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" A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves, and traitors are not victims....but accomplices."...George Orwell.

Never before have we lived in a country where everything is under the control of a government which conned us with the promise to bring much needed change, but which has instead changed it from a mediocre government under Ramgoolam into an abysmally catastrophic and corrupt one, where the only priority is an electoral victory by any means possible.

If you think that previous electoral campaigns were marked by allegations of bribery, fantastic promises, lies and subterfuge, and breaches of the electoral rules, I am afraid you ain't seen nothing yet. Because what is being cooked in la cuisine is a diet of corruption, criminality, and non stop lies to be served to a naive population, and with the active cooperation of institutions that are now corrupt to the core and led by the nominated storm troopers of la cuisine.

Think about it: we no longer have institutions whose primary cause for existence is to hold politicians to account and to ensure that breaches of rules and laws and the abuse of power are sanctioned. They have all become rotten, infused with the cancer of corruption, whilst simultaneously having their palms greased with salaries so stupendous and so ludicrously high in a moribund economy that those nominees are too busy having wet dreams over them instead of doing their jobs properly.

Let us start with some of the major institutions which have now become clear examples and symbols of unconscionable and monstrous passivity and collusion with the tyrants in power:

1/ The MBC, a grotesque institution paid for entirely by us, the people, but which is under the complete control of some hugely incompetent but proud idiots in the PMO. It is staffed almost entirely by people with not one backbone to share amongst them, and who revel in taking orders from the politicians in power. These people feel enormous pride in knowing and experiencing the feelings of their tongues up some politician's orifice at all times, esp if the said hole belongs to whoever happens to be the PM of the day.

The MBC has always been like this, under ALL governments. But, can anyone, hand on heart, say that things were always this bad? I am afraid the current mob at the MBC has now plumbed the depths of the sewer that even sewer rats refuse to venture into....And, yet, they have the MBC Act to protect and defend them if only they could subscribe to its charter of independence and objectivity.

2/ The Independent Broadcasting Authority, a criminal organisation that has distorted the word 'independent' to such an extent that it really ought to be described as the Servile Broadcasting Authority...And all led by a zavoka, so you immediately notice the absence of principles, ethics, or even basic decency that afflicts the once noble profession that our zavokas claim to subscribe to.

3/ ICAC, another useless bit of toilet paper that clings to your ass after a rather satisfactory bout of diarrhoea in the toilet. We all talk about corrupt politicians, corrupt civil servants, corrupt police, corrupt zavokas/mazistras/ziz, dokters, inzenieurs, etc, but ICAC simply cannot find them, and instead concentrates its efforts on the minions in public service. If ever something needs to be flushed down our sewerage pipes, it is that shitty organisation and its chuttur ka mou in charge of it.

4/ ICTA, that bunch of nonentities all nominated by la cuisine, as usual, and which springs into action ONLY when allegations have been made against people with an aversion to sticking their noses too close to a minister's arse.

5/ Our police force, staffed largely by decent people but led by a bunch of donkeys whose only resolution every morning seems to be, not the fight against the horrendous rise in crime, but 'kouma mo pou fer ministre la apprecier moi zordi?' Led by a Marionette who has no clue about the sacred responsibilities of his position, but who is quite partial to ensuring that passports are issued promptly to known drugs dealers. And which, like ICAC, treats as a matter of utmost urgency any complaint, however trivial or stupid, made by any minister or politician in government, but which met dan tiroir any complaint by anyone against those clownish characters.

6/ If you thought Ravi YerriGrodoudou was a useless Attorney General, whose role consisted mainly in sitting next to a minister at press conferences and smiling stupidly, what can one say about his replacement, the chap with the face of a pussy and who has still not understood his basic role of AG as Chief Legal adviser to the government, and not as a partisan, failed rabble rouser on behalf of the same government.

As he is an expert in domestic violence matters and the needlessly expensive and serpentine procedures for divorce, one is surprised that he still has not introduced significant legislation in those two areas....

I can continue the above list until tomorrow,but I don't have time for that. The shortened list is merely a preamble to 2 points I will now raise, and both will be much in evidence in the forthcoming electoral campaign.

1/ The incredible amount of money that will be wasted in the next campaign. Money which comes from a/ 'commissions' for contracts that always go significantly above the ones signed by the Central Procurement Board, and which we, the perpetual suckers in this demi monde of thieves, always pay for.

I cannot think of one contract that has been completed either below the contract price or has met it. It is always hundreds of millions of rupees more for a price that had been already agreed and signed for! Which raises the obvious question:

What is the point of having a Central Procurement Board if it signs away huge amounts of money on our behalf and then to add a lot more on contracts that they have already signed?? 

Why is the so called 'Safe City' a licence to print money for as much sherry as la cuisine can take? Rs 18 milliards a pou sa ggtri la?

b/ "donations politiques", i.e. hundreds of millions of rupees given by the handful of people who control almost everything on the island to ALL the leaders of our political parties, meme si ou 'la main prop'...In return, the first budget of an incoming government always has as its mainstay the provision of billions of rupees of taxpayers' money in subsidies/grants/reduction and/or exemption in taxes for the few ultra rich.

The brain dead tend to mock Ramgoolam for the safes found in his house with over Rs 220 millions, and use the term "coffre fort' as their highly intellectual contribution to what they call 'comments' online. The question that is never asked is : " si li ti ena Rs 220 millions, kommien ban Jugs ena? Kommien Berenger ti gagner? Kommien Zaza ti pran?"

Because, you can be sure that towards the end of the last electoral campaign when it was becoming clear that the Jugs might win, that handful of people ensured that the coffers of the Jugs were full to the brim. And the new minister of finance, Vishnu Razoir, ensured that such generosity would be reimbursed by us with massive interest thrown in with his stupid Smart Cities, IRS etc, with land conversion tax to the tune of billions of rupees being exempted for those poor people...All in his first budget, siouplai, sinon ban missiers la pou amerder...

Now, try imagining how much money the Jugs have stashed away for the forthcoming electoral campaign, from commissions, from contracts that magically go on overspending mode, donations politiques, etc. Please do not stop until the word 'billions' appear in your mind and then keep imagining....

So, when a politician gives you a nice envelope during the campaign and tells you 'Vote pou moi', take the money and ask for more! It confirms to you that this is a thief, a corrupt bastard who is giving you peanuts for the votes that will make him a multi millionaire, if you are stupid and reckless enough to vote for someone like him/her.

The second point I promised you will be raised tomorrow. It will deal with the illegal and monstrous abuse of power by the AG and Marionette with police evidence that is in their custody and which therefore belongs to the court, and not to them. Especially as it is evidence that will NOT be used in any court trial, and remains in police/Marionette/AG custody simply because, as much as they (mostly corrupt and thieving bastards) like to tell you that we live in an etat de droit, I am afraid we don't.

Mercredi 19 Juin 2019

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