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[Paul Lismore] The brave journalists of 1984 have been replaced by arrogant, selfish zourlanus...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 22 Novembre 2021

Always when the Jugs are in power....They simply cannot control their repressive tendencies and, as far as they are concerned, the only people allowed a voice are the constipated parrots programmed to repeat ad infinitum " Mo ene patriote, Pravind nou le roi, gouvernman la bien bon", and other such preprogrammed garbage.

In the Jugnauth DNA, there are only 2 groups of people in Mauritius, "Nou bann" and "Bann la". "Nou bann" membership allows you to rob taxpayers' money whenever you want to, either through commissions on corrupt contracts, or on the extravagant, quite immoral salaries/privileges/entitlements and allowances that an idiotic Prime Minister with the mentality of a spoilt brat gives to his bann of peculiar idiots, even when they are woefully unqualified for the jobs they have been nominated to.

One prime example of how absence of any meaningful qualification is absolutely no handicap to you being nominated by a quite stupid PM to a position of high responsibility which demands a high degree of ethics and integrity is the Chairmanship of the Independent Broadcasting Authority. Only in Mauritius do we have a taxi driver as Chairman of the body that is required by law to monitor and regulate all the broadcasting services, but which rarely does so.

The IBA belongs to that incredibly rare group of arrogant, wilfully blind bastards who never see anything wrong with the most mismanaged, biased, unprofessional organisation known as the MBC. The IBA, chaired by a taxi driver, and the MBC led by a whisky thief with a SC Grade 3 as the height of his academic achievement, and both organisations as corrupt if not more corrupt than the many corrupt institutions in our so called democracy.

Before I explain the title of this post re journalists and zourlanus, let me introduce you to the pathetic individuals in charge of the "Independent (!!) Broadcasting Authority:

1/ The chairman is someone called Bhooneswar Rajkumarsingh, whose 2 areas of expertise are in taxis, and the compulsion to say "Oui, madame" to she who must be obeyed in la cuisine. In other words, an arse licking neanderthal.

2/3/4/5: Satydanand Aujeet, Mrs Kushmuda Fulena-Boodhoo, Anirood Pursonon, Sohun Neerunjun: all are Permanent Secretaries who have been well trained in the Prime Minister's Office.

6/ Nalini Luckheenarain, permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Bad Arts and terrible Misculture.

7/ Sachin Jootun,  an idiot who used to make mediocre little films for the MSM and who now considers himself to be our Steven Spielberg. Has made an absolute fortune in per diem, the so called Film Rebate Scheme that has swallowed hundreds of millions of our rupees, and has travelled around the world at our expense, all approved of course by le ti cretin.

8/  Dick, Fu Man Chu, a mediocre zavoka who is also chairman of another branch of la cuisine, known as ICTA.

9/ Last but not least, the man who is on more boards than we have had hot dinners, our lovely Solicitor General, Dhiren Dabee. Sorry, I should have put his tin medal next to his name, the GCSK that is given as reward to the most prodigious arse licker of ALL our Prime Ministers. Dabee has been and remains on the Board of so many malfunctioning parastatals and various institutions that one wonders whether incompetence and arse licking are the only requirements for those nominations...Still, the minimum  Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000 that each nomination brings him must help to supplement his already huge salary as Solicitor General...and might explain why so many of our laws are so badly drafted if he spends all his time trying to look important on Boards that are now the enemy of the people.

As you can see, all these individuals owe their nominations to Pravind Jugnauth, and you are going to tell me that the IBA deserves the "Independent" in its name?

Never mind Pravind Jugnauth! What about the PTr, the MMM, the PMSD, and all those pestilential little bastards who keep telling us they will 'gouverner autrement'? How come they never, ever tell us what they will do to change such a rotten, corrupt system? 

The IBA Amendment Bill will be "debated" in the far from "August" National Assembly tomorrow, and the result is a foregone conclusion: All the arse licking plebs on the government side will vote it through, because they are now so subservient and so lacking in independence and personality that they would no doubt vote on a motion of le jeune et dynamique Pravind Jugnauth for them to eat shit in public whilst saying "Pravind nou le roi!"

In 1984, SAJ came up with his equally repressive Newspaper and Periodicals Amendment Bill, which required newspapers to deposit large amounts of money (Rs 500,000 in those days...) in order to be allowed to publish. 44 journalists were arrested and detained for 4 hours following their sit-in protest against that latest attempt by Jugs senior at dictatorship. That nasty amendment was repealed in 1985, largely due to the efforts of the decent journalists in our press at that time.

In 2021, we have a press populated largely by zourlanus whose aim in life is two fold: 1/ lick the arse of any passing politician and 2/ Taste enough shit from the politician's arse for the latter to make you his/her press adviser/secretary sipaki. All that our zourlanus do these days is to try to convince their little army of "fans" how wonderful they are, how they are lovely caring/sharing individuals, and making sure to mention "deontolozi" and "ethics" about once every few months....2 concepts that are quite alien to most of them. 

In 2021, the new IBA amendment will ensure that only radio stations that love to sniff Pravind's rectum will be allowed to function. The few that tell the news as it is or which adopt a critical view of the way we are governed will have to face a whole battery of the most repressive, authoritarian, immoral 'legal' hurdles imaginable. It is quite clear that this amendment is designed to crucify Top fm, same as the Cybercrime Bill was designed not to catch the perverts and the psychopathic misogynists online, but to try to stop people like me from exposing and mocking the activities of those bastards.

Will our few journalists and the many zourlanus hold a sit-in tomorrow to defend the interests of their colleagues working in radio stations? I really hope so, but reality tells me that it is unlikely to happen. 
To paraphrase Pastor Niemoller's famous lament about the Holocaust:

"First, they came for the internet people
And I did not speak out
Because I am a zourlanus and far better than these internet people.
Then they came for the whistleblowers
And I did not speak out,
Because as Zourlanus, I prefer to write about "jambes en l'air".
Then they came for the radio people
And I did nothing
Because as zourlanus, I am better than people on radio.
Then they came for me,
And there was no one left to speak for me,
Even though the victim now is the wonderful zourlanus that I know I am!"

Lundi 22 Novembre 2021

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Mrs Kushmuda Fulena-Boodhoo, Principal Information Officer, Government Information Service, Prime Minister's Office, not Permanent Secretary

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