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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 13 Février 2019

" The punters know that the horse named Morality rarely gets past the post, whereas the nag named Self-interest always runs a good race." --Gough Whitlam

The cynical opportunists are at it again and no cause, however intrinsically noble it is, seems to be beyond the reach of politicians and their hangers on to abduct and to try to turn it into an advertisement for a humanity that is otherwise all too absent in those wretched individuals.

The desire to don the mantle of generosity and care for human beings, which is non existent in their day to day lives when they are pilfering the national coffers, suddenly takes over when they can sniff the opportunity to paint themselves as 'nice, caring' individuals.

Let me explain: The Group called Morisyen San Frontyer (MSF) is one of the very, very few voluntary organisations run by decent, selfless people who give their time and efforts for free in order to assuage and relieve the pain and suffering of less fortunate human beings when faced with natural calamities.

They were at the forefront of voluntary work during the terrible disaster earthquake in Nepal a few years ago and have often undertaken much valued and crucial ventures in other disaster prone areas.

They regularly organise real charitable work in poor, neglected areas of Mauritius too, and all too often, without the glare of publicity that so many others crave for.

As we all know, Rodrigues was hit with particular force recently by cyclone Gelena, and MSF is doing all it can to collect basic food and building materials in order to ship them over to the island as soon as possible.

This quite honourable undertaking for Mauritians in distress is being organised by Zeennat Aumeerally, Sameea Vawda, Kathleen Lai and a few other noble souls, and those who wish to donate, please check the address in the attached post.

They are sending the first load of food, clothing, and materials for 75 families tomorrow, and they plan on sending a full container of very useful stuff for 400 families soon. 

All this will be managed by a close collaborator of MSF, Claudinette Fong, who is a very dedicated social worker in Rodrigues, and like all the MSF volunteers, has nothing to do with politics or any politicians.

This mobilisation has been immense, and, as usual with MSF, conducted very discreetly and efficiently.

As you are probably aware, Pravin Jugnauth is flying to Rodrigues on Friday, to help I am sure, but to also use this as an opportunity to show what a lovely human being he is, especially with the elections not that far away.

As usual, he will take a delegation of hangers on with him, and one wonders whether the total cost of plane tickets and per diem would not have been better spent on repairing the damage caused to many people in Rodrigues by the cyclone instead of being used for mostly good for nothing idiots to take selfies. But that is another issue.

One of Pravin Jugnauth's advisers/general factotum is Sarah Currimjee, the proverbial tomato who, since December 2014, has been in all sorts of sauces from la cuisine.

Now, Sarah used to be a member of MSF and no doubt still has MSF contacts on the island. What do you think are the chances of the non governmental, completely independent MSF's efforts being hijacked by a government on the lookout for brownie points, and thereby making it look as if all of MSF's efforts in dealing with this humanitarian problem are in fact being sponsored by the government?

Do you think our zourlanus will tell you the truth? Or will they keep clicking away as many photos as they can of a Prime minister looking ever so caring when handing out stuff collected by the volunteers of MSF?

If you think that this is unlikely to happen, remember the pics of Lady Macbeth, as a bargain basement Princess Diana, splashed over our newspapers in order to show that all her time is not spent barking orders for others to kraz massala dan la cuisine...
You have been warned! Maha Shivratri is coming soon and I am told the cameras of our zourlanus are fully loaded to show us what a pious, devoted couple Mr and Mrs Jugnauth really are...

In the meantime, send whatever you can to MSF at the address in the attached post. We must never allow self interest to have the upper hand over morality, despite all the best efforts of governments to do the opposite. Thanks.

Mercredi 13 Février 2019

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