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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 4 Mars 2019

Valérie Labrunette Rawat died today, after having been driven away from the Mauritius she loved passionately, by a bunch of hoodlums and gangsters in government who abused the power given to them by the electorate to destroy not only an entire family, but the thousands of investors who had saved and had never been let down by the Rawat family.

Since 2015, I have challenged anyone to tell me whether they or anyone they know had even had one cent ripped off from the 'Ponzi' that never was. I am still waiting for that evidence....

But that word 'Ponzi' was a very convenient excuse for thieves and layabouts to lay siege to a whole conglomerate and to strip it of all its assets, with the active and criminal help of a bunch of corrupt renegades known as 'accuntants'.

What could not be stolen by the thieves was given away at rock bottom prices to the friends and partners in crime of the thieves.

Some examples to refresh your memory: Bramer Bank, worth well over a minimum Rs 10 billions given away for a measly Rs 2.4 billions to some Kenyans; Apollo Bramwell hospital, worth infinitely more than the insulting Rs 60 millions paid by Darne, who at least had the good sense to call it Welkin, a name which I rapidly changed to WellKokin, because that was indeed daylight robbery on a huge scale. If there is one nasty oik who deserves the most painful death imaginable, it is Yacoob Ramtoollah, the acCUNTant supreme still performing his macabre task of showing vultures how to really peck at the putrefying flesh of corpses.

Apollo Bramwell: the jewel of the Indian Ocean, the most modern hospital in our history with an avant garde philosophy in care and humanity, where patients felt the staff's attitude was the one thing that made their rehabilitation and treatment that much easier and more comfortable. These days, go and have a look at the place, and you will see that the only things showing love and affection to each other is the little army of stray dogs shagging each other to death in the hospital grounds.

Apollo Bramwell, the Shining Star of our hospital services, was led for many years by Valérie Labrunette Rawat, and everyone praised her humanity, warmth, and real sense of care and duty towards her patients. She was real professional, having graced the health services of Bordeaux for a few decades before coming to Mauritius. She was unceremoniously removed from Apollo Bramwell on 20th May 2015, despite her years of sterling service and devotion to her staff and to her patients.

That was the first thrust of the dagger by the vandals in government. They then denied her any money or severance allowance, or the pension she was entitled to. They plunged the dagger deeper when they banned her from leaving Mauritius for a long time.

As you know, no charges were ever maintained by the courts against her, the same fate that befell all the other stupid charges as a result of the horrendous crime of the government in destroying BAI/Bramer and stripping it of all its very valuable assets.

I am afraid i will start swearing and cursing a lot if I continue writing this. Not good on a Holy Day, esp when Pravin Jugnauth will fool the feeble minded that God is on his side, even when he has done fuck all to repair the huge damage done to tens of thousands of people as a result of his government's reckless destruction, pillage, and looting of BAI/Bramer.

So, let me end with one of the messages that many people have sent me, this one from a charming young lady who had direct experience of Valerie's care and humanity.

Her message read: "  She has always been an incredible support to me, during my fight against cancer, always been so caring...   she used to inquire about my health, when I happened to meet her, she would give me cakes for me and my family... When she lost her job so cruelly at Apollo Bramwell, she had no time for self pity. Instead, she became heavily involved with CANMA...She did her best to motivate cancer patients in every possible way. She was a lamp of hope to many, including me....  She organized many events, to raise funds, for cancer awareness, to help many patients fight against cancer...She was a wonderful example of a real caregiver.   She felt the pains of people,   She felt it like her own.   She was so understanding.   I find it hard to put into words. I am in tears"

A lady with a heart of gold died today, with her heart broken by arseholes like Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo, Roshi Bhadain, SAJ, Soodhun (he should remember her, as he had amnesia about the Apollo bill when she was there...), Maya Hanoomanjee(another one who forgot her Apollo bill), Tekwa face Dev Manraj, the nasty, psychopathic, barbarian accuntants, (esp those who love to put Hajee in their names as if that is enough to wash away their terrible sins...), some colonial cunt called Bonieux who hated the fact that an Asian chap, Dawood Rawat,  had the temerity to walk in the hallowed halls of grand finance hitherto inhabited by only the ex colonialists, and the greedy, avaricious, thoroughly selfish and useless zavokas, including some so called tenors, who really know how to bleed people dry. 

May you all rot in hell, because if there is a life after death, hell is the only place that can deal with evil people like you.

Rest in Peace, Valerie Rawat. These inhumane fuckers can no longer hurt you.

Lundi 4 Mars 2019

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