Rédigé par E. Moris le Vendredi 29 Novembre 2019

I shall be as helpful and gentle as I can to the Attorney General, and hope that it will iron out his wrinkled pussy face and perhaps inject the objectivity and independence that decent Attorney Generals are required to show as a primary function of their job. I will also attempt to do the impossible and try to make absolutely shameless bastards feel some sense of remorse and guilt...but that is a really hopeless task, as shame is the commodity most lacking in the individuals who claim they are servi nou pays.

So, without further ado, let me explain the adjective "predominant" for the arseholes who still vomit the word "Ponzi", presumably because they believe that it is a new brand of pizza:

It means " having ascendancy, power, authority, or influence over others; preeminent, preponderant, prominent". In other words, there is no doubt that despite the lies about Ponzi or Ponzi like, the one thing that has struck the minds of the most competent and skilful police force in the world, Interpol, is that the massacre of BAI was an entirely political matter. When you destroy a conglomerate for entirely political reasons and you fool the people into believing that it was a Ponzi, then it is a conspiracy of evil at the highest level of our government and the so called 'independent' institutions.

When a 'free and independent' press simply regurgitates the poison being peddled by the evil men in power, when our 'independent' Courts of 'justice' rubber stamp the large number of fanciful charges of a corrupt police force, remands people in custody and/or imposes severe restrictions on the freedom of decent citizens for many months/years until ALL the charges are dropped;

when the forces of evil turn a hitherto respectable citizen who has provided employment for thousands into a fugitive and subjected to all sorts of terrible insults by the online trollops and the sluts in the press; when politicians still insist on vilifying someone they stole everything from, and seem to derive great pleasure from the torrents of poison flowing from their mouths....

when Interpol decides to delete ALL its data on Dawood Rawat, data provided by the slaves of this government, and allows him to now travel anywhere in the world except to the country of his birth, then you know that all talk of 'democracy' and 'etat de droit' is simply puffed up nonsense from individuals who have turned our democracy into a kleptocracy, and whose only value in life is the size of their bank balance, especially the offshore ones...

Interpol has refused to enforce the Red arrest warrant issued in April 2015, because as it says, it does not wish Interpol to " be perceived as facilitating politically motivated activities".

You will of course be aware that nou institutions ki nou bizin respekter, our zourlanus, our judiciary, and our police force especially, have been acting as facilitators and in many cases, instigators of politically motivated activities. As I said, no shame at all from all those 'experts'...

Have you seen the coverage given to that decision by Interpol in our 'free and independent press'?

True to form, the Uncle Tom at le mauricien had to mention "Ponzi" in its headline , although he seems to have settled for the "Ponzi like' nonsense of NTan, a conclusion yet to be tested and which cannot be tested as NTan cleverly removed the right of the Bank of Mauritius to quote anything from the report which BoM itself had commissioned!

L'Express, where the GoNad still insists on showing the stupidity and prejudice that lurks behind that facade of fake intellectualism, had as its headline " Mandat d’arrêt international: Interpol «libère» Dawood Rawat".

"Libere"? from what? He had never been arrested, for fuck sake, not even for this imaginary Ponzi crime! I am sure the GoNad won't relinquish his habit of insulting the Rawats whenever the instinct for cowardice and bullying grabs him again, and watch out for some nasty, vindictive words soon...

I won't mention le defi, IoN, and all the other rags that claim to be newspapers but which essentially serve as toilet papers for ministers to wipe their arses with.

Have you noticed how our zourlanus have suddenly become slaves to facts and have refused to pass any comments about the Interpol decision?

All that they have done is begrudgingly quote a few lines from the Interpol decision and that is it! Not one comment on the fact that this lunatic red warrant was first refused by magistrate Hamuth and the police, instead of appealing this decision, went to another magistrate 2 days later!

This magistrate, the son of the dummy who sits next to Nawaaz NoBuzz on Radio Plus Pire, looked at the same evidence presented to Magistrate Hamuth, but decided to authorise the police to contact Interpol and issued the warrant....

Not one comment on the fact that the lives of so many individuals were made hell by magistrates listening to the crap evidence of the police and rubber stamping them; Not one syllable on how the entirety of our 'free and independent press' became active participants in this conspiracy of evil by simply vomiting everything that lying politicians told them, and continue to repeat those lies even to this day.

Certainly, not one word of contrition for all the nasty, vitriolic, and vituperative gallons of abuse poured over Dawood Rawat and his family. But then, do you really expect the most vain, arrogant, self obsessed individuals in Mauritius to know the meaning of the word 'shame'?

So, Dawood Rawat can now travel anywhere in the world without any problem. The only place he cannot travel to is Mauritius.

Why? Because these nasty psychopaths lurking at the top of our institutions, whether the police, the judiciary, the straw men and women fighting for "Human Rights" in Mauritius, and our zourlanus will always find an excuse to justify why a man in his mid seventies was arrested on grounds that most people with even half a brain know to be entirely false.

Many idiots seem to have found a question that highlights their stupidity but which they believe shows an inordinate level of intelligence that curiously only other trolls can relate to: " B si li inosan, kifer li pa vine Maurice?"

The answer is quite obvious, my simple minded friends: Ask the Attorney General, our wrinkled pussy face one, whether, despite all the evidence and the latest "klak'' from Interpol, he will still ask the Marionette to arrest Dawood Rawat as soon as he lands...The answer is, yes!

The clever question would be "Why would they arrest him?" Answer: Because the last thing that the evil conspirators want is for the main victim to tell us in great detail the exact truth about how and why he was robbed.

That, I am afraid, is the shocking state of our 'etat de droit', where power obtained, whether by hook or by crook, at the elections allows you to do what you want even if it means destroying the lives of thousands of our citizens. As the eminent French lawyers (as opposed to the arrogant, mercenary zavokas in Mauritius...) said in response to Interpol's decision, " Cette décision est, à certains égards, exceptionnelle, s’agissant d’un mandat d’arrêt international diffusé par un pays réputé démocratique. »"

Repute democratique....presumably reality, a synthetic democracy that can easily turn into a dictatorship and a kleptocracy, as evidenced by the massacre of BAI, the incredible lies peddled by politicians and faithfully transmitted by zourlanus and the media, the judicial passivity and collusion with the conspiracy of evil, and the large scale theft of all the assets of one man to be shared amongst friends, and those who fill the deep pockets of our politicians.

Shame on the lot of you! Hope your testicles become gangrenous soon.

Vendredi 29 Novembre 2019

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