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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 8 Juillet 2019

Yes, we have all had our fun over the coffre forts of Navin Ramgoolam, shown a million times on the screens of the MBC, and repeated often enough by mercenary zourlanus totally under the control of la cuisine.

Most of us had never seen safes of that size before, and its contents shocked us, not only because of the Rs 224 millions they disgorged, a sum of money that is not located even in our wet dreams, but because for once we saw visible proof of the tenebrous, nebulous, and rather mysterious evidence of those donations politiques that we all talk about but whose secrets our politicians of ALL parties keep very close to their chests. 

Navin Ramgoolam's coffre forts have, I am afraid, become the trees that stop us from seeing the forest of shady and corrupt deals that govern this phenomenon of 'donations politiques', otherwise known as bribes by very rich people to our politicians to return the favour should they be elected to government. 

Only those individuals still vegetating on Planet Mars would not be aware of the nice little arrangement made by the ultra rich handful of people on the island with politicians: Here are hundreds of millions of rupees in cash for your electoral campaign, and in return, your first budget must include delicious tax rebates/deductions/allowances/roads built at tax payers' expense for our Smart Cities/IRS, etc. 

In other words, we give you hundreds of millions of rupees but you give us billions of rupees from the taxpayer, ok chipmunks? And the greedy chipmunks reply, "Oui missier! Ou meme nou mari!" 

Now, the above is the 'civilised', 'gentleman's' way of bribing and corrupting our serviteurs du pays. But there is a far more pernicious, sinister, and poisonous clump of trees in the forest, which the coffre forts have been conveniently used in order to hide the forest of evil behind donations politiques: the vast amount of money in cash given by the major drugs dealers to our politicians, esp those of one party in particular, in return for the police suffering permanently from selective myopia in the so called fight against drugs, i.e. laisse nou travay kontinier, mai nou pou fer zot arete ene 2 ti kouyons pou kumsa zot kapav krier" Nou p kass lerin mafia la drog!" et zourlanus pou blag zot bien lerla. Ki zot dire, bon ou pa bon? " 

And the evidence shows that this is precisely what is happening in our island, with mercenary zourlanus applauding every little arrest whilst never asking one simple question: " if so many people are being arrested, if so many drugs are being confiscated, if so many marijuana plants are being deracinees only for them to sprout up elsewhere the next day, how come we have never had so many addicts in our island and how come drugs are now being sold in every corner of every street?" Unfortunately, our zourlanus tend to get a hard on whenever ICAC makes some farcical arrests (the nonsense over " «Ras lédan PlatuuuIiiinne.»", a completely illegal act of premeditated assault involving forcible dental extraction, if only it was true, is a clear example where a lepep kouyon enjoys being kouyoned by zourlanus...). 

Let me give you some examples of where our drugs dealers, the real ones, the major ones who are involved in bulk importation and supply, have often bribed our politicians, esp those who claim to want to kass lerin mafia la drog. 

The importation and supply of hard drugs in big quantities to Mauritius started in the eighties, with the MSM in power and SAJ as Prime Minister for the first time in his life. The Buxoo- Bacsoo brothers were the first to import brown sugar in Mauritius. In order to get people used to it, they distributed it gratuitement, at first only in Plaine Verte. Et une fois l'accoutumance assureee, then they started selling it elsewhere and they established a network which soon fed the addiction of many people around the island. 

Guess who provided the 'muscle power' for the MSM in the 1983 general elections, which SAJ cunningly turned into a communalist campaign of nou bann versus sa blanc leader of the MMM? 

Yes, the MSM won with the votes of a majority of Hindus, whilst in the background, the Buxoo/Bacsoo brothers and their mostly Muslim henchmen were providing the muscle power for the MSM! At the 1984 garden party at Reduit for our 'independence' day, the major drugs dealers, the Buxoos, were of course invited to the Reduit, attended, and loved the gato Napolitaines....Mo pou kasse lerin mafia la drog, li dire! 

The Rault Commission on drugs heard evidence from Buxoo which confirmed the above...and Harish Boodhoo gave details of how tant bazar full of bank notes were handed over to the Bolom Pissar, something which of course he denied, because we live in an etat de droit, non? 

Fast forward to the Lam Shan Leen Commission of Inquiry where our most notorious drugs dealer with the necklace worth apparently over Rs 1 million rupees, mentioned the small matter of giving Rs 25 millions to the MSM in return for his long sentence to be reduced if they come to power....something which the Commission de Disgrace did when it reduced his sentence by 6 years. And also remember that he also mentioned Pravin Jugnauth as the financial source for major drugs importation to the island...something which soi dizan kasseur lerin mafia la drog refused to rebut at the Drugs Commission when he reneged on his promise to give evidence... 

And never forget the terrible disgrace on our island when four parliamentarians were caught at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam in December 1985 with 20 kilos of heroin...Those four were MSM MLAs, who were given diplomatic passports, one with express delivery on the same day he asked for one, by someone who likes to be on her feet....Don't ask me for her name or I'll order you out! 

Remember, SAJ's government refused to collaborate with the Dutch government's request for details on the way the diplomatic passports were given to those VIP drugs smugglers. Plus ca change, eh? The Brasse passport affair during this government shows that nothing has changed, apart from shouting " Mo pou kass lerin mafia la drog!". 

So, before we act like dumb zombies who can only repeat "coffre fort"and believe that it is a sign of high intelligence to do so, ask yourselves these questions: 

1/ I do not know where the Rs 224 millions in Ramgoolam's coffre fort comes from. It is most probably 'donations politiques', but I don't know for sure. It can't be drugs money because I cannot recall even one instance where drugs and the PTr have been ever associated. If you can, by all means please educate me. 

2/ There is clear evidence that the MSM, right from its inception, has rubbed shoulders with drugs dealers, even to the extent of inviting the most notorious ones to our Independence Day celebrations at the Garden Party at Reduit. 

3/ Only one party and one politician has ever been mentioned with regards to tant bazar renpli ar billets par drugs dealers. That is SAJ and the MSM. 

4/ Finally, ask yourself this simple question: Ramgoolam can claim the provenance of his wealth through his rather rich mother and his father's long career as a doctor and as Prime Minister. SAJ comes from poor stock in Palma, has worked a few years only as magistrate (not a highly paid job in those days) until 1970 when he joined the MMM, then became leader of the opposition in 1976 and PM in 1982: Where does his billions of rupees come from? 

As Reza Uteem asked yesterday, " ‘mo envi koner moi kot inn gagne kass pou fer sa Sun Trust la’. 

Alor, servi lespri in p et arete azir kouma ene peroquer ki in gagne diarrhee et ki nek repete 'coffre fort''... 

Tomorrow, I will write about how this renegade law on donations politiques by the government is nothing but a cynical ploy to starve the opposition of finance after having itself amassed billions of rupees from commissions, hefty helpings of sherry, some astute gambling by a main bookmaker, etc...and tant bazar...

Lundi 8 Juillet 2019

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