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[Paul Lismore] The Bank that loves to take your silver

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 17 Février 2023

[Paul Lismore] The Bank that loves to take your silver
In July 2022, the Economic Times of India wrote this about an alleged fraud of 1,438. 45 crore at the expense of the State Bank of India and 4 consortium banks including the Central Bank of India. ( A crore is roughly $ 250,000 or 10 million rupees). " The accused were identified as Suman Vijay Gupta, Director (Guarantor), Prateek Vijay Gupta, Director (Guarantor), the company M/s Ushdev International Ltd, Mumbai, and unknown public servants and unknown others."

Roll back a few months to November 2021 when our incredibly useless and corrupt Bank of Mauritius granted a Banking Licence to Silver Bank, which replaced the exotically named Banyan Tree Bank Ltd with roots so rotten that it had to be pulled down and replaced by Silver Bank. Banyan Tree Bank had lost/misplaced, could not remember where Rs 1 billion in its safes from MHC, NIC, Municipality of Curepipe, etc had gone...Sap dan karay, tonb dan di fe?

Guess who the owner of Silver Bank is? Ginny Gupta, wife of Prateek Vijay Gupta (see the 1st paragraph) owns 75% of the shares of Silver Bank and lives most of the time in luxury in Dubai. Remember Delphis Bank, where a gang of thieves in nice suits had stolen hundreds of millions of rupees? And when the Bank of Mauritius then decreed that no single individual should control the vast majority of the shares? Well, Ginny Gupta controls 75% of the shares and the buffoons at the BoM do not see anything wrong with that....

In the last fortnight, we have heard about the $577 million fraud allegedly committed by Praneek Vijay Gupta at the expense of Swiss Commodities Trading super company, Trafigura. The UK Financial Times also mentions Gupta's alleged fraud of millions of dollars at Greensill Capital which has since gone bankrupt...

Now, I am sure Ginny Gupta is a wonderful lady, attending to whatever very rich women in Dubai love spending their time doing. But if you knew her husband was suspected of so many major frauds, would you lend her five rupees and feel fully confident that you would get it back? Our useless, moronic, hugely incompetent and corrupt Bank of Mauritius does... 

Now, even the most cursory exercise of due diligence would have concluded that it simply would not be right to grant a banking licence to that outfit...But, eh, this is Mauritius, where "patriots" prove that Ramgoolam was right when he mentioned that some people are so greedy for money that you really need to boil many rupee notes and let them drink the water avan ki zot kreve...Some people are so vile that they feel they never have enough even after they have stolen billions of rupees.

Here is the background to how Silver Bank got its licence. Remember, Padaleksi was the Deputy governor of the BoM before God cursed us by making him Minister of finance, and he promptly appointed a real gro Tekwa face as the Governor of the BoM, with two really ugly marionettes as Deputies.

Picture the scene: Ene zoli lotel dan l'ouest de Moriste avek nou "Sita" et so frere Rawan p tap ene bon masse ou ene gro cigar et zot dire: "Nou bizin ene la bank kot nou kapav garde et zouer avek tou sa pitaye ki nou p fer. Banyan in mort , b anou fer nou larzan vine Silver...Li bon, li pa bon?"  Kickbacks were given to all the mousse kk who surround them, and La guele gro tekwa dire so Bon dier, Padaleksi, "oui pena problem donne so Banking licence."

Remember how the same bastards destroyed Bramer Bank by withdrawing all the government deposits? Now, they do the opposite. They "invest" huge government deposits in Silver Bank, even though there are much safer banks around. Ask yourself why....Padaleksi appointed a few of his chokras, like Ruben on the board of Silver Bank....And Issa as "consultant" on over $ 4000 monthly..He is also a member of that other useless organisation known as EDB...So, the "right" people can then get huge unsecured loans a la SBM and then disappear...or remain here, because can you see Dipshit or ICAC dickhead doing anything?

The BoM has ordered the Board of Silver Bank to its HQ today. Ki gran pake zot koir pou arive? NOTHING! Nothing will happen because if Silver Bank is sanctioned, the government will be in deep trouble because of the billions of rupees from its Contingency Funds, etc it has deposited in Silver Bank!

I earlier mentioned the Bank of Thieves, Delphis. Is it a coincidence that Delphis and Silver got their banking licences when the Jugs are in power? A banking licence is the perfect opportunity for dirty bastards to launder their ill gotten gains. When you control a bank, you get infinite possibilities to hide your dirty transactions, esp when the testicles of those in power are in your hands...

Finally, many are saying that " Ginny Gupta" is simply a prete nom...Perhaps Padaleksi could wear his best savate Dodo and tell us a bit more about that...He should know, as he is the minister of finance...Unless he too finds that having a prete nom is a wonderful way in our etat de droit pou ban voleurs kassiett tou.

Vendredi 17 Février 2023

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