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[Paul Lismore] The absolute contempt and disrespect to our Etat de droit of a chef d'Etat and an ex chief judge

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 5 Janvier 2023

[Paul Lismore] The absolute contempt and disrespect to our Etat de droit of a chef d'Etat and an ex chief judge
I did tell you that 2023 will be even worse than 2022. No sooner had it started that some totally unaccountable body of sycophants decided that they are better and more powerful than the highest legal authority in our island, the Supreme Court, and the Privy Council.

Yes, I am referring to that disgraceful thing called la "commission de pourvoi en grace", a parasitical entity created by SAJ and tolerated by politicians of ALL parties to ensure that their "bann" never spend even one day in prison. It has now reached a stage where you have to be the most stupid and dumbest chatwa to spend even one hour in prison before a ridiculous President obeys the diktat of the worst Prime Minister in our history and sets you free...Even when all the courts of the land have found you guilty and dismissed your appeals with the contempt that they deserve....

DIP C.P v The State

Let me first of all introduce you to the only 2 members of that sinister Commission de pourvoi en grace that I am aware of. There may be others but the whole thing is shrouded in such secrecy and an almost incestuous mystery that no one knows who they are. First of all, hands up anyone who has ever heard of a zavoka called Shadmeenee Mootien? No one? Well, she sits on that disgraceful commission, and decides with others which verdict and sentence of all our judges, including the Chief Judge and the Privy Council, need to be overturned and replaced with a "pardon" by someone I nicknamed President Baigan... because he looks like one and has less intelligence than a gato brinzel...

The Chairman of the commission is an ex Chief Judge called Kishore Parsad Matadeen who holds the dubious distinction of having by far the most Supreme Court judgements overturned by the Privy Council! Kishore Parsad (KP, as in KP Nuts..) is loved by the MSM, esp by PK Jugnauth, and used to be appointed together with Asraf Caunhye to sit on appeals involving government members. You do remember the Supreme Court judgement of those two in the Medpoint affair don't you? A judgement that led to Roshi Bhadain almost ejaculating when he kissed Pi Ke's hand....

The taxpayer does not know anything about the pay, allowances, entitlements of the members of that disgraceful Commission. But you can bet your last rupee that they will be handsomely rewarded for being "nice" to the criminal relatives of politicians and their chatwas...

It was the same when Victor Glover was the ex Chief Judge in charge of the disgraceful Commission de pourvoi en grace. One must never forget the substantial number of judges, magistrates, and zavokas ti kalson ki ti p servi puri et 7 carris dan mariaz PK....That shameful act of subservience in itself should tell you all that you need to know about the "independence" of the judiciary... 

Everyone seems to have forgotten that the man with diluil dan zorey, Bissoon Mungroo, valet of SAJ, was sentenced to 9 months imprisonment for fraud in the late eighties and despite losing his appeal at the Privy Council, managed somehow TO NOT SPEND EVEN ONE DAY IN PRISON! How could that be possible?

Esp after the Privy Council had concluded that  Mungroo "should serve a sentence which he richly deserved". The answer is: The disgraceful Commission de Pourvoi en grace, which pissed on the wisdom of all the eminent judges of the Privy Council!

The other things that Lepep Kouyon seems to have forgotten regarding Dipshit's son: It is not only the Rs 3 millions fraud at Barclays Bank that concerns him. Last year, " Mohammad Younousse Katoaroo était accusé d’avoir reçu Rs 8 millions de Muhammad Saif-Ullah Maulaboksh, Darmendra Mulloo et Chandra Prakashsingh Dip. Cette somme provenait d’une fraude commise au préjudice de l’ex-Bramer Banking Corporation Ltd à Port-Louis.

But it gets worse, folks! " Avinash Chandraprakash Dip est le présumé cerveau d’une grosse affaire de fraude d’un montant de plus de Rs 80 millions. Sa mère et lui, ainsi que plusieurs autres personnes, ont été arrêtés." As far as I know, the case against the Dip brat is still ongoing.

Alor, dire moi dan ki ggt pays nou ete kot ene ti macro grannwar pardonne par ene gato brinzel mal kuit, malgre ki li fek apply pou al Privy Council pou meme case ki sa ban ggt la in fek pardonne li? Blier gato brinzel mal cuit! Ki kalite ggt pays sa kot ene ex sef ziz pa kone ki sa ti ggt ki li p pardonne 1/ p dimane pou al Privy Council pou meme case 2/ Ena case fraud de Rs 80 millions kont li ki enkor actif?

In ler pou ban vrai demokrates, ban ki vreman koir dan ene etat de droit kot tou dimoune zot kk senti meme pi, pou koumans dimande ki bizin eklate sa disgraceful Commission de pourvoi en grace, parski it is an insult to any notion of the Rule of Law. 

Lire zizman Chef Juge Rehana Mungly Gulbul lor case Dipshit so garcon saint, lor application pou al Privy Council. Sef Ziz dire li pa truv "No merit whatsoever" dan sa application.

 Moins ki 1 mois apre, ene zavoka ki zamai dimoune in tann so nom et ene ex sef ziz ki sitan inconpetan ki li ena rekor pou plis zizman kasse par Privy Council, decide ki zot konne pli bien.

Ala lil Moriste dozourdui! Kot gopia p vire tou enbalao, et malgre sa, pou ena soucerres et chatwas ki pou krier, " Gato brinzel la bon!

Jeudi 5 Janvier 2023

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