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[Paul Lismore] The ballad of Franklin and Rashid (Ashit)

Rédigé par E. Moris le Jeudi 15 Décembre 2022

[Paul Lismore] The ballad of Franklin and Rashid (Ashit)
Professionals in the law and order business, esp the drugs trade, will tell you that it has always been the case that the bigger you are as a drug dealer, the higher the chances that the police will allow you to conduct your business as long as 1/ you share some of the proceeds with the gablous 2/ You inform on your competitors and 3/ You help the police to stitch up/frame entirely innocent people by providing corrupt police with drugs that appear as if by magic in their homes.

Let me remind you of what Bruneau Laurette said in public on 2nd November: around 40 kilos of drugs came into Riviere Noire and mentioned a black Range Rover. We all know how around the same amount of drugs, together with some toukmaria and 2 fizi dilo were found in Brino's car and house 2 days later..Brino had mentioned Rashid (Ashit) and Franklin...

Around the same time, Franklin's black Range Rover was stopped on Royal Road, la Prairie, and he and his girlfriend were arrested and searched. Rs 525,000 in cash were found in the car, and both were taken to Chemin Grenier ADSU office for "inquiry". His house was subsequently searched and nothing incriminating was found. He was charged only with failure to produce a driving licence and no insurance vignette. No charges of money laundering, because Franklin told the gablous that Rs 525,000 were the takings from his supermarket and fishmonger's business for that day....

This is where it gets weird: the photos I have seen of the money being counted by the police were taken in his house and not at the police station! So, was the money the daily takings from his "business" in his car? or was it money in his house?

Anyway, back to the lovely love affair between Franklin and Rashid (Ashit)...Rama Valayden has already referred to a Mr F, as kingpin of the drugs industry in the West of Mauritius. Despite ostentatious signs of wealth that are hard to justify, Franklin appears not to have ever been seriously bothered by ICAC or by the Special Shit Team.

As he is apparently a rich man, Franklin owns a seaside bungalow...which is often visited by Rashid (Ashit) and the Shits in his team. A wonderful time is often had by all these lovely people in a bungalow owned by apparently the biggest drugs lord in the West of Moriste....

Finally, a reliable source has told me that the drugs planted at Brino's place is Black Mamba which is so “périmé” that it can’t be sold on the market.... apparently, they are so useless that if you want a kick, it would be far better for you to bang your head against the wall than to smoke that shit.... Then the Black Mamba "hashish" got mixed with a bit of real hashish, to give it some authenticity I suppose, and the FSL will probably reveal it as containing traces of haschich...which means the real value of the "hashish" in Brino's car may be less than Rs 10,000. Not the 200+ millions rupees that Coota from Casernes and the Shit team have been poisoning people's minds with, and faithfully vomited by zourlanus of our "free and independent press".

People have this quaint idea that "informants" come from the lowest of the low, the drug addict needing his daily fix. The reality is that the higher you are in the drug trade, the higher the chances of you being an informant to the police. 

Ask yourself this simple question: We all know at least one major drugs dealer in our towns or villages. How come they never get arrested? or if they doi get arrested, it will be for something trivial... 
Do you now understand why the major drug dealers become ultra rich? Because they enjoy first class protection by the police, and in return, they give part of the proceeds of their crimes to the same police officers. 

That is the basis of the relationship between Franklin and Rashid (Ashit)....And that is why the so-called fight against drugs in Mauritius is a lost cause....

p.s.I forgot to tell you about how 5 guns were found in Beau Songes but the Shit Team convinced their brothers at Rose Hill to declare only 3....

Jeudi 15 Décembre 2022

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