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“There is nothing more corrupting, nothing more destructive of the noblest and finest feelings of our nature, than the exercise of unlimited power.”---William Harrison, 9th USA President.

Let me first of all give you a few names, some confirmed, some the subject of rumours that are getting louder, and I bet you that you all will notice the similarity of their ethnic background, and its rather gross incongruity in what they tell us is still a multicultural nation:

Swaley Kasenally, Rashid Beebeejaun, Sir Hamid Moollan, Showkatally Soodhun, and on the comeback trail apparently, Cassam Uteem, but this time proposed by the MSM. Swaley has been confirmed by the MMM as its candidate, Rashid Beebeejaun has been thankfully rejected as presidential candidate by the PTr and apparently replaced by Sir Hamid Moollan, Soodhun is being mentioned more and more as Pravin Jugnauth's choice for a post with "gran responsabilite", although my ti macros from la cuisine tell me that he has instead been earmarked as a roving ambassador for the Middle East...which probably means that World War III is around the corner if that nomination should ever take place, bearing in mind the Ayatollah's superlative 'diplomatic' skills...Cassam Uteem will apparently be nominated as part of the negotiations for a post electoral MMM/MSM Alliance.

But let us ignore the politics for one moment, although the choice of only Muslim candidates for the Head of State position tells you how far Berenger's "communalisme scientifique" has corroded the fabric of this nation...

And it would seem that the most pointless post in the world, that of Vice President of Mauritius, has been reserved for only those who describe themselves as Tamils. The MMM has chosen Kris Poonoosamy to replace Chana Puri. So now, those idiots who were muttering "Islamophobe!" when reading this can now add "Tamilophobe" to their repertoire...

But what should the Presidency of our nation symbolise? A nomination for the friend of the leader of the party which forms the government? Is that it? You need to be a/ be of the 'right' ethnic background and b/ be as close to the backside of the party leader without being arrested under the Sexual Offences Act? B kot nou p aller kumsa? Nepli ena Hindous, Creoles, Sinoi, etc dan sa pays la? Kisan la ki in decider ki zis ene Muslim kapav vine President et zis ene Tamil kapav vine Vice Presiden, kouma sa ban zoaves politiciens la p rode fer nou koir?

I deliberately included the quote from William Harrison at the beginning to remind you how a democracy can be subverted to such a dictatorial extent that a Prime Minister can have unlimited power over us...despite the existence of so many institutions which are independent in name only. Look at them: ICAC, IBA, ESC, Police, MBC, etc, and they are all under the absolute control of Pravin Jugnauth and his la cuisine. So, we have a 'democracy', but that only means we give power to an idiot every five years who then believes that pays la, so la terre, nou larzan, tou pu mari sorma sa.

This applies to ALL our party leaders who have subsequently become Prime Ministers, but especially to the Father and son hellish combo who have stolen and repressed so much in the last five years...where others have stolen by the millions, these greedy bastards have grabbed billions.

There have been many victims of this unlimited power exercised by the Jugs since 2014, but none more so than one individual who, through sheer hard work, went from nothing to becoming a major competitor to the Super Rich in their hallowed turf of banking and insurance. When all the dirty tricks that they had tried for decades to stop him in his tracks failed, they simply stole all that he had worked for, imprisoned and falsely charged his nearest and dearest ones, and made the lives of thousands of his savers and investors an absolute misery.

They invented an obscure term, "related parties", which sounds like an offence to do with incest, and used that to tie his hands before firing the final shot. Amazing how 'related parties' has never been used to bother the Super Rich and those always looking for favours from the government...

That man is Dawood Rawat...And if this country wants to be seen as appreciative of the redemptive powers of a human being after being destroyed by arseholes not fit to tie his shoe laces, then he is the one who should be nominated as the next President. This will have the incredibly symbolic power of showing politicians that when you misuse the power we give you and you use it instead to steal the assets of one citizen, we the people will hate you for that.

You will see from the names that have been put forward by the party leaders, not one of them has ever created even one job for anyone...unless if you consider the chauffeur provided to them by the taxpayer as a job. Dawood Rawat has created thousands of jobs, something that not even his detractors and brain dead Ponzi wallahs could ever deny.

So, let us see if there is one political leader who will nominate him. Keep looking, because these leaders will always nominate only people who are like them: good at dinner parties perhaps and for fuck all else.

I know that Dawood Rawat will hate seeing his name mentioned in this context, and will refuse any attempt to nominate him: because he has never been a yes man, and after what they have done to him and callously destroyed his lifetime work, he will probably feel that he would rather be dead than to be seen in the company of those hypocritical, lying, self serving bastards.

Who could blame him?

Lundi 28 Octobre 2019

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