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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 20 Octobre 2019

Mo mari amerder! Berenger pa pou kapav plis amerder ki moi la, malgre ki li ena monopole lor amerder tou le tan! Mais, quel gurrgurrtrisa , buurnuum?

For a whole year, he has promised us "Rupture" and I kept questioning this, because the facts simply did not follow the sweet words. It was quite clear to me that this Doctor does not know the meaning of the word "Rupture" and should have instead told us, " Mo pou fer ene ti panseman!" Because it sounds to me like he has done worse than even this.

Let me explain:

1/ Most people are fed up with the dinosaurs, and for good reason to. Most of them are pathetic, wrinkled old souls who see politics as the best way to treble their already over generous pension manifold. And, in return, they do nothing but pour synthetic, meaningless syrup on the head of a leader who, like all our political leaders, love some sticky stuff dripping from their heads....

What has the great tactician done, surrounded by advisers who ought to be shot on sight because they have really lowered the bar for stupidity and sucking up? He has brought back some dinosaurs who, as soon as you mention their names, people swear. Is that the magical touch of Ramgoolam?

He has refused to give a ticket to young, decent, and popular candidates like Beechook in number 6 and Pritesh Bissoonauth in number 11. Instead, we will once gain grit our teeth when we see the name of the woman with a tonne of paint on her fat face, Kalyanee, on the list of candidates. And, wait for it before you start unleashing your jokes about Amul and university bidons, etc, Rajesh Jeetah is on the final list too! That is your "Rupture", folks!

2/ A perfectly winnable constituency number 1, or at least by a 2:1 margin, primarily because of the absolutely sterling work of Fabrice David and Alexandre Laridon, will now see only David in the PTr colours, with a PMSD Patrice Armance and a corpse from the Mouvement 2 Graines, Barbier, who last time round was a Best Loser.

So, no Alexandre Laridon, even when most people know that he and Fabrice David had galvanised the youth vote in that constituency. Vreman ena bez dan sa ggt pays la!

3/ Now, I can, at a stretch, try to justify an alliance with the PMSD, because whether we like it or not, that party has been in power many times...and the substantial factor of the Creole vote which will play heavily in these elections, and which some people still associate with the PMSD despite the days of Le Roi Creole, Sir Gaetan Duval, remaining a distant memory.

But, as I said, I can make an allowance for the PMSD to be in alliance with the PTr, although I foresee problems in the future, esp on the BAI issue, where Zaza and his merry men were in government and merrily carried on when the carnage was at its most brutal..

4/ But the mouvement 2 Graines? Eoula! What could possibly have driven Ramgoolam to select as candidates, as an Alliance partner, corpses from the local cemetery? Has he seen what happened to Alan Ganoo in Chemin Grenier yesterday?

5/ These are some of the other names of decent, fairly young, certainly new and talented, people who will not receive a ticket, because Navin Ramgoolam and his crap advisers know best: Avinash Bissessur in 12, Rodney Rama in 20, Brian Glover in 18, Christian Malherbe in 17, Rubna Daureeawoo in 13, Didier Moutou in 4. Kouma zot le ki mo pa zourer?

6/ Navin Ramgoolam continues to do nothing, re real campaigning, apart from manz 7 carri et ti la rou, ou briani dan mariaz. Can you remember the last time he made a speech? or organised a big meeting? We can all see Pravind Jugnauth at meetings every day, but Ramgoolam? Eoula! Li kontan ban la tire so fotos avek so zoli costimes, do!

7/ He does absolutely nothing about the deluge of sewerage pouring out of Gohin's and Lee Shim's latrines known as Insane News, Mazavarou ban mercenaires, et Zordi pou ban lezot mercenaires. In the meantime, some idiotic PTr members or ex members, out of spite. are quite happy to have a little sandwich in the other latrine known as Waaaaazaaaa, again belonging to Gohin.

No libel actions, no court actions, no press conferences, no real short videos to denounce those corrupt, thieving bastards, from Ramgoolam! Oh no! He will convince us all with pics of him in superb lighting on his Facebook page! Bousser fesse do!

8/ Since Friday, we have seen the biggest contempt of court case since quite a while. Ramgoolam's reaction? Another fucking statement where he condemns what he rightly sees as highly libellous, and that's it! No court actions, no direct condemnation, no decrying the sorry state of our politics where a Mafia wants to do anything in order to hold on to power. Oui, tire statements parski sa meme ki pou galvaniz dimounes, non?

So, instead of rupture, expect at least more of the same when it comes to his list of candidates.
I dearly wish I am wrong and that my info is inaccurate, but knowing the man, expect everything but the logical and what makes sense to us.

As long as he keeps his crap advisers sweet, who cares, eh?

Dimanche 20 Octobre 2019

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