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[Paul Lismore] Thank you, Mr Dipshit, for confirming your limitless stupidity

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 10 Mars 2023

[Paul Lismore] Thank you, Mr Dipshit, for confirming your limitless stupidity
You really are one of a kind. So much so that if you did not exist, God would have had to create you as a warning to others that this is what you become when your only role in life is to act like the shameless, toadying, brain dead slave of an absolute idiot....someone who was accurately given the nickname "ti cretin", in view of his childish, immature, attention seeking, and very obnoxious behaviour and attitude.

I won't pose the same query that I like asking our so-called patriots, " Sharam naiba"? In your case, shame has no meaning, and your behaviour a long time since before you got the top job shows that you like the good things in life, as long as they are free, and someone else is paying for them...

Let us look at your extravagant behaviour recently, of course all paid for by Lepep Kouyon in terms of the taxes that they pay and which people like you give the clear impression that you are entitled to use that money as you deem fit. I will ignore your unwise, and quite childish and stupid criticisms of the DPP, the magistrate, and Bruneau Laurette's release on bail; the most charitable view that I can opine on this is !/ either you really are quite stupid and therefore you have a natural aptitude to take on the role of a 5 year old child when he/she does not get what children of that age feel entitled to, or 2/ You are the little classroom idiot who finds meaning in life only when you hear yourself say "Yes Sir", even when your ti cretin Sir is behind you and doing naughty things with you....

Now, you have to belong to a special class of stupidity to appoint as your lawyers someone who lost his job because he consistently bets on the wrong horse, in other words, he bets 365 days of the year on any donkey that smiles at him. We will ignore the quite shameless and thoroughly corrupt way your department has ignored the affidavit sworn by the two Swiss Duty Free chaps in 2015 who swore that they had been kept hostage in Yerrigrodoudou's luxury apartment by your zavoka, le ti cretin, the hand kisser "and other parts" kisser, the only major bank robber in the world whose only lethal weapon is not a gun but an application form for huge amounts of loans which will never be repaid, and the chief of the Special Jasoos Department. What happened to that affidavit, Mr Dipshit? 

What happened to your incredible "investigations" into Angus Road, which so far has lasted over 12 years? What happened to the clear and undisputed findings of the magistrate re the murder of Kistnen, the theft of taxpayers' money by an idiot who loves poussaris/treters so much that he robs a widow of the Rs 15,000 of taxpayers' money which should have gone to her every month? What has happened to the numerous complaints by the people who clearly you do not like, but who don't give a fuck rightly over whether you like them or not? 

Tell us, do you love being a bhai lookhe? Do you get some sort of sexual gratification by constantly peeping into the private lives of people who apparently you don't like? Or do you derive great joy when you tell your ti cretin, "Ou pa kone, ou! San la kontan kan so fam kalotte li!"...and the ti cretin looks bemused and says to himself " B ki problem ladan? moi oussi mo bien kontan kan mo fam kraz mo graines sitan fort ki larmes koule!"

Despite your incredibly inept, corrupt, and useless performance in the top job, I have to tell you that nothing would give me greater pleasure than to see the DPP Rashid Amine tear you to pieces in court, and make the world see what an incorrigible idiot we really have in the top job...and at the same time show Sharmila Ourite and Yerrigrodoudou that all that they have and cherish is entirely due to the contemptible, dishonourable, and thoroughly repugnant way the ti cretin and his nasty wife have been appointing people since end of 2014. It is certainly not due to any intelligence that they think they might have.

Tell us, Mr Dipshit: Would you have bothered the Supreme Court with your stupid appeal if YOU had to pay the legal costs, and not the taxpayer? Will you pay for your 2 private zavokas, or as usual, expect us to pick up the tab?

Finally, what makes you think that your criminal little sprog is entitled to VIP treatment when he attends court as an ACCUSED (again...) in the matter of the Rs 80 million fraud? Why can't he use the public lift as everyone else does? So kk senti bon koumsa ki li bizin al ouver so fesse dan toilettes mazistras? Et transport la police ki amene li la cour, eski taxi personel de mari sorma sa?

I hope you will appreciate that I have restrained myself a lot when writing the above about you. But quite frankly, (not Franklin, the friend of your Jag (Hi! Mo kontan fer conplainte sak semaine, moi!) ein..), I congratulate myself for not giving in to the natural and quite justifiable temptation to use swear words every time I think of your ugly face.

Vendredi 10 Mars 2023

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