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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 8 Septembre 2019

Yes, the bug for buffoonery and the sick desire to be seen the opposite of the no great shakes individual that he really is has struck again...

The idiot fell into the trap and is probably even now writing his 'masterpiece' which will be based on junk info given to him by a nasty, vindictive, incredibly childish bitch masquerading as a man, whose favourite hobby seems to be to neglect his children and to bully his wife into submission on a daily basis.

For the purpose of this post, we will adopt the posture of the several individuals who combine their efforts to bring some clarity and truth to the garbage that passes for politics in Mauritius, and who have deliberately chosen a pseudonym (Paul Lismore) in order to put a brake on the dictatorial, savage impulses of our politicians and their little slaves in the press and in society in general to harass, persecute, and torment anyone who is seen as not 'nou bann'.

Let us explain: for several months now, we have been receiving reports from several of our spies in the National Security Services, in the press, and from normal people too that our lovely, transparent and very democratic government was doing all it can in order to find the identity of the people behind "Paul Lismore".

Apparently, that became the top priority of those bozos, even though our economy is in the doldrums and we are up to our neck in debt, and the only growth industry has been in the sale of ribbons for our PM to cut and in the purchase of blankets/curtains for those vile "socio cultural leaders" to drape over his shoulders, with a sickly smile on their faces. We then saw Insane News getting one of their trolls to come up with two names, and the sounds of laughter can still be heard when people mention the identity of those two.

We are quite surprised that neither one of the two individuals wrongly mentioned has seen fit to join the queue of useless people who go to Casernes in order to get Missier Gablou to salvage a reputation that most of them lost years, if not decades ago...

Anyway, we thought, who can we target and show how he is a deeply hypocritical piece of garbage, who uses, abuses, and discards people after he has got what he needed from them, who has a huge problem with the lowly caste he sprung from and who has been trying ever since to show that he is a high brow intellectual, when the sad truth is he finds the idea of intellectualism to be synonymous with the depth of any orifice that appears attractive to his tongue?

Who talks about independence and objectivity when his hands have been shackled by Rogers and the other huge conglomerates ever since his toxic presence cast a dark shadow on the world of Mauritian 'journalism'...who waffles on and on about multiculturalism but who, with the cowardice, perfidy, and unscrupulousness of opportunistic charlatans only sees problems with the religion that unfortunately has him as an adherent.

We decided we would use an old WhatsApp number of one of our friends and pass it on to our people in the NSS, with the clear instruction to pass it on to one of their macros that proliferate in our 'free and independent' press and in society at large.

We chose that friend because we know all about his background, his undercover work for the "Shady Services" around the world, his personal experience of those Services planting stories in the press about himself for the benefit of fools and criminals to believe that he really is on their side and therefore they can trust him, and all sorts of other escapades that would not be prudent to disclose in public....

And the idiot macro of the NSS took the bait and passed the fake, old number on to our quite dense, 'intrepid' reporter. What do you think our ever so intelligent and dynamic reporter did then? Go on, have a guess because we know it is hard that someone who loves to present himself as very bright, charming, a real showman can be that dim....

He sent a message to that old number with the veiled threat " Why so full of hate Mr "Paul"? The inverted commas around Paul is to give us the impression that he knows the identity of Paul Lismore, and we have been shitting ourselves ever since! Imagine being 'unmasked' by a mercenary pretending to be a decent journalist, eh?

Anyway, the ace investigative journalist became the Clouseau that he really is because he failed to do the one thing that you never do if you want to frighten someone: you never give your own phone number! We know who he is because we have been telling you for years now how his pretence and sham investigations can never cover one unarguable fact, that he is an arch arse licker whose pen flows with the ink of the Super rich.

Find out for yourselves now: here is the WhatsApp number that he used to contact the old number of one of our friends: +230 5 250 XXXX

Feel free to call him, but please shower him with the praise he believes he really deserves for being the grand, objective, real journalist he is convinced he is. But, if you say anything that makes him doubt your belief that he is truly great, he will block you! Many of our friends have told us how he has blocked them simply for 'liking' our posts and if you dare to comment also, boukou pli bez! It is quite funny how the master zourlanus has never blocked us though....but then, where would he get a lot of the material he uses to astound you with, eh?

In the meantime, wait for his masterpiece, 'Stop Press' nonsense to come out, with what he believes will be his piece de resistance: old newspaper articles that were planted by people looking after our friend and who now have the names of both Clouseau and his macro on their Watch Lists...If you have any sense, you will treat them with the same contempt you showed towards the idiotic troll from Insane News who 'identified' us.

We will soon join the insane race to name anyone, any name that comes to mind, as the real Paul Lismore.

For example, did you know that Dr Miko has access to his own computer at the prison which has been his permanent home for decades now? After all, if prisoners can have access to phones, drugs, lobsters, etc etc, it is not a great leap of the imagination to imagine Dr Miko with his own computer typing away as the real Paul Lismore, non?

As you know, we never use any lubricant in order to fuck the pretentious, the nasty, the corrupt, the evil, the thieves in our society, do we? So, Dr Miko is the real Paul Lismore! Whatsapp the 'intrepid journalist' and tell him the good news! He will print anything to show the world how uniquely wonderful he is...

Dimanche 8 Septembre 2019

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