine blue Indian Ocean and perhaps turn it a Wakasho black, as long as plenty of pitaye comes his way.

This week, Transparency International is asking for an inquiry into the role played by Prime Minister Macky Sall of Senegal, his brother Aliou Sall, and the son of the former President in a $10 billion bribe scandal involving contracts for off shore oil exploration and exploitation. History tells us that the oil curse will hit Mauritius too, and the rich and powerful will make huge fortunes whilst the poor won't even see a trickle of that wealth reaching them. Watch the BBC video on what oil has really meant to the people of Africa especially....and how judges invariably side with the rich and corrupt.

But back to the Chatwa of the Year competition. As far as I am concerned, there can be only one winner: A man who has no bearing at all for the high office he holds, whose clothes never fit him and look like they were bought from a colporteur, and whose face looks remarkably like a gato brinzel. He is apparently the President of Mauritius, and has proven to be by far the worst President in our history.

You would think that a fat individual with a big stomach would find it hard to move too rapidly, but he surprised all of us with his Olympics Sprinter speed when, even laid low with Covid, he signed the most reactionary and repressive legislation in our recent history in record time. Usain Bolt in gagne so mari!
Yes, President Baigan should be honoured with the title "Chatwa of the Year". No one else deserves the title more than him. 

He is sitting at the top of the Mauritian tree and many of us are surprised that the tree has not entered his ample buttocks yet...

One can only hope that Joanna Berenger has more sense than  trying to hug that particular tree. She ought to know that the farts after eating gato brinzel really stink...


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Mercredi 8 Décembre 2021

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