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[Paul Lismore] The barbarians leading this wonderful island into the gates of hell

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 2 Octobre 2022

So many bad things have happened since 2014 that one has become almost immune to the litany of horrendous scandals that has befallen this island: we have seen the theft of public money on a scale we have never experienced before, and corruption so endemic that no institution has been spared.

We now have individuals masquerading as representatives of the many religions on this island, when really, no God would ever allow these disgusting people within a mile of Him; we now have a police force that acts more like an army of occupation under the leadership of vile and thoroughly corrupt politicians, instead of being at the service of the people; we now live on an island where the only God that seems to matter to a disquietingly large number of people is Mammon, and who therefore worship only money, especially if it is dirty and polluted with corruption.

Remember what Jesus said about Mammon? Most people have forgotten, unfortunately, especially the sociocultchurels..." No man can serve two masters: for either he. will hate the one, and love the other; or else, he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon."

How did we ever get to this terrible and morally moribund state of affairs? How can people so bereft of their inner soul and of the integrity and moral compass that should guide them, now find happiness in selling what remains of their souls to people who have stolen billions of rupees from the people of this island? 

Let me give you some of the major examples of unspeakable offences committed by the thugs in power:

1/ The theft of ALL of the assets of one man, Dawood Rawat, and selling them off incredibly cheaply to those whose souls departed from their repugnant hearts a long time ago....all this heinous activity aided and abetted by our so called free and independent press , whose zourlanus would never be able to know the difference between a Ponzi and a pizza...

2/ The theft of billions of our rupees in purchasing from thieves "medication" for Covid ...and in a sure sign of extracting all the oxygen that we need to breathe, buying ventilators that refuse to ventilate even if you shove a fully charged battery up their arses.  

3/ The theft of billions of our rupees stolen from contracts that could only have been drafted by absolute idiots and individuals acting in full cooperation with the thieves. The procurement officers who refuse to play that dirty game? Well, murder them, get rid of all the CCTV evidence, and get some corrupt, useless doctor to say that it was suicide...

4/ If your own agent decides to reveal the huge amount of dirty money that funded your "victory" at a general election considered by many to have been stolen, the answer is simple: murder him, set fire to his corpse, fry up all the CCTV evidence, and then get your wonderful doctor and even more amazing police to claim that it was suicide. And when a judicial inquiry shows that it was not suicide but murder, do nothing when the police under your authority does absolutely fuck all to investigate properly....esp as you know that the wonderful DPP office will also claim amnesia when it comes to this case...

5/ Yesterday, we saw compelling evidence that the Gates of Hell have indeed been breached, when some psychopaths bribed some idiots to strew a huge amount of nails and other sharp objects on our Champs de Mars. The clear intention of course was to create enough carnage of jockeys and horses for people to then hastily conclude that the MTC, a 200 year old organisation, cannot be trusted to organise horse races, and that one vile individual and his rapidly growing army of chamchas and seasoned arse lickers should have full control of the Champs de Mars instead.

The Gates of Hell  would indeed be blown wide open when that fat face, lard arse, cavernous mouth zombie  gets full control of horse racing on behalf of his sociopathic Lord and Master. And the GRA, HRD, la kwizinne will continue to bend down in front of Li Ki and ask gently, " all in, my Lord?"

6/ But it is the shameless hypocrisy that eats away at our sense of morality and any respect for those in public life. Many of us are asking a simple question: Why is there a need for judges, for courts of justice, for even the police, when Pravind Jugnauth can reveal to the public, in clear contempt of court, his absolute conviction that Akil Bissessur is guilty of drug offences. Never mind that most right thinking people know, from the evidence disclosed so far, that the drugs did not belong to him, to put it mildly. But our Prime Minister tells us that he has a radar, which obviously functions as well as the one for the Meteo which makes people look forward to sunshine when the meteo tells us it is going to be a rainy day...

Yesterday, he again showed his cowardice by talking about Adrien Duval's little escapade. But Pravind was right when he said that Adrien should have at least apologised and showed some concern for the victim, which he apparently didn't. Yes, he was right on that.

But if he wants to talk about car accidents even when the parties involved have not been fully interviewed, why doesn't he, in the name of balance and fair play, mention Jean Toussaint Inaf, another pedestrian victim of stupid car drivers? Has he forgotten that le jeune et dynamique one was driving the car, Volkswagen Gold 711 MR 96, which ran over the poor man and killed him in 1996? Would he care to tell us why this case received almost a complete silent treatment from our "free and independent" press? Remember it was I who broke the story of the DPP's daughter driving whilst pissed up and crashing her car... We have not heard any more about that case, same as the death caused by the car Pravind Jugnauth was driving received suspiciously hardly any press coverage, and has been completely forgotten by our zourlanus...

Yes, people, we are being led through the Gates of Hell by the worst bunch of thugs in our history. Previous governments were bad too, but this lot has provided a benchmark for corruption, crime, and theft that even Bokassa and other African dictators could only marvel at and feel envious about. 

Dimanche 2 Octobre 2022

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