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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 15 Mars 2021

" The toilets at a local police station have been stolen. Police say they have nothing to go on."--- Ronnie Barker

Nothing better than a joke to start the debate on a subject that horrify most of us: our lamentable police force, overmanned, managed mostly by idiots, with a management structure that defies all logic with vast numbers of Deputy, Assistant chief commissioners and superintendents each with a barely hidden dagger waiting for a rival to turn his back, and all topped up by a police commissioner who seems to be in a permanent state of hibernation.

A police commissioner who, like all previous incumbents, acts and behaves as if the real managers of our police force are the politicians in power.

The Nodding Donkey used to extract oil from inland wells displays less automatism and more independence than our police commissioners who view the rank as a symbol of authority and respect to end a long career, but with none of the authority and respect that necessarily go with the job. After all, how can anyone expect any respect from others when your actions in office seem teleguided by others who have no business telling you how to do your job?

I remember the case some years ago of a 20 year old heavily pregnant Nawsheen Aucbaraullee, who was kicked several times on her stomach, and had to be rushed to hospital.

The assailants included 2 'women', which in itself tells you how low our standards have plummeted on Paradise Island. Nawsheen's husband, Akram, a serving police officer, tried his best to protect his wife, and got assaulted in the process too. His impression of the police force that he serves? "« la polis Moris pa travay kouma bizin »." " Mo telefone la police, la police pa vine ditou".

Now, if you or I had said the last two quotes from Akram, some automated Police PR chap would have said something quite vague about the police doing everything to investigate this and how therefore he cannot say much whilst the inquiry is ongoing...which, in effect means, 'now, don't bother me with this again as it is joining the long list of material under the FIB heading: File in Bin.' But imagine this: a police officer in distress calls his own force because some oik has battered him and his pregnant wife and her water has broken, and 'la police pa vine ditou'? What will the police do if the call comes from an ordinary citizen? Answer with 'Pena van la police la'? or 'ki rezion ou restee? Ayo, pa nou rezion sa! ou bizin telefone rezion X pou sa (si ou enkor vivan...)'? or will the call be even answered?

As usual, the thugs complain to the police that they are the victims, and the police ki pou fer do? I tell you what the police does usually in these cases: a phone call will be made by some oik politician to a senior member of the police force that 'mo dimoune sa', and the order will be given to the police station concerned to do whatever is required to keep the political thug and his dimoune happy. 

The trauma befalling the Auckbaraullee family is one that can be readily identified by far too many people, up and down this country.

People in urgent need of help have to go through a labyrinth of arcane procedures designed to exacerbate the suffering of people already shocked by the unrestrained, beastly violence of the ogres in our midst:Why the fuck do we have to go to a police station in order to get a poxy form called F 58 before seeking medical help?

What is the point of that? What stops the police from attending the hospital with the bloody form and interviewing the victim when it is medically convenient to do so? And when will this nonsense stop of having to report to the police station where the crime took place? Why can't someone report a crime to any police station, irrespective of its location? Is our police so incompetent that it cannot take the deposition and then forward it for local disposal? If I am assaulted in say, Rose Hill, and I live in Plaine Verte, why should I go back to Rose Hill and thereby run the risk of meeting again the charming people who assaulted me?

I have said it on numerous times, and so have others: as long as our politicians continue to behave as if OUR police force is theirs to do as they wish, and as long as we have dummy police commissioners who do not understand the independence that our Constitution guarantees them, our law and order situation will continue to deteriorate.

Do the politicians care? Of course not.

SAJ has had a police officer (at least one, but usually more than one) with him since 1976 when he was leader of the opposition. Ramgoolam has had at least one for decades now. Berenger used to have an army of tapeurs around him until he too realised the delights of VIPSU. Zaza has had at least one police officer with him since 2005.

All the ex Presidents and ex Vice Presidents have at least one police officer permanently attached to them, until death mercifully takes them away, and releases one police officer to serve us for a change. 24 ministers, many of them so useless that no one could possibly recognise them, have a police officer permanently attached to them. Why? The serviteurs du peuple need protection from Lepep? Such a delicious irony, which obviously escapes the tiny brains of those servi nou pays...

The Mauritian people have tolerated the incompetence, corruption, greed, venality, and blatant thieving by all governments since independence. A brave and tolerant nation has had to continually put up with the nastiest dregs of society masquerading themselves as decent, respectable people worthy of our votes.  In the meantime, a whole nation is crying out desperately for real proposals and real solutions to the very real problems that we face. And the Law and Order situation has to be given the priority that is felt by all of us. 

The sad truth is we are a nation of lions that has allowed itself to be led by donkeys for far too long. Donkeys who have VIPSU and tapeurs and soucerres protecting them do not feel the terrible effects of crime in our society.

Lundi 15 Mars 2021

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