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[Paul Lismore] THE PRICE OF A LIFE IN MAURITIUS: Rs 50,000

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 5 Janvier 2021

Someone drunk as only an irresponsible idiot could be, drives into you and your motorbike from behind.

You die on the spot, and the drunken bastard does what all well connected and rich bastards do when they are caught doing something evil: he leaves the scene of carnage that he has caused, and hurries to one of those private clinics whose primary role these days seems to be to provide sanctuary to any well off individual running away from the scene of his crime.

That was on 12th January 2014, and the case was concluded yesterday. Yes, 7 years later in our so called etat de droit. The drunken idiot, a doctor, had pleaded not guilty to a charge of « causing death by careless driving when under influence of intoxicating drink », despite the facts screaming at him that his gross irresponsibility had killed someone primarily because he was driving a motor vehicle despite being incapacitated to drive through drinking like a pig.

In mitigation, he told the court that " il est un médecin exerçant dans le domaine public, qu’il est marié et père de trois enfants et qu’il est le seul gagne-pain de la famille. Il avait également souligné qu’il est très engagé dans le social et exprimé ses regrets et sa tristesse pour cet accident et le décès du motocycliste qu’il n’avait nullement l’intention de provoquer. Il avait aussi soutenu que cette affaire aura un impact sur sa carrière." The poor pet! You feel like reaching for your box of tissues to wipe away the tears when you hear the terrible fate of this idiot, don't you?

The newspaper article hardly mentions anything about the victim who died through no fault of his own. We are told that he was Poobarlen Pakireepillay, that he was 24 years old, and that's it! Nothing about the grief of his family, whether he had a wife and children, whether he was the sole breadwinner, whether he was " très engagé dans le social", and the effects of his death on his parents. Nothing! It is all about the poor doctor and how he needs to rebuild his fucking life, after having extinguished the life of someone else....

Here is the evidence of one eye witness: " Sa vites linn pass ar mwa kouma dir enn avyon pe dekole… Kan linn pass ar mwa sa vites la, monn kone mo kamwad pe ale ».  We are told that " un alcootest effectué sur le médecin avait révélé un taux élevé d’alcoolémie dans le sang, soit 105 milligrammes d’alcool pour 100 millilitres de sang.".

But we are not told how long after the accident was this alcootest performed, because remember, the poor doctor had scarpered to the clinic after the accident. Logic tells you the blood alcohol level must have been higher when he caused the death of Poorbarlen Pakireepillay....

Anyway, 7 years after the carnage, the doctor was 'punished' by the court yesterday: Rs 50,000 fine, and loss of driving licence for 3 years. Nothing in terms of compensation or of doing the right thing for the family of the victim....

Are you surprised we have so many people pissed as farts and using their motor vehicles as an offensive and murderous weapon on our roads? During December 2020, some 100 people were caught driving whilst drunk. They would have spent a few hours in the cellule de degrisement, and then allowed to go home....or even to drive home! They will continue to drive for years before our courts catch up with them, and then 9 times out of 10, they will get a little slap on the wrist.

We are allowed to use a knife in the right circumstances, for example when preparing your meal in your kitchen. But if you brandish it outside, the police will rightly confiscate it, because it is an offensive weapon in that circumstance....unless if it is a sword, and you utter the magic words, " sabre plastik sa, boss", and the police will let you go...

So, why is it that when you convert an ordinary machine like your car into an offensive weapon through drinking, the law does not allow the 2 things that would control this plague of drink driving: 1/ Confiscate the car 2/ Cancel your driving licence until the case of drink driving is concluded.

Of course if you are middle class, rich, and well connected, then it does not matter what you do. The court will be bowled away with your mitigating circumstances and let you off....even if your stupidity has led to the death of someone. 
Justice, Mauritian style....

Mardi 5 Janvier 2021

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