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Remember Anooj Ramsurrun following his nomination as DG of our local Pravda when he said that " «Je ne suis pas MSM, je suis Pravind Jugnauth»"?

When following the resignation of a senior minister, albeit the useless Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo, he declared that what most of us considered to be a major news item was to his supreme intelligence " «La démission d'un ministre est un fait divers»"?

All of course through the favourite sewer he uses as his conduit for some publicity, IoN News?

The way IoN reports on that man, you would think that the Bajaman's nose is permanently attached to Anooj's arse so that he can immediately report to us the flavour of any fart that emanates from the backside of our Goebbels....

You will read a lot of useless articles, comments and posts about what happened for 'l'homme de la cuisine' to be so unceremoniously dumped; many of them will be party political nonsense based on the fact that Sadna Teeluckdharry happens to be the sister of the rather infamous MLA/Deputy Speaker who had to resign following the Drugs Commission Report. And many will try to paint it as a battle between Sadna and 3 ladies at the MBC who happen to be creoles, and the ex DG of the MBC. Wrong!

This is what really happened: 

On the 9th August 2019, a letter was sent to the Chairman of the MBC, Bijaye Ramdenee, and copied to the PM. One can therefore safely assume that the letter was passed on to the PMO for his advisers to deal with, and the name Ken Arian springs to mind here...The letter was headlined " DISCRIMINATORY COMMENTS", and it details in vivid terms the language allegedly used by Anooj Ramsurrun during a telephone conversation with the Radio Newsroom at around 3.30 in the afternoon of 16th July 2019.

I won't bore you with all the details, but this is what Anooj Ramsurrun was alleged to have said about the 4 permanent Creole ladies in the radio news room: " 2 nek gagne piti, lot 2 la zot in deza al la Chine, et sa 2 Creolines la, zot pou al L'Inde zot? Creoline pou al l'Inde?"

As the 4 ladies said in the letter, this alleged outburst of the DG caused them prejudice, and made them feel hurt, shocked, and humiliated. Not surprisingly, they came to the conclusion that there is discrimination at the MBC against people of Creole origin and against women bearing children.

On the 17th July 2019, they asked for a meeting with the Chairman, who immediately saw the seriousness of those allegations and apologised to the 4 ladies, a sentiment which was very much appreciated. The Chairman stated that he will see that justice was done and that the DG should apologise to them. The 4 ladies reassured the Chairman that all they wanted was for justice, equality, and peace to prevail at the MBC, and that everyone should work without fear of discrimination based on religion, race, colour, caste, creed, sex, marital or family status, or social origin.

Having read the above, is there anyone who believes that those legitimate demands were unfair?

Only some dunderhead would, and this is precisely what happened, with an incredible distortion of what happened added to the mix. 3 petitions were shared around, looking for support for Anooj Ramsurrun in his battle against creole bashing!!!!I shall let you guess the names of the dunderheads who circulated those petitions...All right, I shall give you some clues:

1/ by the chap who makes SAJ save a lot of money by acting as his personal nappy, always ready to lick up any shit from his lord and master...he calls himself a writer and writes biographies of his leader, which serve as a wonderful substitute for night sedatives for you insomniacs, so boring are the contents.

2/ One RJ, with a similar petition to show that in the tongue competition, his can go as deep as the longest one...

3/DB, with the view to foster division amongst the Radio News crew. 
All 3 petitions are strikingly similar and you can guess who is the individual behind it all....that task was so arduous that he needs peace and quiet now.

So, the facts are quite clear, despite the attempt of some, including some zourlanus, to make it look like a Anooj versus Sadna battle. Everyone seems to be ignoring the fact that it was not Sadna who uttered those insults towards the Creole ladies.

And the resignation/sacking of Anooj Ramsurrun stems directly and incontrovertibly from that single fact: the allegations made against him.
Any other interpretation would be wrong and based on personal prejudices or stupid party political grounds.

After all, nothing would have given me greater pleasure than to hammer an individual whose brother is part of a government that has caused so much damage to our economy and to our way of life. But you can't argue with facts, even when your perceived enemy is in the right.

Only fanatical idiots would think otherwise.

Mercredi 14 Août 2019

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Only the general election will banish these political fanatical idiots.

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