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[Paul Lismore] The Jugnauths : Proof positive that some people will always find a trip from the toilets to a pik latrine as a sign of progress...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 20 Septembre 2021

Ki reste pou sa ban bandits la akapare enkor plis? Zot in fini pran tou nou institutions ki soi dizan independent et nomme zot krapo ladan. Meme la Bank de Moriste pa in saper ar zot, kot zot in nomme 3 momi ki in aprane par ker kouma pou dire , "Oui missier, Li bon la, oussa mo bizin verse ene ti p plis? Seki ou dire, sa meme!".

Li vreman inpossib pou nomme ene institution ki pa in sape depi la main sale ene ti cretin ki ena ene sel lanbition: res o pouvoir par ninporte ki moyen possib pou kumsa zamai pou ena lenket lor kouma ene cretin kumsa in vine multi milliarder.

Ban position soi dizan constitutionel et alor conpleteman independan p apendan en ba graines ene ti cretin et so la cuisine ki renpli ar manze enpoizonne: Komisser de police, Komisser elektoral, Speaker, Attorney General/Solicitor General, President nou repiblik, certains ziz, etc etc: zot tou, c ban apprenti la cuisine ki pena oken notion de zot role constitutionel kom serviteur Lepep et pa esklav ene group bandits o pouvoir. 

The latest example of this violent rape of our institutions is depicted in the proposed changes to what should be the most sacred component of our democracy: the institution that monitors, supervises, and "assists in conducting free and fair elections in Mauritius": the Electoral Services Commission (ESC) and its identical twin as they have the same members, the Electoral Boundaries Commission( EBC).

According to the bullshit on its website, both Commissions consist " of a Chairman and, not less than two and not more than seven other members appointed by the President, acting after consultation with the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition and such other persons as appear to the President, acting in his own deliberate judgement, to be leaders of parties in the Assembly."

Why bullshit? Because we have a President of the Republic, a real Brinzel who has not read that bit I have just quoted and has forgotten to seek the views of ALL the other " leaders of parties in the Assembly"! Ala kouma nou institutions libre et independan vreman fonktioner! Si depi la haut net zot pourri kumsa, ki zot penser pou arrive ban lezot institutions kot le ti cretin in met tou so momi?

Let me give you some brief details about some of the members of the ESC/EBC who will tell us they will act as true patriots...First of all, two of those who come into the category of "Dear departed but unlamented", as they will be replaced.

1/ Dev Cowrea: appointed because of his socio cultural links, esp as a " ti nation".

2/ Nargis Bundhun: described by many at the Bar as " an overrated lawyer who loves money and the limelight in equal proportion". The police complaint by her neighbour against her for noise pollution has been classified "F.I.B." (File in Bin) by gablous who wear a uniform only to remind us that they are police officers...She was recently warned twice by the magistrate at the Kistnen murder inquiry for being obnoxious and, as some would say, "having a big mouth on a face that only a mum could possibly love"....She lobbied heavily to be appointed as Senior Counsel, and loves to organise dinners for judges....

Anyway, those two luminaries will be replaced by two accredited members of la cuisine, which I hope would explain the title of this post re toilet and pik latrine...

1/ Some chap called Yashvirsing Roopun who already grabs Rs 70,000 of our money on that cesspit for fraudsters known as Landscope Mauritius. He is a direct replacement of Cowrea, as he shares the so called "ti nation" status despite the rather  incongruous " Singh" in his name...

2/  Shadmeenee Mootien, who sits on the completely unaccountable Commission of the prerogative of mercy. Her father was working in the office of attorney Nunkoo, nominated as our High Commissioner in the UK since 2015, primarily because he is the first cousin of Pravind Jugnauth . The father was suspended as an officer of the Supreme Court for alleged wrongdoing, but once the MSM returned to power in 2014, he resumed his job as if by magic....

Finally, an existing member of the ESC and the EDB, Vedita (Anju) Peerun, will see her contract renewed. She is the girlfriend of that symbol of probity and integrity, Rakesh Gooljaury. I am told that in moments of passion when she shouts "Paul! Paul!", she is not thinking of me but rather of the pretty ordinary cakes sold by Paul, owned by Rakesh the swindler...

So, there you have it folks. The compulsive rapist of our institutions is at it again and is clearly preparing the grounds for another general elections marked by fraud, impersonation, Bangla Deshis voting in large numbers, computers out of nowhere and with more bugs than Covid 19, dead people rising from their graves to vote, and many living ones seeing their names disappear from the electoral registers...
Zis ban anti patriotes ki pou critik et condanne nou ti cretin!

Lundi 20 Septembre 2021

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