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[Paul Lismore] The Opposition should forget the National Assembly and address the people directly

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 9 Avril 2021

I saw a video by Shakeel Mohamed yesterday and the thought struck me: why waste time, effort and energy in a National Assembly that is no longer the seat of our parliamentary democracy, and which has now become a rocambolesque, wacky circus where clowns and idiots compete with each other to show who loves the chief clown the most?

Why not address the people directly in videos and in a language that they all understand? Why subject yourself to the vagaries and oddities of a Speaker who believes he is some sort of bouncer whose only role is to protect and defend recalcitrant kids? Why make yourselves the victims of a drunkard and a bully whose ignorance of the rules of fair play and independence are often overtaken by his incredible stupidity and obsession to act like a tapeur cartron?

That video of Shakeel Mohamed, apart from highlighting his hitherto hidden and  excellent skills as an impersonator, has shown us the things that can be achieved by the opposition if it really wants to connect with the population.

He was not constrained by Standing Orders way past their sell by date, or worse, a stupid Speaker showing his ignorance and incurably bad manners by constantly interrupting anyone from the opposition. He could say things that the pompous arseholes in the National Assembly would pretend are "unparliamentary", and he could hit his opponents with both barrels without being told by the fat oaf to "withdraw" or "I order you out!".

History has shown us that the pattern of asking a question which is followed by 20 minutes of irrelevant and uninterrupted verbal diarrhoea is a complete waste of time.

The reality is too obvious: the government, i.e. la cuisine has not only captured all our institutions and made them unofficial branches of the Sun Trust, but has also turned our National Assembly into a circus where questions are never answered and the truth is always concealed. And chaired by someone who might have been good as a tin pot dictator working as a sirdar pou fer missier la plezir, but who is as useful as a Speaker as a one legged man in an arse kicking competition....

So my advice to the opposition is this: Forget about the National Assembly, and attend only to stop the bastards trying to change the constitution. Do videos instead, and address the people directly. But please, don't do those long, interminable videos that only the fanatical supporters will watch. Do short, five minute videos on one topic at a time. And use the same sort of language, demeanour, and perhaps humour that Shakeel Mohamed did in his video. 

Lepep relates to these videos far better than having to endure watching a lunatic Speaker ordering you out, or worse, a ti cretin showing his little Hitler traits by asking for his opponents to be kicked out for as long as possible.

No one can touch you or your videos. No stupid Standing Orders, no useless Speaker, no "withdraw!", no "I order you out!".. And best of all, you won't have to look at the la guele vier sousoute of the Attorney General, or the fat faces of the dimwits on the back benches.

It would be a nice way for the opposition to tell the ti cretin and his slaves, including the Speaker: Garde to ggtri National Assembly pou toi. Nou prefer koz ar lepep direkteman aster! Biento, Lepep pou order you out, ban fatras!

This is Shakeel squeezing his buttocks cheeks and doing a Jagutpal...

Crédit vidéo : Paul Lismore/Shakeel Mohamed

Vendredi 9 Avril 2021

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