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[Paul Lismore] The Opposition foolishly continues to believe that the next elections will be clean...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 18 Septembre 2022

Four days ago, I wrote an article entitled, " WHY PRAVIND JUGNAUTH'S MSM STANDS A GOOD CHANCE OF WINNING THE NEXT ELECTIONS.... I tried to explain how irrespective of the huge number of scandals surrounding this government, and even if the opposition conducts a brilliant electoral campaign, the chances of another MSM victory remain possible. Why? Because the opposition adamantly and very stupidly refuses to face the reality: that nothing has changed at the Electoral Commission, and the Electoral Services Commission remains a den of MSM appointees/nominations/chatwas who are there simply to make sure that their Lord and master remains as PM after the next elections.

So, what makes the opposition believe that the dirty tricks of the 2019 campaign have not been perfected and refined for the 2024 campaign? What makes it delude itself into thinking that the dead won't wake up and vote, that people who were convinced they had registered themselves as electors will see that their names do not exist on the electoral register and therefore cannot vote, that Bangla Deshis might make all the difference between victory and loss in a few constituencies, that some sinister I.T. shenanigans with the mysterious computers will not turn victory into defeat and vice versa, that private lorries will not be used for the transportation of ballot boxes? That fake videos of either the bhai lookhe type or manufactured fake videos will not flood online? That Facebook, with its Mauritian "administrators", will not block the accounts of anyone perceived to be a critic of the government and thereby let the trolls/the pagla mamous/ the chatwas have a field day with their poisonous, nasty, propagandist nonsense?

L'Express yesterday reported that "  Il y a quelques mois, nous avons reçu la visite d’agents électoraux à domicile qui s’assurent que tous les Mauriciens en âge de voter sont inscrits au registre électoral. Or, depuis peu, nombreux sont surpris, en vérifiant le système par SMS, de constater que leur nom ne figure pas au registre ou que leurs données sont erronées..... Kaviraj, habitant de Camp-Thorel, en vérifiant ses données, il constate que tout est conforme, sauf son nom. Il ne comprend pas pourquoi, ni comment cette erreur s’est produite.  d’autres personnes ont rencontré le même problème, soit le nom de l’école où elles doivent aller voter est différent, soit leur nom n’est pas correctement écrit..... Pascal Bestel est choqué par l’information reçue en vérifiant le système par SMS. Grande sera sa surprise en voyant qu’il n’est pas inscrit au registre électoral. «Je suis inscrit à Curepipe depuis 2011 et avant à Flacq, Pamplemousses et Moka. Les agents sont passés, ils ont enregistré mes données et j’ai même insisté pour qu’ils écrivent au stylo et pas au crayon car oui, ils notaient mes informations au crayon. C’est leur tactique systématiquement. En appelant la hotline, on me répond avec certitude que mon nom apparaît sur la liste, au bon endroit, mais je ne peux pas le vérifier», déplore ce dernier."

Have you heard any opposition party members urge people to ensure that their names have been correctly entered in the electoral register? I haven't. I have seen Bruneau Laurette and Ivan Bibi do it on a regular basis, and full praise to them.

The sooner the opposition understands that organising large public meetings with all sorts of arse lickers praising you does not and will not guarantee you electoral victory.  Things have changed and the major factor in our elections now is simply this: Will the electoral commissioner live up to his constitutional responsibilities and ensure that the elections are indeed free and fair? Will he ensure true transparency in the electoral process, and this time make sure that every major party has a right to see exactly what those computers do from start to finish?

It is pointless urging the Electoral Services Commission to do anything, because they have been programmed to do as they are told. The Constitution does not matter to them, ethics and principles are strange and weird concepts to them. The only thing that matters to them is complete obedience to He (and She, especially) who must be obeyed, and who nominated them with the help of President Baigan.
All the other "Independent" bodies will continue to show us how they are everything but independent. The IBA, ICAC, MBC, ICTA, etc will all do exactly what their Supreme boss tell they have been doing in their miserable existence for the last decade.

So, what will the opposition do? Nothing but hope for the best? This is precisely what it did in 2019 and we all know what happened when the results were declared.

p.s. At last, an opposition leader is talking about our electoral problems. Navin Ramgoolam today at Kewal Nagar:

Dimanche 18 Septembre 2022

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