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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 12 Août 2020

“The unspoken rule of democracy : three stupid ones will always outvote two smart ones.”― Ljupka Cvetanova, The New Land.

If you have stolen the elections by corroding the souls of those paid by us to guard and protect our institutions; if your are in power fraudulently but finds it impossible to show that you are in office; if you do not understand the meaning of democracy, of good governance, of accountability, of the need to look after our money as if it is your own, i.e. not steal it...if you think that being in government means you have a full license to do what you want with our money; if you steal our money in order to enrich the parasites around you; if after 6 years, Lady Macbeth remains the most hated PM's wife in our history, even more disliked than your own mother; if despite all of that, you find that many of the 37% of the electorate which voted for you now hate you....

You show how incredibly stupid you really are by now subverting our National Assembly into a branch of the Sun Trust, and getting your Doberman and his moronic friend to kick out opposition members one by one.

You really are incredibly dim and cretinous for believing that your crazy laws depriving us of our liberties will keep you longer in power. You are as daft as a brush for appointing a thug as Attorney General who has no concept of the law, of its power to positively change people's lives, of its natural predisposition to free the nation; instead, you have an idiot as AG who looks like a thug, behaves like one, and acts like one. And you are too stupid to understand why people no longer obey the law, with you and your AG as role models for laws that are bad and self serving. 

Your moronic laugh at press conferences or in the National Assembly betrays a personality that is so unstable that it constantly needs sycophants, creeps, flunkeys, and morons to praise you loudly to such an extent that one wonders whether you have trained them to always say Pravind KUMAR Jugnauth instead of simply Pravind or Pravind Jugnauth. But then you really are that dim witted that you probably think the KUMAR will add gravitas to what is otherwise a very dull personality with big teeth.... 

You really are as thick as two short planks. You probably take it as a badge of honour that the whole world knows that the government is run by la cuisine, and not by someone who probably gets a rare erection every time someone mentions him as "Prime Minister".

You are too bird brained, too unenlightened to understand the deep cultural insult of being talked as someone "ki en ba jupe so fam" are that uninformed that you probably believe they are referring to your prowess in oral sex instead of the fact that people believe it is Lady Macbeth who runs the show.

You will remain misinformed as long as you listen to the crap advice of your so called advisers. One shudders to think who might be the winner of a contest called " the most stupid individual in the PMO Challenge Cup", although most people would probably vote for you...or at worst a tie between you and your ex air hostess Chief advisor, the Ken Lariaz...

I am being very generous and understanding towards you when I say that it is all your advisers' faults. Nevertheless, however hard I try, I simply cannot see anyone advising you that the best individual to be Speaker of the National Assembly is the Deranged Doberman.

That has to be you, because someone like you simply does not understand the responsibilities of office or the meaning of vague terms like "independence", "fair play", "impartiality", " leadership", "wisdom", and "objectivity". These concepts are unfortunately alien to you, because at heart, you are nothing but a spoilt little brat in need of constant attention from ambitious oiks.

You are so unconversant, so unschooled, so wet behind the ears that you probably believe that having a Doberman Speaker and his moronic side kick as bouncers to your stupid party is a wonderfully clever idea.

Here is something that you should try as an experiment: Step outside the PMO without your retinue of macros, VIPSU, and crap advisers, and walk alone to Bazar central. The feedback you will get will tell you how popular you are in the country....

People view with disgust the conduct of your 2 bouncers.

Those two morons can no longer count to three as they now say " Zis is your last warning", even when first and second warnings were silent ones...Getting rid of the opposition from the National Assembly with the active help of your 2 bouncers is draining away what little popularity you now have left. 

You see, and it is such a pity that you are too unworldly and unsophisticated to realise this, Mauritians may have their favourite politicians, their favourite parties. Many are quite fanatical about those likes of theirs and would spend hours waiting for their turn to lick their arses. But one thing that unites ALL Mauritians is the concept of fairness and fair play.

And when a deranged Doberman and his moronic Deputy do your bidding and expel members of the opposition when members of your government are behaving far worse, even members of your party, at least the decent ones whose souls have not yet been bought by la cuisine, will scream abuse at their telly or laptops.

And that is a terribly stark warning sign for you. Unfortunately, you remain too inept and too immature to understand this...All that you seem to be interested in is the sound of vile individuals emphasing the "KUMAR" in your stupid name, and mention the 'leadership' that most of us have yet to see....

But you really are so dim that you cannot see your own hands preparing the noose that will be around your neck at the next elections, if not before....You and your stupid laws will tighten the noose around your own neck.

Mercredi 12 Août 2020

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