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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 27 Septembre 2019

Vreman ena bez dan sa ggt pays la! Our politicians are very, very angry because they have come to realise that they are not the only contenders for the cherished title of 'Enemy of the People'. Yes, many of them have stolen tens of millions of rupees of our money, and since December 2014, billions of rupees of our money through contracts bidons, commissions, bribes, 'donations politiques' etc.

We know we have real shits as politicians, but shit needs a sewer to flow through, and this is where our so called free and independent press act as the sewers for their preferred politicians (i.e. those zourlanus who have sold their souls for a few rupees...) to pour their shits on us.

I have been warning you for a while now that a terribly shameless and incredibly corrupt government will, out of sheer desperation, play an old record as the principal part of its electoral campaign: the personality of Ramgoolam, of course associated with the favourite words of a Lepep decidedly very kouyon, "cotomili", that thing called Nandinee Soornack, "Macarena", and a few other highly intellectual words.

As part of that campaign, a series of poisonous, very fake nonsense will be published by the main sewers of the government, Insane News, Lee Shim's two shiny and free toilet rolls (Mazavarou and Zordi), both run by the most mercenary and stupid zourlanus imaginable, the so called 'respectable' paper called le defi which is nothing more than a better quality toilet paper than the plain sewers, with Nawaz Nobuzz and other legends in their own tiny little minds pretending to be objective and independent even when they are breathing the methane from their own sewers....and validated by Nadir of Providence and the other specially picked listeners soucerres as our Pullitzer Prize winning heroes.

As for Radio Plus Pire, well I did not want to mention how low we have sunk in our appreciation of the truth and reality around us, and how fond we have become of 'news' that have been cropped to measure.

Now, before some idiot accuses me of being a 'fan' of Ramgoolam, let me repeat for the umpteenth time, but this time without zourer, that I have never been a fan of any of our politicians. Not one of them! I find all of them to be equally obnoxious individuals and cursed with a monstrous ego that bears no relationship at all to their intelligence, their personality, or their inability to keep their filthy hands off our money.

All of them, without exception. But we face a general elections soon, one that will decide whether this island can step back from the brink and try to at least begin to regain its status as a "Paradise Island", or we sink further into the quagmire of corruption, nepotism, crass stupidity, arrogance, bullying, and dictatorial methods of the current government.

It would seem that most of our press has decided that it will do everything in its power to pull us further down into that quagmire of filth and dross. The real shit merchants of Insane News have been publishing nonsense so false that a new category of "false and malicious' ought to be invented especially for it; Zordi and Mazavaroo will present themselves as slightly more respectable (it is not that hard to show oneself to be linguistically mildly superior to the sixieme fail standards of Insane News...), but the shit it puts through its sewer is of the same toxic variety.

Le Defi/ Radio Plus Pire remains the epitome of shit pretending to be Chanel Number 5: its poison is at times lethal, but more often than not, is of the slow killing one, where repetition of the same false nonsense rapidly becomes the truth to Lepep Kouyon.

Whatever Pravin Jugnauth or any of his minions do, including farting, will receive a prominent coverage in that noxious sewer, and the farting will be presented as a sign that even the bowels of our 'jeune' Prime Minister(despite his eligibility for the old age pension in a couple of years...) are of immense benefit to our nation.

Today, Radio Plus Pire gave an interview to Soornack's daughter, which does not surprise me at all, esp its timing. I have been telling you for weeks now how Lee Shim has met with Nandinee in Italy, and how a little vermin of a zourlanus together with a little cretin also met her in July of this year.

Was that done in order for them to find novel ways of adding cotomili to their food? Of course not! It is axiomatic that the most mercenary, exploitative, and nasty woman in our political history will respond to only one thing: more money! When you or I have an orgasm, we feel wonderful and worship the warmth and affection with every spurt. She orgasms only when the word 'Money' is emblazoned on her mind...

Nandinee's rather plain daughter spoke with the fake accent of the " Demain, du pain, de l'eau' brigade, and the first thing that I thought when I listened to it was : Have you any feelings at all for your father, the same father whose life was made hellish by the mother you worship, and whose dishonest and fake values you seem to have espoused?

You are in the same mould as your calculating mother: a mercenary little oik who has forgotten her bus conductor father completely, because the money obtained entirely from your mother being a mistress has also corrupted your miserable being completely.

But the horror show will continue soon. Watch out for porn type pics, photoshopped to perfection by the Israelis living in Riverwalk, that will show Navin Ramgoolam as King Dong, for all we know.... Or all sorts of lurid messages between Ramgoolam and Nandinee, now edited in such a way as to make Ramgoolam seem the only politician who has ever had a mistress...

As for the zourlanus, they will never tell you about the mistresses they have, or in the case of le defi, Radio Plus Pire, the young men they keep for 'company'...

Those sewers know they can't say anything bad about Veena Ramgoolam. So their shit masters have told them to go for Ramgoolam and Nandinee. Of course they will never mention Lady Macbeth and her impersonation of the Martini advert: Any time, any place, anywhere, with some gandia thrown in too. Oh no! If they do that, la cuisine pou fer zot assiz lor ene tawa bien chaud, non? And they will never talk about the mistresses of the current politicians in power, nominated at vast expense to us, and making incredible fortunes at our expense....

Yes, our politicians of ALL parties have proven themselves to be selfish, egotistical bastards who have stolen our votes in order to steal our money too. But the biggest enemy of the people remains, by and large, our press for being nothing but the sewers that the politicians, esp those in power, use to shit and piss on us.

Today's 'interview' with the daughter of that woman is only the beginning. The worst is yet to come. The competition to be the worst purveyor of the brown stuff is hotting up, and zourlanus of all shapes and sizes are competing to be the first to bring the politicians' shit to our tables..

So, next time you read the shit from those sewers, make sure you wear a full length apron...

Vendredi 27 Septembre 2019

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