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The words of a disillusioned billionaire foreigner after having been repeatedly conned by bullshitters, lawyers, and the hidden lines linking the corrupt and thieving bastards on our island:

" They used the fact that I was a foreigner and that I trusted them against me. They defrauded me of almost 70 million rupees in deposit since it was not possible to realise the planned project on the land in question and the deposit is non-refundable."

So, what do you do then if you are in his situation and faced with this problem in our etat de droit? Call the police! Get the lawyers in! He did, and this is what happened..." I decided to both sue and report them to the police for fraud in 2013, but I never got any help from the police and still, after more than five years, nothing has happened. Regarding all of the different teams of lawyers I engaged, they all asked for huge up-front retainers. Once they received the retainers from me, I found out that they were more or less biased in favour of the rich businessman from whom I was supposed to purchase the land. They just took my money and did nothing. Luckily, I finally have a great team of lawyers now, but it was not easy to find them. Concerning the biased lawyers, I complained to the Mauritius Bar Association and they were not of much help....All I can say, is that Mauritius is a small country, with a small population, with an even smaller number of lawyers. The probability of retaining a lawyer who has once dealt with the adverse party is relatively high. "

I wrote about this case some 2 years ago...Here is the post:

" Paul Lismore
12 August 2017 · 


" Make crime pay. Become a lawyer."--- Will Rogers

Many of you would have seen the trailer for 'Documentary Evidence', a new venture by L'Express which sounds quite promising. The first episode looks at a chap called Berth Milton and the alleged theft of Rs 69 millions of his money through a IRS scam. Apparently he was 'sold' 38 acres of land in La Plantation Marguery at Black River.

Remember the Nandinee Soornack saga, where the cotomili lady bought a mansion in Floreal costing around Rs 80 millions for less than half that price? The mansion belonged to Didier Maingard, the same man who 'sold' the 38 acres to Berth Milton.
A 'tenor du barreau', Herve Duval Jr drafted the legal document (promesse de vente) for the sale, and one would of course expect a learned person to have done all the necessary research work with the Land Registry, etc, prior to giving his approval for the sale and drafting the papers...

Herve Duval is the lawyer who Peroumal Veeren, that well known philanthropist for political pygmies and zavokas, told the Drugs Commission that he took drugs money from him as his fees.

One has to ask the question: Was it proper or safe for Herve Duval, a lawyer, to draft this document? Would it not have been better left to a notary public, as it pertains to a land transaction, and would come under the Sale of Immovable Property Act, 1868?
As mentioned before, Berth Milton wanted to embark on an IRS enterprise on the 38 acres. Unfortunately, no one told him that the land falls in a buffer zone and therefore no BLUP could be issued. Under Section 117(2) of the Local Government Act 2011 “ every person who intends to

(a) Commence the construction or demolition of a building or effect extensive alterations, additions or repairs to an existing building:
(b) Carry out development of land;
(c) Carry out development, including demolition of a building in the BufferZones, 
Shall apply to the Municipal City Council, Municipal town Council or District Council, as the case may be, for an Outline Planning permission or a Building and Land Use Permit”.

Berth Milton gave the Rs 69 millions as deposit in good faith and has been trying hard to get his money back for this 'sale' which clearly has been carried out under very dubious circumstances. It looks suspiciously the same as someone selling you a nice looking Ferrari car, and you take his word on trust, especially as it is backed by legal expertise. You pay the money and when you come to pick the expensive car, you then realise that the impressive looking Ferrari has no engine....

The fact that Berth Milton is a producer of porn movies is neither here nor there. The only issue here is: What sort of etat de droit is this where the few can get away with anything and the law seems to apply only to the rest of us? This has been going on for over 5 years now.

The moral of the story: Na pa kokin 2-3 leksi! Si ena pou kokin, al pran par dizaines, centaines de millions parski ou pou ena asser kass lerla pou fer la justice fer so travay, i.e. pa fer ene ferfoute ditou."

Mercredi 8 Mai 2019

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