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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 28 Février 2020

Yes, folks. Forget tourism, textiles, fishing, offshore, IT, and all the other hubs that have failed to deliver their rather grandiose promises. Make way for the new hub that will soon increase our GDP to an imaginably high level and which will not involve any foreign investment as we already have all the natural talent that we need here in Mauritius.

I am talking about the welding hub, where "mett ene lake ferblanc" seems to be all the rage these days. From police officers arresting innocent people and sticking fake charges on them, as we saw with the long queue of people involved with Bramer/Bramer traipsing to courts for over 2 years on charges which welders around the world are now using as models for their lake ferblanc; from the pik latrine known as the MBC and their numerous lake ferblanc on Navin Ramgoolam to their garlands of shiny steel around Pravin Jugnauth's neck; from Rakesh Gooljaury, the perfect welder, leaving many lake ferblanc with many banks and walking away with hundreds of millions of rupees; from politicians who have stolen hundreds of millions of rupees from us(some would say billions over the last 5 years...) and left us with so many lake ferblancs that it would take at least 2 generations to untangle....

To a 16 year old girl threatening the lover who has spurned her that " Si to pas pou maryer avek mwa, mo pou mett enn laké fer blanc avek twa". That's the future, folks! With the alarming rise in underage sex (" Mo kontan li , li konne fer..."), teenage pregnancies, the behaviour of many teenagers in public, the "Pa moi sa, li sa" mentality from politicians to streetwalkers, the future is bright. 

When it comes to gold medals, we have definitely won the one for 'mett lake ferblanc' whenever we are in shit street and we want to put the blame on someone else. For example, no one is better at accusing people of other religions at being "racistes/kominalis" than our own wonderful people, who of course are not 'racistes' even when they are spewing the most revoltingly racist tripe online...

The future is bright! We don't need to go down mine shafts and dig for tin. We have more than enough natural tin within our mindset to fer et mett nou lake ferblanc kan nou envi! For further details, ask any zourlanus, esp the oily hypocrites always keen to show us what wonderful, caring people they really are...

Vendredi 28 Février 2020

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