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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 24 Juin 2021

Yes, honesty. The criminal knows exactly what he is doing and his only aim is to get what he can for himself, irrespective of the damage caused to his victim. If he gets caught and is arrested, he will of course try to find the evidence that may allow a court of law to pronounce a verdict of "Not Guilty". But no criminal would ever be as hypocritical as our politicians and beckon God to help him as his witness; unlike politicians, you will never hear a bona fide criminal say "Zis Bon Dier koner ki mo inosan" or the even worse " Je suis serein".

Of course, the intelligent criminal will try to grease the palm of the ''honest, God fearing, serviteur du pays'' and bribe him so that the evidence miraculously disappears, or in court, the heroin has magically metamorphosed into sugar...Or he would be nice, kind, and generous to His Honour so that matters entirely at the discretion of the judge/magistrate come into play, like discontinuing the case because of an "abuse of process", "boug la tro malade, mo arete case la", etc. For further information on how to look really stupid and at death's door in court, and then go home and do your gardening, please see Sir Harry Tirvengadum for further details....

The politician will tell you that he is at your service, he is here to help you and pou fer pays progresser. He will tell you all of that throughout his political career, and those with ene la tete kokom will believe that garbage. Most people know that the only thing that will progress, and that to an enormous extent, is the politician's bank balance....including his bank accounts overseas that he would have opened when being entirely at your service. Whilst he is at your service and p fer pays progresser, he will take at least Rs 175,000 every month from you, plus a duty free car at interest rates at such a low rate that would give you an orgasm whilst you are peeling your potatoes at your kitchen sink...

You will also pay for his business class travel several times a year on missions that bring nothing to you, but suitcases full of all sorts of 'goodies' for him and his secret friends. And whilst you are counting the last of your minimum wage at the end of the month, your serviteur du pays has been taking twice that amount EVERY DAY in entertainment allowances and per diem.  When the poor man retires after many years of servi nou pays, you give him a lovely pension until the day he dies, even though he might still be young and working and earning a great salary.

If you happen to be a minister or one of those Personal Penis Suckers (PPS), then double the amounts in the last paragraph. As a minister of the Yogida variety, award loads of contracts worth hundreds of millions of rupees to your childhood friends and your ti maitresse, and then do what comes easily to him: Act completely stupid when questioned in court.

So, on the one hand, the "honest" criminal who knows what he wants and does not camouflage his crimes with high sounding nonsense like " mo p servi mo pays". On the other hand, you have a bunch of ne'er do wells, good for nothing hypocritical bastards who steal from us the moment they wake up, and who go to sleep only to dream of more inventive ways to steal from a Lepep Kouyon. 

I think you will agree that on balance, the criminal costs us a lot less than our wonderful politicians....

Jeudi 24 Juin 2021

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