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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 6 Février 2019

" “From fanaticism to barbarism is only one step.” ― Denis Diderot, Essai sur le mérite et la vertu

An island that loudly claims to respect the faith and beliefs of everyone seems incredibly selective in voicing its outrage when those who are contemptuously referred to as 'la mazorite' witness the desecration and insult to their Gods by absolute arseholes who believe that putting on the garb of their religion allows them to insult and offend with impunity.

What is even more outrageous is the fact that a government that many decry keeps being elected largely by the votes of that 'mazorite' ends up ignoring those insults and does absolutely fuck all about clear acts of blasphemy towards that 'mazorite'.

It is pointless talking about a police force led by a dunderhead, a yes man who is concerned only about his per diem, obeying every stupid order that takes the fancy of any politician in government, and, most importantly, that his lychees are not stolen by anyone.

The Marionette has been a complete, utter disgrace as police commissioner and we would have saved a lot of money if a shop dummy had been appointed in his place.

The man has as much initiative as a broken down clock waiting to be rewound by its owner. He has a police I.T. unit which seems much more interested in finding my identity or my location, and I can assure you that the intention is certainly not to send me a Valentine card with its mandatory bouquet of fresh roses...

This task has now apparently been taken over by the chuttur ka mou in charge of ICAC, who has instructed his so called 'investigation team' to take over from P.C. Plod in their manic obsession to do me harm. As for the fight against corruption, zot p enkor etidier dossier la...

Before I come to the gist of the topic of this post, let me tell you about my profound admiration for Muslims and Christians who would defend their faith and beliefs against any insults from anyone. In my book, that is not religious fanaticism, but the desire to defend the Constitutional rights we all enjoy about the freedom to practise our religion.

We may not agree with the tenets and principles of other people's religion, we may even find many aspects of the religious books that people often quote from to be quite disturbing, but in a multi cultural society, it is axiomatic that we should respect the personal. religious (or non religious) views of every one.

Unfortunately, Hindus, or 'la mazorite' as many now contemptuously refer to them, have never shown the solidarity and desire to defend their faith as the believers of other religions tend to do.

They seem far more interested in further dividing themselves along stupid caste and linguistic lines. The so called socio cultural orgs are nothing but state regulated vehicles for nincompoops to make a fortune out of the gullibility and naivety of the people they claim to represent, and their leaders believe that the apogee of their selfish endeavours is achieved once a year when they drape a garish curtain over the shoulders of whichever politician happens to be Prime Minister.

Not one of these bastards has come out to condemn the actions of a self styled 'pasteur', a chap with a face like a shrivelled pussy, and who has posted incredibly insulting things about Hindu Gods on his Facebook page.

Not one! They are more interested in seeing which one of them will benefit from the government largesse at the forthcoming Maha Shivratri celebrations, i.e. how much paissa will filter down to their pockets.

I don't blame Pravin Jugnauth for the complete lack of action over the disgusting, truly blasphemous posts of the shrivelled pussy faced 'pasteur'. After all, the man can only act on info that a useless police commissioner gives him and on the stupid advice given to him by the thickos posing as advisers and senior advisers. 

But the thought did strike me that no one will dare post that sort of incendiary nonsense about Islam or Christianity, and rightly so. If nothing else, the Muslims and Christians would have immediately shown the vile miscreant the error of his ways. Hindus? "Eh pa mo problem sa! Jaide! Laisse li! Bon dier pou pini li!".

I have raised my concern about the huge number of anti India comments online and how this would soon be translated into anti malbar feelings. This has already happened and you only need to look at the comments sections of our online newspapers to realise that there are some bone headed, mindless arseholes who have yet to pass their Sixieme but who feel entitled to batter our senses every day with filthy, racist comments.

I am afraid L'Express is criminally irresponsible for giving a platform to these dregs of society to vent their hatred and stupidity in public.

With all the profits that la Sentinelle makes, can't they appoint a moderator who will get rid of all the poisonous views they currently allow? Fair play to le Defi, where this sort of nonsense is rather satisfactorily controlled.

Some maniacs are really intent on turning this country into an inferno where men lose all reason because of their distorted views about what their religion really means. We have now allowed a culture of 'victimhood' to thrive where criminals and violent bastards are that way inclined because apparently 'mazorite in pran tou!', "recensement ethnik pou montrer nou ki mari!", etc.

Our minds have become enslaved over religious identity and 'victimhood' seems a far more attractive proposition than the need to tell your children basic things like study well and obtain the qualifications that will improve their life chances; than the need to tell your underage daughters that giving birth at 12,13, or 14 years old is a passport to a life of poverty and lack of ambition; that in an island where everything is free, transport/ledikation gratis, supplemented by free school books/uniforms, etc, talking about Victimization because of poor exam results is akin to the hare whingeing to the tortoise at the end of the race,"to in gagner zis akoz mo ti p dormi!"

That other pussy face, our Attorney General, brought in his amendment to ICTA...Presumably he is still trying to understand what he has amended, as he has done fuck all so far to stop the religious fanatics and maniacs from spreading their poisonous filth online.

I will provide the link to the one who calls himself 'pasteur' in the first comment to this post. Only arseholes and mindless fanatics will believe that his lump of turd in a so called multicultural society is a good thing. 

I dread to think what idiots of his ilk might do during Maha Shivratri or any Hindu religious festival, if the authorities continue to sit on their arses and twiddling their thumbs.

The way things are going, we are waiting for the volcano of ethnic strife and warfare to erupt...if nothing is done to stop these maniacs in their tracks.

Mercredi 6 Février 2019

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