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" Your school may have done away with winners and losers, but life has not."--Bill Gates

Every battle has a winner and a loser, and a good win is celebrated if it was achieved through fair means. Here are some of the winners and the many losers in the fight against Covid-19:


1/ "government is government and government decides": so said an arrogant Anil Gayan when flushed with the unexpected success of his Alliance in the 2014 elections.

The fact that his electoral potential has now been flushed away for good is neither here nor there. What he said was a perfect reflection of the unfairness of our electoral system where any party winning 35+1 seats can do anything it wants in the National Assembly, ignore the 34 numpties in the opposition, enact any law, corrupt all our institutions, and piss on those who did not vote for the winning party. So, the first winner is the government led by Pravind Jugnauth. Not because of the abysmal lack of competence and intelligence it has shown so far, but entirely because of the 35+1 monstrosity that turns grown men and women into zombies who will chant the praises of the leader at will and who will vote for anything that the leader puts forward. 

2/ Pravind Jugnauth again, his ministers, PPS, and zombies on the backbenches, Arvind Boolell and his ramshackle opposition, including the MMM and the PMSD, the army of soucerres and parasites nominated by la cuisine, and the little army of wannabes getting their little jobs 'dan gouvernman' by ministers knowing very well that the island simply could not afford any more layabouts in an overstaffed civil service: Covid-19 has not affected their salaries or nice conditions of service one little bit.

Those drawing huge salaries and privileges that are inversely proportional to their intelligence or competence will not see even a minute reduction in those immoral salaries. But they are so shameless that they will all tells us they are patriots and anyone who does not adhere to that delusion is apparently an anti patriote.

3/ The Air Mauritius top management who, despite the bankruptcy they have engineered for that company, still draw salaries that makes one hope that they will choke on their caviar and duty free booze, often obtained for free by that corrupt outfit known as the Duty Free shop. This is the only company in the world that has a manager for every 10 members of staff, we are told....Mike Seetasipaki, despite his fake qualifications and a personality that makes you want to vomit all over him, remains a firm favourite of la cuisine...

4/ Limousine sellers: As long as we continue to have a government of ANY party that continues to support the evil known as 'duty free cars', your votes will still be warm in their freshly counted (or miscounted) ballot boxes before those you have elected to represent you have rushed to the limousines dealers and chosen their own penile substitutes. Fuck knows what Freud would make of the women servantes du pays who ape the men, and also get their huge penile substitutes...

5/ Mercenary zourlanus of the worst type who have started to praise Pravind Jugnauth's "leadership, vision, and clear thinking", and exhorting us to unite behind the government. The Gruesome Twosome, Nawaz NoBuzz and the GoNad appear to have joined hands in this little venture for arrivistes, opportunists, and idiots. Yes, we will all unite behind the government ONLY when the government starts to benefit the whole population and not only the little army of soucerres hanging on to its la braguette. The sooner NASA sends us a space vehicle to take these disgusting individuals back to the planet where they come from, the better for all of us. 

6/ The ordinary thieves who prey on the old and the vulnerable in order to steal from them. The degenerate mob waiting to pounce on the hard work of planters and stealing their vegetables and then having the cheek to say " pou ene ti carri sa" when carrying bags full of the stolen vegetables. They have never had it so good, because these days, irrespective of the crime that you commit, a lovely magistrate will release you on bail...

7/ Violent husbands/concubins/assorted psychopathic bastards who must be thankful that Covid-19 has allowed the victim to be at their mercy in the family home 24 hours a day. Once again, our lovely magistrates will release them so that they can return home and continue to cause havoc to the one they swore to love until death do us part...

8/ The MBC and its malevolent, psychopathic twin, the Independent Broadcasting Authority: both utterly useless with skins thicker than that of a rhinoceros. One continues to act as the official porte parole of the Government, despite the clear stipulations of the MBC Act, and the other is led by a taxi driver who presumably only reacts when you shout " Hep! Taxi!". Both outfits are clearly behaving in a criminal manner, because they breach every bit of the law that governs them. But who cares, eh? Nou dimounes sa!

9/ A police commissioner who embodies all that is wrong with this island: Useless, thoroughly incompetent, no leadership skills, in fact nothing of any value whatsoever. Covid-19 has helped in keeping him in the post to which he is completely unsuited.

10/ The army of advisers, mostly good for nothing scumbags whose arrogance is exceeded only by their incompetence, and who continue to draw huge salaries for expertise that stretch from making tea to tickling the arse of their political God....


All those who rightly or wrongly voted against this government; all those with the independence of spirit to praise Pravind Jugnauth when he sometimes gets it right and tell him when often he gets it wrong. The vast army of poor people, and all those earning less than Rs 15 k a month, who will soon join the much bigger army of the unemployed. The victims of crime for the callous way they are treated by a criminally unjust and uncaring system.

The losers are all of us, including those who were bribed to vote by grabbing some of the filthy money of a notorious bookmaker and the honeyed but treacherous words of mercenary hypocrites like Dulthamum and Gregoire. 

The assault on our civil liberties has made all of us losers in this so called battle.

Vendredi 22 Mai 2020

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