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[Paul Lismore] The circus is back in town !

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 24 Novembre 2020

Yes people, get ready for the greatest show on earth later on today, straight from what they call the " National Assembly", also known as " The Big Top".

The starring role will as usual be " The Hurler", quaintly known as " The Speaker". Clowns in real circuses pad their clothes to make them look like they have a big stomach, but our Hurler comes with a natural huge belly. 

Oh how he makes us laugh when he pushes that big belly forward and pretends to be a bouncer in a back street club who orders people out, or as he calls it, to "walk out"! The man is a walking burlesque show, a buffoon with no social skills and no mastery of the language he likes to use to yell at people. He is such a buffoon that he does not realise that "loudspeaker" is a term of insult directed at him personally, and rather weirdly, he often uses it himself to show what a grotesque specimen he really is...

He is a clown who makes us laugh not at his "jokes" but because he is so grotesque; a mountebank, a quack, a fraud, an impostor, a harlequin, a charlatan who really believes that being Speaker makes him an Honorary member of the party he supports in Parliament, and which he must defend at all costs.

He is the world's best goalkeeper, who does acrobatics not on the playing field but in the Sacred House of our democracy. Any question that embarrasses the Prime Minister will be deemed unacceptable by the clown, rather like a very biased judge who will often stop the prosecutor from even initiating a case to show the guilt of the defendant. 

In our wonderful creole language, we often accuse henpecked husbands of " To p kassiett en ba zip to fam!" In our National Assembly, we have a big, fat man with no manners often telling the Prime Minister: " Guet kouma mo lev mo zip pou to ressi kassiett la! Tan ki mo la, na pa peur Pravind!"

Mardi 24 Novembre 2020

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