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[Paul Lismore] The "Vaish" myth is a myth peddled by zourlanus and idiots

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 18 Octobre 2021

You have all heard the lie that has been perpetrated since independence by zourlanus, useless politicians out for a cheap vote, and idiots with nothing better to do than to repeat the lie, simply because " Mo ti lire sa dan zournal" or " Mo ti truv sa online".

The reality is quite different, and when one looks at the nominations by successive Prime Ministers of people to posts of great importance and which command big money and plenty of opportunity for making much more through bribery, corruption, and "commissions", you will find that the so called Vaish come a long way behind those who take great pride in calling themselves "Baboujee'' or "Maraz". Since 2014, Tamils/Telegus/Marathis/Raviveds/Rajputs etc appear to have bagged many more nominations/promotions, etc than the much maligned Vaish...or any other community.

Next time an idiot mentions "Vaish" to you, ask him 2 questions: 1/ Name one constituency that has a Vaish majority (answer: NONE), 2/ Si Vaish fer zis 20% popilation, eski le res 80% popilation sitan kouyon ki zot soi dizan kontinier vote Vaish?

Now, I don't profess to be an expert in the caste system as, despite being a Hindu, I find nothing to be more "unHindu" than the self-serving, arbitrary stratification of followers of a religion in terms of social status. I find nothing more blasphemous than the delusion that your shit smells nicer than those of people praying to the same Gods, simply because of an accident of birth which has classified you in a system that is corrupt to the core, and which often sees individuals "jumping" caste in order to appear more "important".

When you die, I doubt very much that a benevolent God will give you the special treatment that you expect and demand on earth. I have faith that God has a great sense of humour, and therefore He/She will insist that you are put in the same room as those who share your delusion so that you can bore each other to death with tales of your importance....

I will not bore you with various names and various departments where the nominees who believe their shit smell nice have made it their duty to only employ/promote/nominate other individuals who share the same religion or caste. I saw an article in Sunday Times about the Financial Services Commission with the rather confusing title, " FSC : Une politique castéiste dénoncée", and I bet you many people reading it would have jumped to the conclusion that it is referring to the so called Vaish. 

"« Actuellement à la FSC, vous êtes mis à l’écart au cas où vous ne faites pas partie de la même caste que le grand patron », fulminent des employés mécontents", thunders the Sunday Times. All that is of course true, but journalistic precision and ethics demanded more details about the idiot who, through his actions, really believes his shit smells nice.

Let me give you the details: Vikash Thakoor was nominated by the Gruesome Twosome Ti Cretin/Padaleksi as CEO of the FSC mid 2020, and has excelled in showing us how stupidity really knows no barriers. Someone must have told him that he is a "Baboojee", because it is quite inconceivable that he would have shot out of his mother's womb screaming " Mo ene baboojee, moi! Ar nou non!". So, armed with the knowledge that his Baboojee status has somehow sprayed Chanel number 5 on his shit, he now seems intent on appointing only Baboojis to the top jobs in FSC, Here are some names:

1/ Head of IT :Jaddoo -  a Baboojee ; 
2/ Head of Communications : Takoochand - another baboojee, of course ; 
3/ Head of the Centre for Regional Excellence(haha!) : Kirtee, who joined on a 3 year contract, but is now being offered a pensionable position with a pay package of around Rs 250,000 per month, without the post being advertised... Kirtee apparently makes lovely Kichree which she shares with the CEO in his office every day or in her own office with large settees... Apparently, a Keswaree(also a Babooji) is also extremely close to the CEO, but mo pa koner ki menu li amener li...

Our Kichree girl used to be extra friendly with Padaleksi too, but the poor, overworked idiot now has his hands full with Shalini/Pauline/Miou Miou/etc...Dunno if Miou Miou purrs when Pada strokes la chatte or not....  

Guess who is a frequent visitor to the FSC these days? Krit Manohur, close friend of CEO Thakoor, and who has been offered VIP parking. I don't know if Manohur is Baboojee or not, but we all know that he is a long standing member of the bunch of mercenary cunts known as the Voice of Hindu.

Although the Sunday Times does not mention it, one can assume that it has a Muslim victim in mind. Yes, there is one: Shamina Neetoo was Head of International Relations/Communications until Thakoor decided to split her department into 2. She now has only 2 members of staff as opposed to the 7 that she used to have. No doubt, another Baboojee is lurking in the corner waiting to pounce on another Thakoor's Baboojee reserved place...

Finally, in the Baboojee jamboree known as the FSC, external auditors have uncovered a caisse noire of around USD 500,000, which remains unaccountable so far....that would apparently explain why the Annual report for last year hasn't been made public yet, and even this year's report is behind schedule.
Trou de 500,000 US dollars? Mari gro trou sa! Kichree in vine cher kumsa, do? 

Lundi 18 Octobre 2021

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