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"Christmas is the time when kids tell Santa what they want and adults pay for it. Deficits are when adults tell government what they want and their kids pay for it."----Richard Lamm

We all love good, fat, old Santa Claus, don't we?

The fantasy of free gifts lovingly bestowed to us by a jolly stranger wearing weird clothes always creates a feel good factor, with no thoughts at all about the hidden costs and motives behind such generosity. Pravin Jugnauth has understood this and in his ardent desire to ensure that his family simply cannot afford the risk of seeing Navin Ramgoolam back as Prime minister, he is treading the right path to increase his chances of remaining as Prime Minister following the next elections. In this venture, he has two solid weapons at his disposal: 

1/ A Lepep Kouyon that will reward anyone that satisfies its mantra of 'gouvernman bizin donner', irrespective of how bad the finances of the country happen to be. "Give and you shall reap the rewards of Lepep Kouyon" now clearly is the leitmotiv of a Prime Minister in severe danger of losing his crown and probably his liberty should his nemesis regain power.

2/ A quite useless opposition making the reckless and very irresponsible gamble that the litany of scandals that has destroyed the credibility of this government does not require any serious work for it to win power at the next elections.

All that it needs apparently is a few press conferences now and then, a few silly answers to the rather shallow and stupid questions of many zourlanus, and power will be ours, they lamentably believe. And if things continue as they are, Pravin Jugnauth will be still Prime Minister after the elections, faute de mieux...Those who call Pravin Jugnauth 'ti cretin' have not understood this basic concept; He has, and there is a real possibility that the real cretins will be shown to be the opposition and not him after the next election.

Yes, the Santa Claus effect which always satisfies the selfishness and greed of a lepep kouyon and which has consistently proven to be successful in our history since independence. SSR and his PTr was dead and buried in 1976 until he pulled out of the hat 'ledikation gratis' and swayed enough votes to scrape to victory through a very narrow coalition with SGD and his PMSD; Lepep Kouyon forgot about Macarena and the various stupidities of NR in his first stint as PM as soon as Navin Ramgoolam dangled the juicy carrot of "transpor gratis' in 2005 and swept the MSM/MMM from power; in 2014. the promise of old age pension rising to Rs 5000 a month, rather contemptuously dismissed as unfeasible by Ramgoolam/Berenger, brought SAJ and his little army of mostly unknowns and rejects to power. And the same Santa Claus effect has a good chance of succeeding in the 2019/2020 elections.

Let us look at what other gifts Santa Pravin will bestow on a Lepep Kouyon in order to satisfy its unquenchable thirst for 'gouvernman bizin donner"

1/ Ledikation tertiaire gratis will cost the taxpayer well over one billion rupees, but who cares? The rat race and an education system that predicts success for those who can afford the extortionate and quite immoral private tuition will continue to ensure that the vast majority of children who enter primary schools will never enjoy the benefits of ledikation tertiaire gratis. Most of them give up at sixieme and SC levels and in the minority that manages to get to HSC exams, many of them will not satisfy the entry requirements for ledikation tertiaire gratis. 

2/ One of those syndikalis who believe that our lives will not be complete until we see their fat faces on TV or in our newspapers has managed to get Pravin Jugnauth to bring forward the PRB awards which were not due until 2021. That covers roughly the votes of 85,000 adults plus their families, who will now get a lovely dollop of money, with back pay siouplai, just before the next elections. Who is the real cretin in terms of votes now, eh? PJ or a totally useless opposition?

3/ Whether we like it or not, Metro Express will be a reality before the next elections. Forget the environmental damage, the hardship caused to many residents in many areas, etc. Lepep Kouyon will be interested in only 2 things, if the system works satisfactorily: 1/ the lure of novelty, that "ene ti pays kumsa in ressi fer ene system transport kumsa" 2/ The old people and students will continue to enjoy their transpor gratis, but now in modern, clean surroundings 3/ Hopefully, the traffic jams to Port Louis will be reduced. Yes, many of us who worry about the shady aspects of this deal will not be sufficient to stop a Lepep kouyon from showing its gratitude at the ballot box.

4/ Project Safe City with its 4000 cameras presumably able to catch you even when you are having a shit? Who cares? Lepep Kouyon will be happy with a few lurid headlines to show how these cameras have been responsible for the arrest of the many bastards who are making our lives quite intolerable with their anti social, murderous antics. And many will trot our their favourite, simplistic line, " si to pa p fer crime, to pa bizin peur sa ban cameras la"...and Sherry Singh will be considerably richer than in 2014..

5/ Our trade deficit is getting bigger by the day, but who cares? Lepep Kouyon is happy that the only thing that matters to him is '" baisse prix lessence! Bizin enkor subsides! Ki balance payments zot p kozer? mo bien balancer, moi!" 

6/ Just before the next elections, Pravin Jugnauth will increase old age pension to at least Rs 7,200 a month? Why Rs 7,200? Because one of his main slogans will be" Ramgoolam ti p donne zot Rs 3,600 en 2014. Moi mo in doubler sa pou nou ban vier dimounes et fer sa vine Rs 7,200!"

And if he really is intelligent in terms of winning the next elections, Pravin Jugnauth will do the unthinkable thing amongst our politicians of all parties and do a magic mea culpa re the insane destruction of BAI/Bramer. He could legitimately claim that he did not have a primary role in that nasty business and that he was not even a senior minister at that time. I believe he can and should do this, for many practical and electoral reasons:

a/ that will allow him to get rid of Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo, the main architect of that carnage, and will put the other dark destroyer, Roshi Bhadain, in his place. 

b/ It will highlight the difference between him and Ramgoolam especially, and Berenger, who was prompted by Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo to set the ball rolling by asking a PNQ based on lies. It cannot have escaped the notice of everyone that Ramgoolam has foolishly and quite ungratefully kept mostly quiet about the damage done to Dawood Rawat and to his years of hard work. If nothing else, he ought to have shown some gratitude for the fact that Dawood Rawat's grandfather financially helped a poor SSR to continue his medical studies in the UK. I can't be the only one to have noticed that NR only ever talks about BAI/Bramer after having heard of my views on Facebook about his contemptible silence on the matter. 

c/ As things stand, very few Muslims will vote for the MSM, because of BAI/Bramer. That is a huge number of votes to lose...But he should also consider that many Hindus, Chinese, Creoles, and Whites have also lost a lot of money and feel great resentment and hatred towards the MSM because of this. A wise politician desperate to win power needs to show that he he understands this...

d/ It will show people that Pravin Jugnauth has the grandeur d'ame to acknowledge a terrible mistake and is decent enough to try to repair the damage.

If Pravin Jugnauth shows a genuine willingness to repair the damage caused to one man who he knew very well, having often visited him together with the Ayatollah, then his chances of staying in power will be much stronger....esp if the Ayatollah can convince his friend from Saudi Arabia to cough up the finances required for this.

If he starts direct and genuine negotiations with Dawood Rawat now, and not through his stupid and quite useless intermediaries, I will even venture to say that he will win the next elections. Because that is the missing piece in the Santa jigsaw puzzle.

And it will make Navin Ramgoolam look like the ungrateful, stupid man he often is, whose massive ego can be nurtured only by the empty and shallow praise of his idiotic advisers, hangers on, and soucerres.

Mercredi 9 Janvier 2019

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