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[Paul Lismore] The Avengers' 16the October demo is likely to be a failure...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 13 Septembre 2021

" Poor planning or poor execution of plans is simply to let some force other than reason shape reality."---Robert McNamara.

I am afraid sentimentality and a large measure of childish romanticism has dictated the Avengers' decision to plan their big 16th October demo in such a naive manner: that large numbers of Mauritians will gather in groups of 10 in every street of the island in order to voice their anger and disappointment at the many things that have made life very difficult for so many.

This strikes me as the sentimentality from a Bollywood movie just before the villain is smashed by the hero, and everyone starts dancing for no good reason, with a full orchestra music blasting away in the background out of nowhere....

Ki kalite scenario sa? Dan Moriste? Eoula! Mo truver kouma la plipar dimounes pou penser, " Ayo! ki voisins pou dire? Ban la pa pou aller zot! Ki nou p al fer, nou? Al diboute en place? Nou amene ene deksi pou tap taper et fer tapaz, kouma ban Anglais ti fer pou montrer zot appreciation pou ban dokter/infirmiers/anbilans/la police/pompiers etc? Ici, ban la pou krier, "Ta! Al bouy to douri trankil dan to lakaz avek to deksi, ki tapaz to p fer?"

Ena pou dire, " 10 dimounes lor sa simin la? P rode la mort? Pa truver kouma ban la kondire brite ici?"

What I am trying to say is this: the idea that up to 10 Mauritians will stand in front of their houses, perhaps with a little flag in their hands, looking at each other, and hoping that someone will start singing so that they too can join in, or shout the inevitable "ar nou non", is wishful thinking at its most childish. Mauritians will do all these things, but only if they can melt into a much bigger group of demonstrators making as much noise as possible. And especially, if we have zourlanus present to do their "Breaking News", which means filming some idiot who will later keep the film where he/she appears for 2 seconds for posterity. Otherwise, I am afraid, it will be "Non, non, Ar nou non, nou pa fer sa ban zafer la, nou, nou ena manniere nou, ki nou voisins pou dire?".

I really hope I am wrong and that October 16th turns out to be the massive success that it deserves to be. The Avengers have done a fantastic job with their work on the Kistnen murder, and they do deserve a great public show of support for their efforts.

But the way this has been planned tells me that the crowds will not be there. Groups of 10 in a big city, YES! That will attract large amounts of people.

But groups of up to 10 in your street? Tou kalite exkiz pou sorti pu dire kifer pa pou kapav fer sa. "En place diboute en place, anou al fer sa dan la kanbiz plito...."

And that would be a pity.

The 16th October demo is a great idea. But the sentimentality and pathos of this Bollywood script of bygone eras means that many, many more people would have preferred to be part of a big crowd than to stand with a few others in front of their house, looking rather gormless and perhaps too self conscious.

The "pop" psychologists will of course tell you otherwise, and unfortunately many fools do listen to them...

Lundi 13 Septembre 2021

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