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"Vishnu who?" will be the cry from most people next week when even the zourlanus lauding him for our "miracle economique" will at last understand that the only miracle that odious man has ever achieved is his personal transformation from rented accommodation dweller to multi millionaire and then billionaire status after only one year of being our Finance Minister.

Never has a more despicable bullshitter despoiled our politics and our landscape with incredulous tales of his sacrifices, meditation, long decades of voluntary unemployment, whilst rubbing his shrunken testicles on the huge amounts of our money that had suddenly and miraculously landed in his lap.
Many are as usual predicting the end of this government because of the departure of that wretched man, a forecast that must make Madame Kwok, Oleyssa sipaki ggtri, and the other charlatans gleam with pride that their crap forecasts are much more reliable than those of our gogotologues/zourlanus/ pseudo intellects.

Here are the facts:

1/ Pravin Jugnauth does not need to hold any by election before November 2019, which is in line with what I believe he will do, that the elections will be held in October or early November after Metro Tramway has been launched, and Lepep Kouyon has enjoyed the budget freebies and the civil servants have gratefully received their PRB well before the due date.

2/ There is no reason for PJ to hold the by election before November.

For 2 reasons:

1/ Before the budget, he stands a good chance of losing a seat in what is perceived as SAJ's 'bastion', a bit like the 2003 by election when SAJ resigned to become President and the MMM/MSM lost that seat to Rajesh Jeetah of the PTr.

2/ Losing a seat at this stage might deal a fatal blow to any chances of the MSM remaining in power after the next elections because the psychological damage will be quite nefarious to whatever credibility it still has. 3/ Why give the PTr the blood transfusion it badly needs when doing nothing until the very last date gives PJ the opportunity to improve his own chances further?

3/ Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo has been an absolute disaster as Finance Minister and a non existent one as Foreign minister. It is only the zourlanus that credit this master bullshitter with an intelligence that his record clearly shows has never been apparent. Oh, and he speaks French, so that gives many of them the erection they wish they could have at more appropriate times when it could be put to better use...

So, what should Pravin Jugnauth do now? The answer is simple: NOTHING!

Lepep Kouyon has an attention span that is marginally less pronounced than that of a goldfish, so it is highly likely that in a week's time, Goldfinger will be nothing more than the skid marks in one's pants when one has not been very careful....and we have indeed been very careless as a nation to have allowed such a useless piece of shit to take such a leading role in our island.
Pravin Jugnauth should see this resignation as manna from heaven, that at last two of the main destroyers of BAI/Bramer are no longer in government, both having resigned on 'principles' that were dead on that night of carnage in April 2015, when Ali Vishnu Baba corralled 40 thieves to steal all the assets of one man, and condemn tens of thousands of savers to a life of terrible uncertainty and despair.

Yes, Goldfinger and Roshi have both resigned, the two destroyers, who then showed their bravery with the truly pathetic and cowardly game of "Pa moi sa, li sa" when the shit hit the fan, and most people became aware that the only criminals in the BAI/Bramer saga were the thieves and psychopaths in government and NOT Dawood Rawat.

Pravin Jugnauth can legitimately claim that "Pa moi sa, ban la sa!", as he took a background role when the knives were being plunged with zeal and reckless abandon by others (apart from one or two episodes where he was directly involved, like the despicable Satar's phone calls to him on that night...). And he must surely realise that the destruction of BAI/Bramer has alienated tens of thousands of voters of ALL communities from his government (a fact that a dumb Ramgoolam has not recognised yet..).

So, what does a clever politician do now? Does he yap on and on about a rusty Wilkinson? Or does he ignore the horrible specimen, pretend that he does not exist, and consign him to the oblivion which should have been his destiny decades ago?

A clever politician will try to repair the damage caused to his party and to his government by two horribly ambitious individuals and a few others; he now has the opportunity to show to us that he is not just a Prime Minister but a statesman worthy of our respect, who can acknowledge a grave injustice and who will do all he can to repair the damage.

After all, he has two convenient targets to aim his gun at, and they are both now out of the National assembly, so it would be stupid of him to ignore this golden opportunity to redeem his party and his government.

A clever politician would get in touch directly with Dawood Rawat and start negotiations now, because he knows that BAI/Bramer will otherwise remain the albatross around the MSM's neck forever, if he again chooses to do nothing. A clever politician will refuse to give this task to opportunistic middle men who will be in it for their own interests. Pick up the phone, man, and do it yourself!

This is his one chance to show that there is a strain of humanity in a party that remains condemned for letting the toxic fumes of la cuisine poison everything else.

Question: Is Pravin Jugnauth a clever politician? Or will pride stop him from making not only a clearly judicious political move, but a decent one?

If he doesn't, then the sobriquet 'ti cretin' needs to be stamped on his forehead, as a warning to others of missed opportunities, and cowardice...

Vendredi 22 Mars 2019

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